Facts About the Toll Road Networks for a Better Moving Plan

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Moving from one place to another can be quite a hassle. It requires planning, packing and organizing. But when you are moving interstate or across the country, it becomes more complicated.

Traveling from one place to another is not a matter of just driving; you need to consider many things like toll roads, petrol prices and other factors which can make your traveling experience very stressful if not handled properly.

Toll Road Projects in Australia

If you are planning to drive on the toll roads in Australia, it is important that you understand how the toll road user charges are used.

The toll road networks in Australia are well known for their efficient transport solutions. The toll road pricing is a small amount you will pay for using the toll roads. The money collected from the toll roads is used to manage the road network, handle infrastructure challenges, and pay maintenance costs and other related expenses for the existing road networks. It is also used to manage traffic congestion, reduce the impact of accidents and provide better infrastructure for road construction.

In Australia, there are several toll road networks and here are some of the major ones:

  • Sydney Harbour Bridge
  • Sydney Harbour Tunnel
  • Gateway Motorway, Queensland
  • Logan Motorway, Queensland
  • Citylink, Victoria
  • NorthConnex Tunnel Road
  • Eastlink, Victoria
  • Airport Link, Queensland
  • Go Between Bridge, Queensland
  • M2, New South Wales
  • M7, New South Wales
  • M5, New South Wales

Many of the toll roads are owned and managed by Transurban Limited. In fact, all the toll roads in Brisbane come under Transurban Queensland and some, like the Toowoomba Bypass toll, are owned by the government by operated by Transurban Queensland.

Transurban Limited is an Australian company that develops toll road networks to provide effective transport solutions. With complete road network planning, active involvement, smart management and range crossing solutions, the Transurban has established fast and secure toll roads on the highways.

Apart from the Transurban limited group, some toll road networks are owned by the WestConnex, Department of Transport NSW and Horizon Roads Pty Limited Group.

How Can You Pay for Toll Roads?


Every toll road system in Australia is completely cashless. Usually, the two common ways of cashless payments available are LinkT Sydney and E-Toll. So here is a detailed list of different ways to pay for toll roads in Australia:

1. Toll Passes

If you are planning to travel a lot on toll roads, it might be worth getting a pass that covers the whole network. This will save money in the long run because you won’t have to pay every time you enter a toll road. You can use this card when you travel through any of the toll roads in Australia. However, if you only use one or two roads, this might not be worthwhile.

2. E-Tags

An E-Tag is a sticker that goes on your windscreen. This tag allows drivers to automatically pay for their tolls using a prepaid account linked with their license plate number. The tag automatically deducts the required amount from your account balance when passing through a toll plaza without any need for additional input from the driver.

You can enter and exit toll roads by paying road user charges directly from your account through an electronic system. This is very convenient as there is no need for cash or tickets. But you need to make sure to have enough balance to cover the cost of different toll road networks.

The e-tag also features an alarm system that alerts the road user when their account balance is running low so they can top it up before it runs out entirely.

3. Direct Billing

Direct billing means that instead of paying each time you go through a toll road system, you will receive an invoice based on the registered vehicle number. You’ll have 3 days to pay for the toll road pricing, or you may be sent a notice or a fine.

You can also use the LinkT Sydney website to search for your unpaid tolls based on your vehicle registration to pay it off quickly. Please note that the LinkT Sydney passes are only available for the tolls in Sydney. For others, you’ll need to contact your toll provider.

Understanding Toll Road Fees for Relocation

Toll road fees are a common part of relocation in Australia. They are usually payable through an online transaction or with an e-tag system, which allows you to pay your tolls electronically as you pass through.

Tolls vary from state to state. In New South Wales, for example, most toll roads charge between $2 and $4 per trip. The Sydney Harbour Bridge costs $4 for cars and motorcycles, while cars and motorcycles on the M4 Westlink Tunnel start at $4.80. Other states have similar fee structures.

If your relocation company is arranging your move from another country or state, it’s essential that they understand what type of tolls exist in your area so they can calculate how much this will cost you during your move. It is also important that they know if there are any special instructions for paying these fees so that everything runs smoothly during your relocation.

So make sure to talk with your relocation company about the toll charges you may incur. Alternatively, if you don’t want to drive your car across borders, you can hire a car transport company to help move your vehicle. This way, the removalists will take care of paying the toll road user charges promptly without any penalties or late fees.

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