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Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some frequently asked question in relation to our services. If you cannot find what you are looking for, please feel free to call us on 1300 907 911 or click here to send us a query and we will try to respond to it promptly.

Does Move My Stuff provide storage of goods?
What type of moving equipment is carried in the vehicles?
Are my goods insured and what happens if goods are damaged during the move?
Do you offer a packaging service?
Is it safe to move a fridge in a laying down position?
How do I know if my goods will fit in the vehicle?
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Storage of goods

answer You storage requirements can be taken care by our sister company Store My Stuff. Store My Stuff uses a very unique model which not only reduces the handling of your goods , but also saves you up to 65% of your storage costs. Please visit for more information.

Moving equipment in our vehicles

answer We have a fleet of vehicles available for carrying blankets, straps, shrink wrap and a hand trolley. We also offer other equipment tools for assembling and disassembling furniture. We request to inform us in well advance if you have such request.

What will happen in case of damage of goods?

answer We have our movers insured for public liability, but goods in transit doesn’t come under any insurance. Despite the fact that we take all safety consideration while moving your goods, however the odds happen, so we exceedingly recommend a different "goods in transit" insurance is provided before the move. Kindly,talk with one of our delegates and we can allude you insurance agencies who can get your goodsinsured quickly. Our complete policy on damage of hoods can be searched at our terms and conditions page.

Packaging of goods

answer Our movers can positively help you with packaging of your belongings. This can be done on either just prior to the move or any other requested day. You can either sort out your own packaging material, or we can get the packaging material, for example, boxes, tapes and so on, and you pay for the material that you have utilized. We recommend our customers to initiate a dialogue with our representatives for the prices .

Moving a fridge in upright or laying down position

answer As per our dialogues with the specialists if a refrigerator is turned off couple of hours before and is not turned on couple of hours after the move, it’s absolutely safe for the fridge. In the event that you are not happy to move your refrigerator in laying down position because of the height of the van, We recommend that you book a truck so that we can transport your fridge in an upright position. We expect you to put your expectations into our mind at the time of booking

Will the vehicle easily accommodates all my goods?

answer When booking, we attempt and find out the size and amount of products to suggest the moving vehicle, with the goal that we are not making multiple trips to move your merchandise. In this way, it’s essential that you give us a precise picture of moving goodsat the time of booking, else we may need to make numerous rounds on the day to move your belongings which may ultimately cost you more gradually.

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