How to easily ship the mattress?

30 January 2022 Contributed by: admin

Have you ever tried moving the mattress? If you have, then you will know that it is quite a tricky process. The furniture world is full of these heavy and floppy sloths. It is not easy, but if the proper process is known, the task becomes simpler. 

Packing a mattress on your own seems to be a daunting task, especially if you are doing it all by yourself. However, you can easily move the mattress stress-free with little organization and planning. 

Shipment of the mattress can be done via the following steps. 

But first… 

Is it worth shipping? 

You need to know if shipping your mattress is worth the time, money, and effort you invest or not.  

Well, if your mattress is  6-7 years old, then there is no need to ship it and you must consider replacing it. But if there are circumstances that justify shipping it, you can try.  

Also, the cost of the shipment can vary depending on the size and weight of the mattress, the distance you are moving, the shipping service, and whether there are any obstructions.  

Consider these two factors before deciding if it is worth moving the mattresses. 


The process for Shipping the mattress 


Ask for the quotes 


A simple and effective way to ship a mattress is to hire a company that specializes in shipping such items. Explore multiple websites and then finalize with the company offering the most suitable quote. Not only will you be saving time and money by having the shipping quotes sent to you right away, but you will also be able to see a full picture of what the quality of the product will be before you commit to a delivery time and cost.  


Measure the mattress 


Before deciding to ship the mattress, you must measure the dimensions and know its accurate weight. This will help you in knowing the exact cost and the space required for its transportation. Also, make sure you are sending the correct mattress, with the straps and tension fit to its size. You must also measure the bedroom and know if your mattress will fit into a new house. 


Choose the right vehicle 


Now that you know what size mattress you have, you can decide which vehicle to use to move the mattress. It is best not to fold the mattresses to keep them from being damaged during transport. Therefore, book a vehicle large enough to keep the mattress.  As a general rule, most standard-sized mattresses generally only fit in large moving trucks. 


Packing the mattress 

Another important point is to see that the packaging reaches the destination safely. For this, it is very necessary to pack the mattress appropriately.  

It is no secret that shipping a mattress can be an involved and labour-intensive process. If you are considering packing the mattress yourself, wrap the mattress in a few layers of bubble wrap or a waterproof mattress bag to protect the mattress from getting wet. 

A mattress bag is a clear plastic, a heavy-duty bag that envelops your mattress during transport. It keeps it free of dust and dirt by sealing out air. Most importantly, if you need long-term storage for your mattress, this product will keep it safe and clean in storage. 


Hire Move My Stuff 

Shipping a mattress adds an extra layer of complexity to the moving process. Packing and transporting the mattress can be more difficult than other items because mattresses are heavy, large, and sometimes awkward in shape. 

Want to move your mattresses with protection and a time guarantee? Call us at 03 9357 7134 to discuss the details. 


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