Tips on how to can save $$$ on your move!

21 February 2022 Contributed by: admin

Having 10 years of experience in moving households for clients, we have a wealth of knowledge of how our clients can save some money on their move.

First, it is extremely wise to use a professional moving company to help you move your goods, instead of doing the move on your own. Below are some of the reasons listed below.

1. Professional moving companies have the necessary experience handling your items (reduces the risk of damage)
2. The risk of injury is extremely high when moving on your own (really, why risk it?)
3. Hiring a truck, trolleys, moving blankets, shrink wrap is just such a headache.

Now that you have decided to leave the move to the professionals, we can now go through the handy tips to reduce your costs.

1. Pack as many items before the professionals get there (this can save you a lot of money)
2. Leave boxes close to the front door/garage to minimise the time to load those goods into the vehicle
3. Bring items from upstairs to the ground floor (only the items that you can bring down. Do not hurt yourself)
4. If you live in an apartment, make sure you book the goods lift (discuss with your building manager)
5. Dismantle any items that you can prior to the move
6. Assemble the products when they reach the drop off address (if you are not comfortable doing this, leave it to the professionals)
7. Organise parking close to the front door as possible (for apartments as close to the entry of the building)
8. Declutter your home before the move (if you are not taking old furniture to the new property. Try to get rid of it before the move)

These small handy tips can end up saving you hundreds of dollars.

If you need any advice on how to pack, call friendly staff at Move My Stuff on 1300 907 911 or on 0433 922 307

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