How to Design a Stress Free Home

23 January 2022 Contributed by: admin

Home is an escape from the stressful and overwhelming world out there. There is nothing more satisfying than coming back to a peaceful space after a long day.

Besides, spending quality time at your home with your loved ones wipe off your anxiety and relieves your preoccupied mind.

Do you wish to spend time in an environment which is calm and relaxing? We are going to help you with the solution to this question.

Here's how...

Follow the steps discussed below to create a stress-free home and declutter your mind and soul.

How to create positive vibes at your home?

1. Let in natural light

Closed houses feel cold and uninviting. Besides, natural light is a mood booster! So, open up the curtains and feel the warmth.

If you have fewer windows or no windows at all, then incorporate lamps with soft lighting. You can also use string lights to add to the peaceful atmosphere.

2. Declutter and clean your space

Clutter tends to accumulate over time and affect the moods. Always try to buy functional decor items and furniture. It will help you keep the clutter organized and out of sight.

Also, dust and dirt can result in a bad feeling and make you feel stuck. It blocks the energy flow. So, deep clean your house every week to restore the positive vibes.

3. Plan meals and routines

Planning your daily meals can reduce your last-minute stress levels. Make a weekly healthy meal plan. It will allow you to list and buy everything you need for the week beforehand. And, you will not have to go diet shopping mid of the day.

Also, plan out your routines for the day. You can have a morning routine, evening routine or anything you think you need to manage well. Setting a schedule will help you lead a peaceful life.

4. Family connection


Everyone cherishes coming back to a bunch of people who love you after a long tiring day. You must encourage communication among family members.

It is necessary to try having at least a meal together. Spare a few hours every day for your children or parents and spend quality time with your family. Most importantly, keep your gadgets away when with them.

Another stress-relieving activity is to assign relevant responsibilities and tasks to the family members for household chores.

5. Replace random stuff

Narrow down your household assets to the ones you adore and cannot give away. Banish the decor items, furniture, outfits and photos you don't wish to hold onto more. Remove anything which is not serving any purpose.

6. Bring nature inside


Merely looking at nature can lower blood pressure. Display some natural objects or landscape artwork. Or add some flowers and plants throughout your home.

Get succulents!

Succulents are low maintenance and long-living plants. Besides, they help in purifying the air.

7. Diffuse some soothing scents

Get relaxing aromatic candles or diffusers to create a peaceful ambience. Essential oils have the power to produce a soothing and relaxing environment. For instance, the fragrance of lavender induces sleep and helps you relax.

8. Play soothing music


There is a multitude of music genres to relieve your stress. Playing light music in the background contributes to the peace of the home.

Also, you can play upbeat music to energize you to do the chores. You can make a playlist with the favourites of everyone in the family and play it for an instant mood booster.

9. Switch off unnecessary electronics

Turn the gadgets off when not in use to help you rest easy. Keep your cell phone at a distance when sleeping. Do not keep a television or laptop in the bedroom. The lights and signals emitted by these gadgets are harmful to you.

10. Follow Feng Shui

Feng shui is an ancient art and about connecting with your home. Making slight changes according to Feng Shui can have lasting benefits for you. Include some stress-relieving elements of Feng Shui.

They eventually become part of your decor. For instance, having a bamboo plant will attract success and prosperity.

Wait, there's more!

Do you know your home decor can affect your mood and sleep? (image)

Let us tell you, yes, it does!

Researches show that redecorating your space in specific ways can reduce stress, enhance mood and make you sleep better.

So how would you arrange the decor to have a peaceful abode? Here's how you can follow simple steps to do so.

Easy Decorating Ideas for a stress-free home

1. Organize your space


It is an initial activity you need to implement when planning a home makeover. Store the things used daily at some designated place.

For instance, place newspapers on the table or a stand every day. Get a key holder for all the keys. Keep your shoes at a proper place. A multi-drawer cabinet can be useful to keep all the little stuff organized and handy.

2. Light specific areas

You must go for lighting specific spots in your room rather than lighting the complete room. An example of spotlighting can be an overhead light or a soothing floor lamp beside your favourite sofa.

Do not light up your place with dull lights like a deep red or neon blue. Light sources which simulate natural lights are best.

3. Create space to move about

Keep your rooms spacious with minimal decor items and furniture. A neat and clean path to travel across a room will be much pleasing than hitting your pinky toe after every few steps.

To add on, cluttered approach to a location in your home can increase anxiety. Try to keep the decor least chaotic.

4. Concept of colours

A necessary concept to follow during house decor. Colours affect phycology tremendously. Decorate your house with neutral shades.

Neutral and wood hues can make your home have a relaxed vibe and extended space. Subtle blues and greens can also be relaxing as they are colours of nature.

Flat white walls can make your home look dull. You can pair it up with subtle patterns and different hues. Each colour has a specific energy associated with it.

5. The decorative objects


Create paradise of your choice but have some practical expectations. If you like tropical scenes, then add related home decor elements, like an aquarium or art piece.

You can place some cushions and pillows on the couch with eccentric prints and a cosy blanket to drape. Soft textiles tend to have a relaxing look and feel. Also, another decor idea is to have a family wall with all your family pictures.

Enjoy a stress-free home!

The positive environment can make you feel happy and charged. So, implement these simple yet effective steps while redecorating your home or shifting to a new house. It would usher positive vibes in your home.

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