How to enjoy the winters in Melbourne?

01 January 2022 Contributed by: admin

Winter is coming!

You know the drill: short days, cold mornings, and evenings that feel thicker with fog than usual.

But what if you could convert this apathy into a positive? What if you could turn the gloom and doom of the season into something that makes you and your loved ones smile?

Let us resolve your dilemma by listing some exciting activities to indulge in during this winter season in Melbourne.

Exciting Things To Do During Winters 2021 In Melbourne

But, how do you entertain yourself during these months when nature slows down, compelling people to huddle indoors?

We have listed the top things you can do in Melbourne to keep you cheerful, bright and add an extra edge to your step.

1. Ice ice baby

No, not the song. We refer to the fun and refreshing winter activity - ice skating. One of the best and coolest things you can do during the winter in Melbourne is to visit one of the city's ice rinks. While the world's winter wonderlands are cold and white, Melbourne's ice skating arenas are warm and inviting. So get a pair of skates, and hit the skating arenas with your friends, family or kids.

2. Get cozy at the pubs with FIREPLACES

Winter in Melbourne is a time for having fun and gathering at the bar. The weather is often cold and snowy, but the bars are an oasis of warmth. Take advantage of this season and get your money’s worth by exploring the pubs with fireplaces at least once during the chilling season. Indulge in a delectable meal at a cozy restaurant in Melbourne for a delightful evening with your loved ones.

3. Bask in the warmth of HOT SPRINGS

Can you think of any better way to spend a winter day relaxing and soaking in hot and steamy water to alleviate stress and soothe the body? At least we cannot!

This winter season, enjoy taking a dip in one of the thermal spas in Melbourne waiting to be explored. Take a look at these Hot Springs located near Melbourne. These are one of the most popular attractions in winter.

4. Cheer the AFL players at MCG

The experience of going to a football game at the Melbourne Cricket Ground is hard to match. It is a winter activity that is undeniably one of the most fun things to do in Melbourne - whether or not you like the sport. The stadium has a large capacity for the crowd, and the weather and game offers an overall entertaining experience.

5. Other events happening around Melbourne

@ Queen Victoria Night Market - After sitting out 2020, Melbourne's cozy outdoor situation of fondue, hot cider and lots of snow is back.

@ Mornington Winter Music Festival - For three days, the streets, restaurants, cafes, hotels, galleries and parks will come alive with a diverse mix of jazz, blues, swing, traditional, progressive, classic - offering something for everyone.

@ The Winter Village 2021 - Go ice skating, hang out in an igloo, enjoy a snow shower and dip marshmallows in espresso martini-flavoured chocolate fudge sauce.

@ Lumen - The Chippendale gallery is exhibiting more than 30 luminous works until August.

@ Melbourne Good Food Month 2021 - The month-long dining festival returns with a bang this June.

What did you plan for the season?

Winter has arrived, but do not let this gloomy season dampen your spirits – it is time for all Melburnians to be the leaders in search of cheer.

Whether you are looking for something more unique or just want to relax after a busy week, there is plenty to do during winters in Melbourne and have a ball in these cold months of the year!

Event information is from Concrete Playground.

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