11 fool-proof ways to organize your closet like a pro

14 March 2022 Contributed by: admin

Do you have a messy closet?

Does it stop you from wearing your favourite clothes and instead force you to wear monotonous and unflattering garments which are not good enough for you?

Do you ever open your closet and stare it remorsefully to pick the outfit visible at the top of the clothes pile?

If your answer to these questions is a yes, you have landed on the right page!

We all know maintaining and updating a closet is a never-ending process. The easier it is to find clothes, the more likely it is that you will wear them.

Besides, a neat and clean closet can be a blessing when you are running late to your office or an event.

The mentioned hacks will help you manage your closet effectively and streamline your style. Let's begin.

Ways to keep your closet organized

1. Empty your closet

First things first, empty your closet and plan how to manage the entire space. If you only rearrange your clothes from one stack to other, it will remain a mess.

Create a clean canvas for flawless sorting and storage! So, dig out everything until the last item is out. You may clean and paint the closet if need be.

2. Declutter

Next step is to discard the unused and unwanted items. Sometimes the biggest challenge in decluttering is knowing where to start. Your closet is jam-packed with clothes and shoes which you have not worn for the past six months.

It is hard to let go of your favourite outfits, but you need to get rid of the unused items to make room for the new ones.

3. Divide and store

If you are ready with the donation and store piles, keep the items to be donated separately. Retain the store pile, segregate your clothes by category and assign a specific spot to that category in the closet.

The idea is to keep similar items together. For instance, keeping all the accessories at one place or storing the workout outfits collectively.

4. Hangers to the rescue

Get the outfits off the shelves. Hang the delicate and fancy items to make space on the shelves for your daily wear. Try to use similar hangers to clear the visual clutter.

Tip: For a professional look, hang everything facing the same direction and in descending order of their length from left to right.

5. Colour Coding

Colour coordinate your wardrobe to keep it even more organized. It will become much easier for you to pick the outfit you have in your mind. Another hack to colour code your closet is to keep it in a pattern.

For example, colours must go in a light to dark fashion. Random placement of colours will result in a multi-shaded closet.

6. Fold and stack bulky clothes

Heavy clothes like sweater must be folded and stored to prevent them from losing their shape. Therefore, stack bulky items like sweaters and denim. It will also let other garments to be easily searchable.

You can also store the least worn in containers. So, you will be able to find your favourite knitted Christmas sweaters easily.

7. Arrange the accessories

Make use of the empty wall or door to hang your accessories like jewellery and scarves. You can install a pegboard inside your closet to display your trinkets and other pieces.

It will let you choose the accessories quickly and store them tangle-free.

8. Bins and baskets

The most useful organizing objects are bins and baskets. They come in varied materials like canvas, plastic, wood, cane, etc.

The advantage is that they can easily fit in tiny places and shelves. You can store sweaters, undergarments, socks, bags or more in them.

9. The regular wear

Store your regular wear tees and pyjamas in drawers and storage boxes. You can also store socks, undergarments and workout tees inside drawers to help you manage the outfits effortlessly.

Create separate sections inside the drawer to distribute the space as required.

10. Storing the Footwear

If you have shelves to store the footwear, place the heels on higher shelves and flats on lower. The logic for this being flats are the regular worn item, and keeping them lower will allow you to slip on one readily.

But if you do not have the rack system, use containers to store shoes and stack them on the ground underneath the other racks.

11. Hook the handbags

If you have enough space to hand your bags, then you must nail some hooks for it. Hanging your bags will relieve so much space on the ground, shelves and storage boxes.

Besides, you will have each masterpiece in front of you to choose.

The feeling of being able to look through your closet and finding the exact outfit you are looking for without doing extra laundry is rewarding on its own.

But what even more exciting is that getting the most out of your closet space and your clothes. These hacks will help you have a Pinteresty wardrobe and the freshest style for yourself.

Moreover, if you are preparing to shift to a new home, it is the perfect time to organize your closet and redefine your wardrobe.

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