The Best Time to Move to Save Top Dollars

07 April 2022 Contributed by: admin


Moving to a new place is a costly affair. And, as you would've learned from experience, moving during various times of the year can cost you more, cause you more stress and leave you with a less-than-ideal moving expense.

Some cities are more expensive than others and the cost of living can make all the difference in your budgeting plans. This is because the renting market is seasonal. People want to move in at different times of the year and prices fluctuate accordingly.

So when is the best time to move? We've created this blog to give you an idea of when and where it's best to relocate to save money.


Understanding Seasonal Pricing

Before we look at how to save costs in your relocation, let’s first understand how seasonal pricing works.

Seasonal pricing is not uncommon in the moving industry. Similar to airlines and hotels, moving companies must factor in supply and demand when setting their rates. Therefore, it's good to compare movers based on their prices before selecting a company.

While many factors influence moving costs, seasonal fluctuations are often the result of supply and demand issues, as well as competition among other movers. Here are some reasons why rates may be higher during different times of the year:

  • Fall

This is considered the peak season for moves because many families want to settle before school starts. In the fall, moving companies are busy with families and people trying to move before the weather turns. You’re also competing with college students heading home or off to school. This is when demand is high and trucks are booked. If you have flexibility, wait until the winter months.

  • Winter

Winter moves tend to be less common because many people don't want to deal with cold weather during this time of year. However, it's possible that inclement weather could cause delays or affect transit times.

  • Spring

Spring is one of the lesser-demand seasons for moving and, therefore, a great option if you’re looking to cut down your moving costs. You don’t have to worry about bad weather since it’s relatively better than winter and makes it quite safer to move.

  • Summer

Most people usually consider summer the best time to move because of the kids' summer vacation and because no one wants to move during the winter months. And this is also the reason why the moving costs in summer are pretty higher than in the other seasons. So if you want to save dollars off your relocation expenses, it’s better to avoid summers.


What Are the Best Times to Move to Save Money?

Moving to a new home can be expensive. As well as the cost of renting or buying a new place, you need to factor in the price of moving all your stuff, which includes paying for removal services and materials.

At what point does the hassle and expense of moving to outweigh the benefits? That's something you would have to consider for yourself, but if you are planning a move, there are ways you can cut down on costs.

There is no single right answer to when the best time is to move homes. The choice depends on your priorities and the situations you try to avoid or take advantage of. However, there are better and worse times to relocate, depending on what you are looking for. For example, during the holiday season, moving might not be a good idea if you want to spend time with your family.

Below, we have compiled a list of the best and worst times of year to move home.

  • Go for the Fall or Winter Season

Choosing the best time of year to move can make a big difference in your moving costs, especially if you're moving during peak season. Moving companies charge more during the spring and summer months because demand is higher and they can get away with it. When moving during the fall or winter months, on the other hand, movers are usually desperate for business and will offer discounted rates.

  • If Possible, Avoid Moving in the Summer

Moving companies are most busy during the summer months because of demand. This leads to an increase in the prices of moving companies as well as an increase in the number of scams that are prevalent in this industry. Taxes on rentals and other utilities also go up during summers.

The cost of moving goes up when there is a higher demand for services. Also, this is when many people sell their houses; therefore, the demand for removal companies is much higher.

By moving outside the peak season, you'll be able to negotiate with movers on price since they have extra availability. You can also expect to pay less for storage units as well if you need them. This being said, moving costs vary by company and location. A local move may cost you less than an interstate move, so be sure to shop around for companies that suit your needs.

If you choose to move in the summer, take note of major holidays like Memorial Day and Independence Day when movers are especially busy and need more notice to book them. If you're moving during these times, it's best to start planning at least three months in advance or even earlier if possible.

  • Choose the Mid-Week Days

Choosing the best day of the week is also essential.  People tend to move weekends because it's easier for them to take time off work. That means higher demand and higher prices for movers and rental trucks. Demand is lower if you can be flexible with your schedule — say, moving from Tuesday to Thursday rather than Saturday to Monday.

These are days when there's less demand for moving services than on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays. If you can schedule your residential move for a Tuesday or Wednesday, you'll have more options and may be able to negotiate a better deal.

You should also consider scheduling your move in the middle of the month versus at the beginning or end of a month. Choosing the first or second week of the month rather than the last two weeks will also yield lower rates.

  • Schedule Your Move Between September and April

Why? First of all, there are more moving companies available during these months. This means that competition for customers is higher and you can negotiate better rates. If you plan and book your movers in advance, you will be able to save even more!

Second thing is that the weather conditions are better during this period — the chance of a storm or rainy day is much lower. Moving in harsh conditions can damage your belongings and is generally less pleasant.

Another thing to consider is that schools and universities don't start in September yet, so moving companies will be less busy with student moves. You could also ask your friends and relatives to help you with packing and loading if they are accessible at the moment.

The demand for moving services is lowest between September and April, which makes it easier on your pocket as well as on your nerves as you won't have to wait very long for a particular date.


Wrapping Up

One thing that may not be as obvious as others is the seasonality of moving. If you’ve been paying attention to the housing market lately, you have seen a huge difference in price and availability based on when you are looking to move.

If you have flexibility with your move date and time frame, you can save money by moving during off-peak seasons (generally September through April) and avoiding the weekends.


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