How to do packing for moving conveniently?

21 February 2022 Contributed by: admin

Moving is not as easy as they say. The mere thought of moving causes anxiety.

It is not easy to pack things safely and keep them organized. You need to manage so many things before packing up your life and setting off to your new home. Many times you end up struggling to find things that you need at the last minute.

Are you about to move or planning a move soon? If so, you’ll need to start preparing your belongings for the move.

The following are packing tips you can use to make packing and moving as easy and stress-free as possible. These tips will help you make the best use of your time during the tedious process of moving.

10 easy packing tips for an organized move

1. Packing options

  • Use the plastic garbage bags available at your home for covering the clothes on hangers.
  • Cut a hole in the middle of its base and pass the hooks of hangers through Now seal the open end to pack the hanging clothes.
  • You can also keep other big, soft and bulky things in garbage bags.
  • Also, use zip lock bags to keep the tiny parts of the disassembled furniture — like screws, nuts and bolts. Make sure to label the ziplock with the name of the furniture parts it stores.
  • Use travel suitcases to put your clothes, books or other lightweight objects. To store something heavy, make sure the suitcase has wheels.

2. Seal the stored items

Always make sure all your items and packing boxes are properly packed and sealed.

  • Lock your cabinets and drawers before loading them onto the vehicle.
  • You can use plastic stretch wrap to guard your furniture and kitchen utensils, bind the stacked boxes or more.
  • Another mandatory option is tape. Protect the stuff stored in boxes with a tape sealing the box.
  • Cover the appliances with blankets or comforter for preserving them from any damage.

3. Make boxes easy to lift

Handles have been invented for a reason. They make it easy to lift and open things. Cut small handles on the sides of your moving boxes to lift them conveniently to load and unload.

Another tip is to prevent your packing boxes from overloading. People tend to fill large boxes with heavy items. So, you make sure to pack your boxes according to their size.

4. Pack liquid items with care

The only reason is that the liquid spills! There are multiple fluids which are household items like detergent, hand wash, kitchen oils, cleaning supplies, cosmetics, shampoo and more.

Tighten the lids of the liquid holders, cover and tie a plastic wrap over it. Store these bottles in a zip lock or plastic bag.

5. Label your packed stuff

If you are packing for moving to a new place, you have to take all the stuff along with you. The point here to note is how would you know which packed box has what item. No one can know it unless the packed boxes are transparent or you are a psychic.

So, label all the boxes with proper lists, names and identifiers. Read more on labelling in our other blog — How to Label Your Moving Boxes?

6. Pack an instant-help box

Not only food, but you will also need some more items handy when moving your place. You can eat or donate the unused food that you cannot take with you.

Pass it on to your neighbours and friends. Pack all necessary stuff separately and keep them with yourself when on the move.

Some of the things you will need instantly in your new home are light bulbs, cleaners, chargers, towels, food for you and pets, cutlery, toolbox, documents, foldable chairs and anything you think might need first-hand. If possible, pack a separate bag for each family member.

Also, keep kitchen-related necessary item box distinct.

7. Load the moving truck sensibly

Keep everything close to each other to prevent the boxes from moving haphazardly inside the vehicle. Load the heavy items at the bottom and stack lighter items above them.

Use tow straps in the truck to secure your stuff. Another important fact is to pack your truck keeping note of unloading procedures.

The items that go in first will be least approachable and come out last. The movers you hire will know exactly what to do with the loading and unloading process. You only need to keep a check and guide the movers the way you want it to be done.

8. Begin packing for your move early

The late you start packing, the more anxious you become. To ensure a comfortable and smooth move, begin packing your stuff one month in advance.

Start with the least used items and rooms. Besides, it is good practice to declutter your house with unwanted stuff.

Packing early will allow you to open your mind and choose what to keep and what you need to get rid of. Do not wait for the last moment, otherwise, you will tend to pack all you see and carry it to your new home.

9. Take pictures

No, not of your family standing in front of the main door! It's time to click pictures of the inside of the boxes. Just a quick snap will be enough to give you an idea of the items stored in it.

Also, take pictures of the complicated wires plugged on of the TV or any other appliances. It will help you install them again from the beginning.

10. Consider the layout of your new home

Pack stuff from your current home by keeping in mind the status of your new home. If your new home is small, then discard unnecessary items before the move.

Also, there are more rooms then pack stuff according to what is going on in which room. It is excellent if you can manage all the rooms in this manner. You will be able to unpack and settle the stuff quite conveniently and quickly in your new home.

When you move, there are different steps you need to follow to have a safe and efficient move. These tips will guide and encourage you on packing for moving and make your experience less stressful.

Indeed, moving home is one of the most stressful experiences everyone goes through in their lives. Whether this is because it is an unknown element or just the sheer amount of stuff involved, we know the feeling well and our team can help you with any step. If you need any assistance with packing and moving, call us on 03 9357 7134!

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