How to Avoid Fraud by Moving Company?

10 March 2022 Contributed by: admin

Moving from one place to another is always a hectic task without any helpers. A professional house moving company’s help makes the job easier and less stressful.

When relocating your office or home, you may feel that hiring a moving company is the best way to make sure that everything will work out. You will save your time and effort because the specialists you hire will do all of the work for you. That is unless you hire a fraud moving company.

Yes. There are fraud and cheating movers and packers out there who are ready to make the most out of you hiring them.

If you are moving to a new city and are not sure about the perfect moving company here is the blog you should check out for help. The blog contains plenty of information about what you should be looking for in any moving company and will let you know how to avoid fraud in moving companies.

7 Tips to Avoid Fraud by Moving Company

One of the biggest worries of moving to a new place is hiring the wrong moving company. There are a lot of dishonest companies around who promise the impossible and do the opposite.

So that is why you need to be very careful. Let us see how.

1. Ask for references

The most important thing you can do before hiring a moving company is to ask for references. The best way to verify reviews is to ask for references from friends, family or neighbours who have used the company before. If they are happy with that moving company, then you can go ahead and make a call.

2. Research online for their credibility

The increasing popularity of various online resources makes it possible for everyone to access any relevant information. Therefore, If you need to change your address, research well over the Internet and think before booking a moving company - do not rush into anything.

Look for the reviews, the website and presence on social media platforms. A website with all the relevant and authentic information is something you would want to check. Whereas, their
consistency on social media platforms allow you to see if they are real, genuine and easy to communicate.

3. Ask for Quotes from multiple companies.

People prefer to go for unprecedented opportunities for comfortable relocation through the Internet. They choose to move completely through the Internet - without contacting a single moving company, which is a wrong practise!

Moving companies are required to provide you with a free estimate by law, which must include a reasonable hourly rate as well as an estimate of the total cost of your move based on their experience and expertise. So before making a general choice, make sure you ask for a quote from them to ensure there are no additional costs later.

4. Check their insurance policy.

Many fraudulent moving companies use deceptive marketing practices to appear legitimate. Avoiding fraud is accomplished by educating yourself on what to look for in a moving company to ensure you avoid unethical local movers. Make sure you verify the moving company’s license and moving insurance. By doing this, you will get more assurance about the legality of the moving company.

5. Enquire about any additional/hidden charges

A moving company may offer you a low rate to draw you in but change the price once they arrive at your home for moving day. Moving companies that conduct themselves in these ways are considered “bait and switch” companies. They will also charge you hidden fees, such as fuel charges, long-distance moves, and packing fees. Do not let yourself be taken advantage of!

Every professional company will readily agree to provide you with a customized quote. So, enquire before you finalize.

6. Restrict paying the full amount in advance

Sadly, many people lose their hard-earned money in the hands of some scam moving companies. One of the reasons is paying in advance for a service that will never be rendered. Unfortunately, there are such companies that take advantage of the unsuspecting masses in search of cheap movers. These companies probably use some schemes where advertise under an established name and make money by charging a premium fee for their services.

So, do not pay at all without questioning and communicating with the customer support of the company. And, do not pay fully in advance to the company you hire.

7. Clear your doubts beforehand.

Note all the potential problems you may face during your move or that you should be aware of before hiring a moving company. Then contact them and ask each of the queries. A good moving company will always be ready to clear your doubts in a consultation call. It is better to know before what you are getting into than regretting later for your choice.

Fraudsters often lure in their victims to gain their trust and then rob them of everything they own. While that is a majority of their methods, some do what they can to make an easy buck. It is imperative to keep yourself protected from these scoundrels while hiring movers for all your precious belongings.

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It is difficult for new customers to pinpoint good moving companies. With the competitive rates from many moving companies in business and the availability of information online, it has become easy for crooks or scammers to trick people.

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