Family Time for a Lively Home?

02 March 2022 Contributed by: admin

Yes. Family time is necessary for creating a livable and vibrant home and is a significant component of a fuller life.

"Family Time is Sacred Time" - Boyd K. Packer

Even researches have proved the importance of a having wholesome family connection and home environment.

Being with family gives us a chance to socialize with the people we love. It also allows us to spend time doing something fun and socializing at the same time.

You can do activities as simple as going on a Sunday afternoon bike ride, taking a car ride to your favourite drive-in restaurant, gardening, cooking, watching movies at home, or reading the newspaper together.

Spending a few hours with family members can help you connect and nurture relationships, which is beneficial on many levels.

Benefits of Quality Family Time

For most people, family time seems to be the last thing they want to do as they are too busy with high-power jobs, many responsibilities, and lots of activities that fill every second in between! But a lot of evidence suggests that family time is one of those activities people need and can benefit from the most.

Let us see how it has become a necessity for everyone.

● Reduces anxiety

Family connection is found to be one of the best antidotes for stress and pain. Besides, parental bonding and attachment are observed to be key components for healthy development. By establishing healthy relationships in your home, you can create an environment that fosters open communication and provides reassurance for the whole family.

● Improves health

A few heart-warming family moments can help you as it improves the mental and physical health of an individual. It is also essential for the healthy growth and development of children.
Moreover, it is well-known that being a part of a happy family could give you happiness, boost your confidence and increase your life expectancy by 50%.

● Develops conflict solving habit

Parents are role models, and children learn from them as an example. Spending time with family influences communication skills to resolve disputes in a wholesome and effective way by discussing the problems.

● Promotes adjustability

Remembering that you are cared for and are loved, gives a meaning to life. This constant support from your family motivates you to move on and grow in any field, and anywhere you go. That is what it is called to have a back.

Give Preference to Family Time

No one will argue with the truth that family time is more vital than ever in this world of stress, frantic schedules, and all-consuming technology. A well-balanced and healthy home is one where all members have communicated their needs, preferences, and boundaries to each other.

Strong family relationships are vital for building healthy homes and families. When families spend quality time together, they develop closer relationships and become close allies in life.

Every family member can play their part in creating and encouraging family bonding activities that bring the entire family together and keep them there.

So ditch the phone for a few hours in a day, sit together, have fun and create memories. Will you?


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