10 Genius Cleaning Hacks For Your Home

26 January 2022 Contributed by: admin

Let’s face it — cleaning is not the most fun we can have. There are days when you just want to close all the windows and doors, move the sofa and hide under it for a few hours. Unfortunately, to maintain the comfort of your home, you require some regular cleaning.

Unlike dust, stains, or grime these 10 hacks for a clean home are easy to pull off! Enjoy them and impress your guests without losing your mind!

If you take cleaning seriously — until you want it to be not just another thing on your list, but something you enjoy doing more often — you’ll love these tricks.

1. Assign a specific place to amenities

It is the most essential and time-saving cleaning hack. Allot a specific place to everything present in your home. When you need to use the item, you must find it at a specific spot. Later, make it a habit to keep the articles at their assigned places.


2. Wash the spill immediately

If anyone accidentally spills something on the floor or furniture, clean it instantly. Otherwise, the spill will become a stain soon, which would make your home look unkempt and unhygienic.


3. Make your bed every morning

Making your bed is just a small step to give your room look tidy and organized look. Also, after a long tiring day, you can relax on a clean bed in the evening. Besides, some studies say that if you make it a habit of making your bed every morning, you will become more productive throughout the day.


4. 15-minute evening routine

Set a 15-minute pick-up routine for every evening. Grab all the rubbish and put it in the dustbin. Pick up the articles which are not at their assigned places and put them at their locations. You can perform this routine in the kitchen as well at the end of the day.


5. Wash kitchenware after every meal

A whole pile of utensils is difficult to clean than 5 to 6 dishes at one time. So, make it a point to wash the dishes soon after you finish your meal. Encourage your family members to help you by washing their utensils themselves.


6. Buy Doormats

You can prevent dust and mud from entering your home by investing in some doormats. A simple swipe of the shoes on the mats can trap the dirt and keep your home neat. But, do clean your doormats as well after a certain time to let them function properly.


7. Clean when you finish cooking

Do not keep the cleaning of the kitchen on hold. You may feel lazy later and want to postpone the cleaning process. So, once you are done with cooking, pack up all the ingredients and utensils from the shelf and wipe them out with a wet cloth.


8. Keep the laundry out of sight

As it is not possible to wash your dirty clothes every time you take them off, so put them in a separate basket dedicated to laundry. Later, you can wash them in batches when you are free. Also, if you need to re-wear the clothes, hang them on pegs in your wardrobe or behind the door.


9. Vacuum at least once in a week

It is the simplest cleaning hack for the lazy and busy. Those who cannot clean the home throughout the week due to their tiring schedule can implement this hack. It will help you clean all the dust and filth from the floor and couches.


10. Always keep your keys and bags at the same place

Never underestimate the habit of keeping your keys and bags at an instantly accessible location. When you are running late in the morning for some important event, finding the stuff at their respective place can feel like a blessing. You need not search the entire house for a tiny key.


Even though it seems as though cleaning your couches, cabinets, and rooms is a tedious task, we are sure most of you would not complain if you could wave a wand and have everything neat and tidy. These cleaning hacks would do just that for you.

These points can also help you manage your home if shifting to a new residence. New Home, New Rules!

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