The Ultimate Guide To Moving Homes During The COVID-19 Outbreak

20 January 2022 Contributed by: admin

The current COVID-19 pandemic has not only brought about excruciating fear among us but has also left most of us feeling devastated and uncertain.

From different lockdown protocols to social isolation, the need for taking preventive measures in times like these is indispensable.

Another factor that many of us are daunted by is moving homes.

While not everyone may have the chance of waiting to move until after the pandemic, here is a guide to help you understand how you can make your moving experience a bit more safe and sound.

  1. Ask your movers company about the coronavirus protocols they are following.

The most prominent and fundamental aspect of choosing a movers company is to get meticulous insights into how the respective company is inhibiting potential risks of the virus. While relocation itself is a tedious and risky task, the least you can do to protect yourself and your family is to choose the most careful movers company.

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  1. Wear essential accessories. 

Whether you choose to move your furniture yourself or hire an individual company, make sure that you take the most fundamental preventive measures, including wearing a mask and a quality PPE to ensure that you have the best chance to mitigate the risk of getting infected by the virus. While packing and moving, make sure you put gloves on to lessen the chances of contracting the virus through contact.

  1. Buy an alcohol-friendly hand sanitizer.

One of the most vital and critical factors of COVID-19 is that every individual must wash their hands significantly throughout the day to avoid coming in contact with the virus. Several experts suggest that a hand sanitizer incorporated with alcohol can extensively help in preventing the virus from infecting you. Moreover, keep a set of paper towels handy to wipe your hands as and when you can.

  1. A virtual survey is a necessity. 

While exploring a moving quote from a top-notch moving company can be quite a struggle, you can ask the companies if they can design and deliver a virtual survey of your furniture and other household items, just like an in-person survey. Thanks to the augmented technology, a virtual review can benefit you massively by showcasing and walking you through the furniture and other belongings that you send to the respective company.

  1. Do not borrow any supplies from your neighbours.

While moving experts may often suggest you to take help from friends and neighbours to ease your experience, this is no time to borrow any supply accessory or other essentials like moving boxes, as you risk coming in contact with the virus or, even worse, spreading it. The minimal contact with others, the better for you and everyone else. It’s best to say that, right now, you need to be as self-dependent as possible.

  1. Sanitizing your truck rental beforehand. 

Just like you take time out to sanitize your hands and disinfect yourself, disinfecting the vehicle that you move your belongings in, is extremely necessary. If you are moving your belongings by yourself, a tip that may come handy to you is to thoroughly sanitize the door handles, seatbelt, steering wheel, truck seat, and other parts of the truck so that you can entirely avoid the virus from entering your new home.

  1. Disinfect after you finish moving your furniture.

After the movers leave after dropping your belongings to your place, make sure to precisely disinfect all your belongings and sanitize your house entirely so that every cardboard box and your belongings are clean and safe to use. Furthermore, make sure to mop and clean your home with effective soaps before settling so that you are on the clear.

  1. Know about the truck company’s securing measures.

While there are significant chances for you to hire a moving company to move your belongings, make sure to get precise and accurate details of the truck company and the measures it has taken amidst the pandemic to ensure that it does its best in safeguarding you and your family. Move My Stuff might as well be your best bet!

  1. Get to know your neighbours.

While meeting people during the coronavirus pandemic should be avoided, there’s no harm in taking some time out to get to know your neighbours. While greeting them with gifts or other essentials might not be the best thing, you could simply engage with them when you bump into them, by maintaining a distance of about 6 feet.

  1. Delay the move, if necessary.

From what you might have already heard through different news sources, the coronavirus doesn’t show symptoms in some people for quite some time. Thus, if you start feeling sick or experience symptoms suggested by experts, like cough, breathlessness, chills, etc., you should isolate yourself and postpone the moving process to a convenient date.

Wrapping it up, Move My Stuff is a pioneer in innovating the only most user-friendly and secure services. If you’re in search of a reliable moving company, Move My Stuff is here for you. The team understands the pandemic’s criticality and has taken every protocol and safety measure into account, to ensure that you have the most relaxing and most importantly- a risk-free moving experience!

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