How to Choose the Right Van Size

09 February 2022 Contributed by: admin

Setting the right truck size might seem like an ignorable activity but it is not! If planned at the prior stage, this small activity saves you from undesired situations.

Wouldn’t it be disappointing to find that you called for a smaller van when you are trying to fit all your stuff inside?

You might have to call another van in such situations and that again costs you a lot of your valuable time. You should book a larger van to avoid falling short of space is obvious advice.

However, this doesn’t serve every time. If the Van size is too large, your stuff is likely to get damaged due to free movement, especially when the Van is running at a fast speed.

Now, how do you deal with this? Usually, your removing company does this task for you quite well. Based on the details that you provide them with, they tell you about the Van options you have.

These companies are well versed in the aspects of precision and you can trust them with their solution. However, the best thing to do despite it all is to make an informed choice.

We have listed out some steps to follow when you are choosing your Van/Truck Size.

Identify the stuff you want to move


First thing first, you need to identify the belongings you want to get moved including your furniture and heavy equipment.

Try to be close to your approximation for the number of the boxes you’ll need to pack them. The thing here is that there are varieties of Van types available.

If you have too many boxes to move, you would need a van structured for boxes primarily. And when it is about moving your furniture your search calls for a different filter.

Communicate your requirements to the moving company


Communicating your requirements to your moving company enables them to provide you with other options available.

Based on your submissions and their experience, they’ll tell you the right Van size you’ll need to move your belongings. The key to making the right decision here is based upon estimations and calculations. We are coming down to it in the next point.

Consider the Capacity of the Van


By capacity, we mean the open space meant for storage of movables inside the Van/Truck. It is usually measured in terms of cubic feet. The cubic feet measurements give a clear idea of the holding capacity of the Van.

So, what you will need here as a prerequisite is a close approximation of the size of your movables. Having an approximate idea of the length, breadth, and height of your boxes would make the decision lot easier. You can also use our moving volume calculator to estimate the space you need in the van.

Consider the number of rooms


Sometimes, the criterion of Van size selection is based on the number of rooms you are planning to move. If you are moving 3-bed rooms, the furniture form out to be a significant determinant.

Now, your moving company may suggest the van based on the number of rooms. But you gotta remember, it is not actually about the room but the stuff lying therein.

These were the aspects that need to be considered when you are selecting your Van Size. It is great to take charge of your choices and keeping it informed is the cherry on the cake.

However, the best solution to the whole affair lies with the ones who deal with moving regularly. We, at move my stuff, are a team of professional movers.

We hold a good long experience in this field and strive to make moving a hassle-free experience for our clients.

You can just enjoy the transition from your old place to new, while we take care of everything in between!

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