9 colour schemes to set the tone for your kitchen

05 February 2022 Contributed by: admin

We know that choosing the appropriate colour scheme for your kitchen can be challenging. It does not end there. What you pick as the colour scheme will change the mood and perception of how spacious the kitchen will look.

Each colour has a different effect on the mind, just like choosing the right colour scheme makes a happy bedroom, choosing colours that support what you want for your kitchen will help bring it to life same way  For example, bold colours like blue are perfect for a beachy kitchen, while muted neutrals like grey work well in a more traditional space.

Do you want to transform your kitchen with a trendy and unique colour scheme that complements your existing décor? The best way to figure out what shade works for you is to explore different options.

We have listed a few beautiful colour alternatives for your kitchen. Start with one of the popular schemes below and add whatever colour accents you think will complement the rest of the kitchen’s aesthetic.

Trendy Colour Schemes For Your Kitchen

Creating a timeless kitchen is essential to any homeowner, whether they want to make a more traditional aesthetic or a more modern one.

Let us explore the winning colour schemes for a kitchen.

1. All white



With subtle shades of white or lighter colours, kitchen designs give off a timeless vibe, perfect for an elegant and inviting look. All white with subdued colours used for accents is a very modern and sharp-looking kitchen trend. It is one of those colour themes that work great for homes, with either small spaces or big spaces to keep everything neat and clean. White walls make great impressions and can enhance the look of a room very quickly without much extra work.

2. Warm orange


If you have a penchant for bright colours, then orange is a great choice.

Warm orange is perfect for giving that old kitchen a fresh touch of warmth and comfort. It is excellent for brightening up a room that has aged through neglect. In kitchen design, warm orange is used to illustrate energetic, lively and confident personality traits. This colour scheme works well with stone countertops, polished woodwork, and large open designs conducive to inviting natural light. A hint of warm orange also looks terrific against black or white walls because it adds fun and colour without overwhelming the tone.

3. Classic grey



Kitchen design is all about creating a cheerful and comfortable room vibe. A simple grey colour scheme with some fun printed details can go a long way to giving your kitchen a fresh look and feel. It has become one of the most popular colour schemes for a kitchen because it can set a modern tone and still provide an easy canvas for the cabinets and accessories.

4. Light greens


Light green shades like pale green, mint, or pistachio have always been sought-after for their soft and comfortable appearance. Kitchen spaces are often furnished with green features to bring a hint of freshness and cool vibes. It is easy to mix and match colours with light green hues to create a contemporary fit without overpowering the complementary colours. Additionally, green is soothing and always looks good with any furniture or artwork.

5. All shades of blue


Bright blue, baby blue, cobalt blue, marine blue, navy blue - all blue hues make an appealing kitchen colour palette. It is the perfect hue for a comfortable and vibrant. This colour scheme works with almost any decor style and also carries an underlying sense of sophistication.

Make sure to use the blue shade in moderation, or it may overpower the complementary colours.

6. Chic lavender


Want something more vibrant and intriguing than the traditional white, yellow, or blue?

Chic shades of purple are not just for weddings anymore. The invigorating hues of purple like lavender and lilac are perfect for creating that heavenly vibe in your kitchen. If you are tired of the same monotonous brown cabinets and floors, look into some cool shades of purple.

7. Bright yellow



If you are struggling with choosing kitchen trends that are bright and cheery, sunshine yellow may be your new best friend. This colour scheme is fresh and strange and works well with mossy-dark woods and the like, creating a lovely contrast that makes the room feel cozy without being too loud.

Bright yellow is a fantastic colour to add to your kitchen decor as it stands out from other cabinets in your home. Aside from it being a rather eye-catching colour, this hue also has merit regarding impression design. By adding a touch of yellow into your decor, you will draw more attention to your place, giving it an air of sophistication and class.

8. Natural wooden tint


Choosing the tried-and-tested natural wooden shades in your kitchen will pretty much guarantee that it will look unique from every angle! With the recent popularity of artisan wooden furniture and kitchen design, the earth tones have become increasingly popular and offer a fresh take on traditional kitchen designs.

Rustic brown, mahogany, bamboo, and tan are excellent choices if you want to tone down the bolder elements in your look or if you want something a little more subtle. The darker woods lend themselves to more intense colour palettes while lighter woods become more subdued, adding a sense of calmness to your space.

9. Metallics


Add sizzle to make your kitchen pop a little more. Metallics are trendy colour complements for your kitchen that take it from plain to stylish. Whether you are looking for sleek, subtle kitchen designs or bold personalization, a hint of metallic texture can be an elegant statement to the decor.

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