10 Easy Tips for Renovating Your Home

04 January 2022 Contributed by: admin

Are you thinking about redesigning your home?

Whether you are looking to renovate your home or need to shift to a new place, it can be tough knowing where to start.

A home is the only place dedicated to you and your family. So, design it in a way where everybody feels relaxed and enjoyable.

Do you want to know how?

This blog will help you with some easy tips.

But let us tell you home renovation can be exhausting, specifically when combined with relocation. Moving is a pain and renovation can be too. Though there are a few things you can do to make the process more bearable.

Check out these tips and see if any of them make your move, and renovation process easy and less messy.

Tips for redesigning your home

1. Plan Before You Start!
2. Make Every Space Count
3. Be Careful with Colours
4. Go Gaga with Geometric Patterns
5. Use More Mirrors
6. Bring in Plants for Freshness
7. Create a Gallery Wall
8. Install Shelves
9. Use More Accessories
10. Don't Miss the Exterior Decor

From small and affordable touches to visible improvements, it is all here. It does not matter if it is a minor update or a complete remodel. The following tips will help. Let's get started.

1. Plan Before You Start!


The first and foremost thing to do when renovating your place is to have a plan. You may want to skip this step when you are doing everything yourself. But do make a checklist for each step of the process.

Include things like colour palette for the rooms, the portions you want to renovate, measurements of your space and more. Also, create a timeline for all the tasks and allot time to complete them as per your convenience.

A plan will save you time and prevent you from taking instant decisions. Haphazard implementation of tasks can suck out the pleasure of redecorating your home.

2. Make Every Space Count


Every nook and corner of your home is worth the attention, be it for decoration or utilisation of the space. While bedrooms, living room, bathrooms and kitchen are the centres of attraction in a house, the laundry and dining areas are equally important.

For instance, you can use the area under the stairs by displaying some racks or converting it to a cabinet.

3. Be Careful with Colours

Colours can affect mood significantly and change the ambience of your home. Choose the paints for your rooms as per the aesthetics you planned.

You need not go with a single colour for the entire room. Mix and match them, use vibrant colours, create accent walls or paint artistic patterns. If you are a minimalist, go for all-white. It looks neat and elegant.

4. Go Gaga with Patterns


Not only for painting the walls! Incorporate patterns in furniture, home linens or showpieces. Ditch the regular shapes for eccentric geometric shapes and prints.

You can switch a rectangular couch with an L-shaped sofa set. Also, you can transform a dull bathroom by using patterned tiles and stylish bathroom accessories and sanitaryware.

5. Use more mirrors


If you have limited space in your house, you can make it feel expanded using mirrors. Hang some mirrors in your room to create an illusion of bigger and bright room. You can incorporate the mirror in various forms like tabletops, cabinet doors or backgrounds. Or you may hang the looking mirrors of different shapes and sizes on the walls.

6. Bring in plants


Add some nature to your interiors to give a refreshing look to your home. There are plenty of indoor plants to buy. These plants do not only add freshness to your house but a pop of colour as well.

Some indoor plants can clean and purify the air inside your home. So, get in some plants to improve your health and aesthetics of your place. Use trendy planters and hangers to keep the plants.

7. Create a gallery wall


Add a hit of personality and colour to any wall by displaying photographs or art in frames. Consider making a pattern with the frames rather than hanging them in a straight line or some regular outlined shape.

A photograph wall will keep the memories of your family fresh and remind you of the love you all share. You can even create a themed photograph wall like a travel wall which will display your photos in the places you have visited. Whereas, an art wall will inspire and motivate you to create more artworks.

8. Install Shelves


Shelves add visual layers and depth to your home. Take your stuff away from the floor and keep on the shelves.

Display your books, baskets, antiques or random decorative articles on the shelves. You can keep the shelves open or even cover them with glass doors, making them sort of hanging cabinets. You may install floating shelves or use tables with long legs.

9. Use More Accessories


Accessories to interiors are like the finishing touches to a painting. Each room should have certain elements to give your interior its style and look. You may hang some objects like plates, baskets, fabric or articles you please to create an unconventional display.

You may even fix your guitar or decorated cycle to the wall for a unique factor. Upholstered accessories will determine the overall look of your home and can transform the aesthetic image of your room.

10. Don't Miss the Exterior Decor.


The external view of your house and the interiors are both equally important. Some easy tips to revamp your exteriors are to add a garden, add vibrant elements to the entrance door, place little planters on the window edges or hang plants from the ceiling.

Redo your garden area if you have one. Plant colourful flowers and create rock pathways in it.

By executing something as simple as creating a gallery wall, using a patterned fabric, hanging unique objects or any other idea which works for you, can spice up your entire home and make it look refined.

All of these suggestions are easy to follow and will help you to renovate your home effectively in just a few days. The results will seem as if you took a lot longer time and referred to some expert advice.

So, are you ready to redesign your residence now? Besides, you may keep the tips saved for the time you shift to your new place.

Fortunately, we can assist you in your relocation as well! Wondering how?

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