Pre Pack and Save

29 November 2017 Contributed by: admin

Having moved a few times i can definitely say that I am a pro when it comes to planning for a move. I am a busy professional and have a young family, so time is the biggest problem. I am always in favour of using experts that know the task better then me. When it comes to moving, I have always, and recommend using a professional moving company. Not only it will get the move done in timely manner, but also must more cheaper that what it could yourself, if you take in consideration all the costs inc truck rental, trolley, moving blankets and repairing damages that you may cause.

Talking about costs, one thing you must do even though you use movers is PACK PROPERLY. This is something you can do over weeks before the move of things that are not of daily use. The more you pack before the movers arrive, the more you will save on time and costs.

Only leave the bigger things and furniture items for the movers to pack. All other personal effects, kitchen items, small appliances, coffee machines etc, wrap them and pack them in boxes yourself.

If you need any advise on how to pack, call friendly staff at Move My Stuff on 1300 907 911.

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