Best Hack For Setting Up A Home Office

26 February 2022 Contributed by: admin


Simply putting a desk and a chair together does not make up for a suitable work environment. Often people are tempted to work just at their dining tables, but the pandemic has changed our entire perspective. Backaches and decreased productivity are the most common outcomes of doing so. There is a lot of effort that goes into creating the perfect workspace. 

After all, no one loves going through a tiring day of work, wishing to go back to the same old boring desk the next day.


Set up your space


Make wise decisions on where to set up your desk first. You might have a spacious living room and a relaxing bedroom room. But where does your home office sit best? Here are the basics:


  • Go for natural lighting; choose a place near the window or balcony. It has been observed that natural settings can uplift your mood immediately, improving work performance.


  • Focus on the layout of your desk. Need something within reach quite often? Place them on the shelves right above your desk or drawers right below your desk for efficiency.


  • Invest in a good desk, a comfortable chair that doesn't make your backache, a plant to add a natural vibe, and a coffee pot to keep you refreshed.


What makes it a home office?


Your work environment in an official setting makes you feel a certain way, but what truly makes a home office feel like home? It is where you put it. Ideally speaking, people with a limited amount of space don't tend to have a choice. 

An environment with constant airflow plus natural lighting is the best way to enhance one's mood and work performance! Here are a few extra things to take into consideration before you set up your home office layout:


  • Privacy: Privacy is important whether you live alone or not; sometimes neighbors and children playing outside could disturb you while working. Place your desk accordingly where you can work without being interrupted for long durations. It certainly might not be possible to dedicate an entire room to your workplace; curtains and dividers are great options in such circumstances. 


  • Colors:  It gets boring looking at the same old grey and brown desk, the white screen on your laptop, and blue and black ink. Colors can psychologically improve your performance by a great deal; you can spruce up your space by adding a plant, desk accessory, or even bowls (more storage)! 


  • The right senses: Can you recall a time when your co-worker was not impressed with your preferred fragrance? Now you don't need to worry about anyone else; add a scented candle or an essential oil diffuser, no one to judge you here. Using it regularly keeps your brain inflow, sometimes reminding it of previous productivity, signaling it to perform better.

Since the home office is where you will be spending most of your time, a location from which the entire house is accessible is preferred. Know your sweet spot and make the best out of it.


The great comfy back chair 


As Horrid Henry had been relaxed in his comfy back chair, you must too! Investing in a good quality chair makes your Home Office complete.  No one other than you knows how long you have to sit on it; you must be able to adjust it as required and, most importantly, not injure your back in doing so.

Other things to make your room just the right amount of cozy include a footrest, a backrest, and a study lamp. Cushions are widely accepted as well as appreciated. Although not completely necessary, such accessories will make you love working from home.


The digital era’s needs

We live in a modern age where almost everything is digitalized. Seldom do we pick up files; there are spreadsheets, Microsoft Office tools, and emails to go through. Where do all these electronic devices fit in? There is no way you can set up a home office without having power sockets near it. Lucky for you, there are numerous cord management devices that you can utilize to keep all your cables in check.

Although one might argue that they have insurance for electronic devices and other inclusions in the home office, prevention is always better than cure. This is one of the reasons why setting up a home office near the kitchen table is not a good option. Electronics are greatly affected by power spikes; a stabilizer is a great option for people who have faced dangerous power issues in the past.


Your way is the only way

Provided all the hacks and tips to setting up the perfect home office, there is no telling you for sure the entire setup procedure because you must have already realized what works best for you. A pandemic does that to us. 

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