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4 week packing timeline

Are you planning a big move soon? The idea of moving itself can be daunting. You have got to figure out what you want to put in storage, find places to stay for your family, buy new furniture, hire movers…

You have enough on your plate already. That is why we created this simple timeline to make moving just a little bit easier for you.

Every month, relocation companies receive numerous queries from individuals who are looking for pre-move/post-move services. House moving is an intricate process that demands thorough planning and a well-researched action plan.

And, this article will provide you with a 4-week packing timeline that will give you enough time to eventually organize your stuff in the right way with no stress.

4-Week House Moving Plan

Moving plan


Week 4

1. Start Packing

It marks the beginning of the end in your place. In the fourth week of your four-week house moving plan, you have to start packing. In the beginning, you would be amazed to see how you have managed to accumulate during your time in your old home. So if you have been a bit slack on your decluttering, this is the week when you need to bring your A-game.

It is time to start loading up boxes with the following stuff…

2. Non-essential items

First, you need to decide how will you dismantle every piece of furniture and heavy appliance you own. Is there anything that you have that another family member, friend or acquaintance does not? If there is, give it away before your move. Then comes the tough part: packing everything up. Assuming you have decluttered your home already, start packing the items you will not need in the next few weeks.

3. Guest rooms and living room

You cannot neglect these rooms any more. If you have a guest room or an extra bathroom, it is time to pack it up completely. Also, start packing your furniture from the living room if you do not have any last-minute house party lined up.

4. Valuables

During this week, make sure you pack your valuables as well. It can be anything like silverware, documents, jewelry and other fragile houseware.

5. Clothes

Focus on your wardrobe this week. Plan your wardrobe for the full month, and pack all unnecessary clothes away. It is time to clear out the clutter and focus on the essentials.

Week 3

1. Adapt to the new change

Continue packing stuff you feel no one will need in the month. Make your kids, elderly family members and pets are ready for the shift. Spend quality time with them and help them pack their stuff. Take them on a ride to the new home and let them plan their room setting. These little moments of togetherness can be a silver lining in this whole daunting situation.

2. Confirm booking with the moving company

It is time to call the movers you have hired and confirm your booking. Verify the pickup date and time, will they have a big enough truck to move all of your things, and double-check all the details.

Week 2

1. Final Packing

You are almost there!

It is time to pack the daily use stuff that you have kept on hold.

2. Bedrooms

If you live in a multi-bedroom home, you will have to manage the packing accordingly. You must divide and pack the bedding, linens, furniture and wardrobe. Make sure you label every box with complete inventory and lists. It will make sure the stuff from different rooms does not get mixed up.

3. Bathrooms

We bet you will agree when we say your bathroom has hundreds of little items and bottles stocked up. From cleaning products to grooming kits and toiletries, you will have a lot to pick and carry. Keep 1-week essentials aside and pack the rest for their new destination.

4. Kitchen

The most used room in your house has to be the kitchen. From morning till night, the kitchen is the center for family gatherings and food. Therefore, pack the kitchenware during the second last week in your home. Collect and pack all the cutlery, utensils, dinner sets, spices, breakables and everything else from the kitchen.

Also, make sure you start clearing the refrigerator of all the perishable food.

Week 1

Hopefully, you will have the major items packed up and ready for the movers to load.

1. Electronic appliances

Pack your electronics in the last week. Your laptop, TV, kitchen appliances or any other devices you have, needs to be safely packed now. Try storing them in specialized boxes that allow them the least free movement.

2. Pack essentials kit for moving day

What a wonderful feeling when you see that the last box is closed for good! The last step in packing is to pack a moving day supply kit with first aid, necessary medications, stuff needed during the journey and tools.

3. Apply for utility services at new home

Start planning for your stay at the new place. Call and apply for the utility services to initiate there so that you do not have to adjust to living in the stone age.

4. Cancel utility services at your old home

Also, apply for revocation of all the utility services you have been paying for, at this home. Make sure you have cleared all the bills.

5. Say the last goodbyes

Take a few moments to cherish your current place and soak in all the memories. Spend some time with your family, and you are ready for the moving day.

So, what’s your takeaway from this post?

Moving into a new home is always an exciting time in your life. However, the joy of moving can be overshadowed by stress and worry. Therefore, home shifting requires proper planning and time management.

Packing things is time-consuming and one of the most stressful chores on the list. It requires serious dedication, or you will still find your stuff carelessly stuffed in trash bags!

Hope you find this packing timeline helpful.

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