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One of the major concerns of people while relocating to a new home is to keep the moving costs to a minimum. However, it is quite common for people to end up overshooting their estimated moving expenses by a huge margin. This is because they tend to factor in the hidden costs charged by most moving companies and which are rarely specified in the original quote. The hidden costs of moving, most of which are charged by individual service providers, vary depending on a variety of factors. For instance, the hidden cost components are less when you move in day or certain hours as compared to night hours. Being aware of the hidden moving costs is essential for planning the relocation budget more accurately and efficiently and also to save money.

Hidden costs to consider before moving

Given below are the various services for which a moving company may charge hidden fees from its clients.

Cost of Packing

Most professional movers offer to provide packing service to their clients, which includes providing packing supplies and the personnel to do the packing. However, they often fail to mention that both these facilities are offered for additional fees, which are not included in the moving costs. So, it is advisable to include the cost of any packing material such as packing paper, packing moving boxes, or bubble wrap in the moving budget. The moving companies also charge extra for any specialized packing needs of their clients. Getting your own packing supplies can thus help you avoid such surprise expenses.

Loading And Unloading Goods

Loading and unloading the packed goods is an integral part of the moving process and often requires the use of special tools and equipment for ensuring the safety of your goods. The moving service providers often recover the cost of any such equipment from their clients in the form of hidden charges which add to the moving budget. Companies using highly sophisticated generally seek more money, especially for making the move in a day.

In the Form of a Security Deposit

For people moving into rented accommodation, the security deposit they need to pay for the new house should also form a part of the hidden costs. The deposit amount for your new address is generally equal to the amount of 4 weeks of rent, which can be quite a lot of money. One of the reasons that people overlook these unexpected costs is that they receive a refund of the security deposit paid to their previous landlord. However, that might take some time and until then the new deposit should not be written out of the overall moving costs.

Disassembling and Assembling Furniture


Moving large pieces of furniture such as beds, sofas, dining tables, pool table, and wardrobes is often extremely challenging. That is a professional mover chooses to disassemble the furniture before packing and transporting it. The movers then reassemble the furniture in the new location to make it fit for immediate use. Since moving furniture in this manner involves the use of skilled professionals, the moving companies tend to charge extra money for the same. The cost is often higher moving old furniture that may require specialized packing to ensure its safety. The same holds true for furniture that requires heavy lifting or cannot be moved directly through the front door.

Cost Of Hiring Storage Facility

You may need to hire a storage unit to safely hold your belongings until you are ready to receive them in your new space. You may choose to use the storage space offered by your relocation service provider or hire a separate moving company for the same. In either case, you would be required to pay a monthly fee for such additional services, which will naturally enhance the costs of moving.

Fuel Costs, Toll, and Parking 

Whether you intend to make a local move or are required to undertake long-distance moves, you will be expected to cover any fuel expenses, toll charges, and overnight fees for parking ticket of the moving truck. The fuel charges vary from state to state and the moving company will not be responsible for any fluctuations in fuel cost. You will also be paying for penalties resulting from any infringements such as missing a driver’s license or multiple parking tickets.

Various Miscellaneous Costs

You should also consider the various miscellaneous costs that you will have to bear during the relocation process. These include moving insurance costs, the cost of spending at least one night in a hotel room, and the cost to transport perishable food items or your prized possessions, or even your furry friends in special carriers. The additional expenses also include the costs of hiring utility companies, the food budget and fuel costs on a moving day, and the termination fee for cancelling various. You should also not forget to include the amount you pay for cleaning the old house.

Final Thoughts


The process of moving house is rarely completed without any financial surprises given the different types of expenses involved. However, having a prior understanding of the above-discussed hidden costs prepares the people for managing the same and hiring a better moving company.

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