Where can I hire an expert furniture removalist in Melbourne?

30 January 2022 Contributed by: admin

Moving home, for many people, is not something entirely enjoyable. It may give you feelings of excitement but when you finally get to take a seat and plan your move, the real struggle starts.

One of the first challenges is to find a reliable furniture removalist in Melbourne. There are so many options to choose from and each will come with their pros and cons.

However, the troubles don’t stop there. There are several unforeseen challenges which you will encounter when you move and having an expert furniture removalist can help ease some of those worries for you.

Furniture is one of the most important assets of a normal functioning house. Whether your home is a small apartment or a large house, furniture is a basic necessity.

We often buy furniture based on our needs like the size of our home or the number of people who may live there. Of course, it all comes down to personal taste.

Some people tend to be minimalists and only have the very basics in their home. But some of us are hoarders, collecting furniture like it’s going out of fashion.

Speaking of fashion, sometimes collecting antique items and/or furniture can make up someone’s home. For these people moving has never been an easy and comfortable experience as these pieces are often very expensive or hold a lot of sentimental value.

Trusting strangers to move your great grandfather’s pristine antique table is a stressful moment.

Moving a new home is itself an uncertain experience for many reasons. It can be for better career opportunities, for a new relation, for education, job transfer etc.

The last thing you need when relocating is to be worried about damages to your belongings or your property. Some items can be irreplaceable.

If you manage to do your research and ask the right questions you can eliminate some of that uncertainty and stress by hiring the right removalist for the job.

Points to consider before hiring a furniture removalist

The first challenge when hiring a removalist is how to ensure if the company is qualified and reliable. It can be tricky to choose between all the removalists out there asking you to trust them with your belongings.

However, there are certain points which can be taken into consideration before deciding, whether that be an interstate move or one within Melbourne itself.

1. Ensure if the furniture removalist is experienced and has a good reputation

A removalist should be able to give you confidence that your belongings will be safe with them.

You want to find a removalist that has years of experience and sold business practices behind them in case there is a mistake on the day.

You’ll often find that a removalist with a great reputation has that reputation because they have constantly been giving people a great service, gaining experience as they go.

Unbiased reviews can be found on review sites that require you to have a different email and contact details for each account you post a review under.

Sites like Google Review and Product Review are great sources of information when researching your choices.

2. Ensure if the furniture removalist owns proper equipment, vehicles and team

When it comes time to choose your preferred removalists in melbourne, never be afraid to ask too many questions. These are your personal belongings and you have every right to know you are choosing the people who will treat them with respect.

Make sure you enquire as to what equipment the movers will carry. Any decent removalist should have a basic tool kit, a drill, a trolley, and moving blankets.

Also, inquire as to the state of the vehicle; does it come with signage? And lastly the team. Are they employees, are they sub-contractors, are they experienced?

If you can tick all of these questions off, then you off to a great start.

3. Check if the removalist offers insurance service

It is difficult to find any removalist that can give you 100% coverage.

There are many aspects to insurance that can make this question tricky as there can be several unfortunate situations or accidents that occur during the move that is beyond anyone’s control.

That said, do make sure you find out what kind of insurance your removalist offers. Do they have insurance that will cover your items for damage caused by negligence or handling?

Do they have insurance if anything is damaged or lost during transit? If they do have insurance are there any conditions with that insurance.

When you move, you are trusting other people with the safety of your stuff. We are all human so in the case of that once-off chance, you want to make sure your mind is at ease.

Your removalist should be upfront and honest about what it covers and what it doesn’t.

4. Check the cost of the removalist

While you search for cheap furniture removalists online, you will come across a long list. Naturally, cost is a concern for most people, and this might be the first thing that you consider while hiring a removalist.

We suggest that you conduct a bit of research to understand what makes up the cost of a house or office move. Most removalists, whether it’s a fixed price or not, is based on an hourly rate.

You will find that the removalist will either offer an hourly rate and your total cost will depend on how long the move has taken or they will give you a fixed cost based off how long they believe the move will take.

In the end, it all comes down to time. While checking the price of the removalist, also check which type of services the removalist is offering in that price range.

Several removalists can give you free moving quotes which will allow you to compare prices.

While checking the price, also check if the removalist has any hidden costs. Things like stair surcharges, depot fees, Toll charges, dismantling and reassembling fees.

You don’t want to be caught with unexpected extra costs.

5. Check if the removalist is certified

The best way to ensure that you are getting a professional and experienced removalist is to make sure that they are certified. Check to make sure they are a legitimate business that has backing if something goes wrong.

The more legitimate a moving company is, you’ll find the more effort they have put into making sure they have all the right equipment and employees and they care about their image.

You want someone who is proud of what they do.

6. Check if the removalist offers no restriction service

In your search, you may find some removalists who will put restrictions on the kind of work they will do.

For example, some removalists might only provide a very straight forward move of furniture and not provide things like packing service, dismantling and reassembling of goods, the connection of appliances etc.

As always, it is best to discuss your needs with each removalist you ask for a quotation so that you compare accurately and make sure you get the exact service you require.

Finding a removalist which can do everything you need is like finding a pearl out of the ocean with your bare hands.

This is probably the most important challenge which you have to face while hiring a professional removalist in Melbourne. You will find several removalists operating their business in your area.

Hiring professional, qualified removalist ensures minimum damage or loss to your belongings.

Whether you are relocating your office, or you are shifting your home, hire a removalist who is capable of doing every type of move with complete safety of your belongings and the furniture.

Movemystuff.com.au is one such moving company which offers you everything that has been talked about in the above section.

The company has years of practical experience working in the industry and has gained a great name over the years.

MoveMyStuff offers every type of removal job from office relocation, home relocation, furniture removals, man and van service, business deliveries, secured storage facilities (for both short term and long term) etc.

The company owns several dedicated teams for every type of removal job. The company also offers high-quality packing and unpacking service.

They use high-quality packing material for the protection of your items. The company also offers loading and unloading services.

You will get a free moving quote and there are no hidden charges for their services. With proper permission and authorization, the company performs both local and interstate moves easily.

Known for its name, MoveMyStuff goes an extra mile to ensure high-quality services. All the removal services are offered at very cost-effective, affordable prices so you don’t have to worry about anything.

You can either contact us via phone call or can drop an email regarding your move.

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