How to Find a Housemate in Melbourne?

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Finding the perfect housemate is like finding a needle in a stack of hay. It’s difficult! Honestly, it is like winning a lottery. There are so many things you both need to be compatible with.

From standards of cleanliness to love for pets, you have no idea what might become the bone of contention between you two. It’s only fair you search for a flatmate who’s at least tolerable to you. But how do you do that? And where? Well, here’s a quick lay down.

Where to find a housemate?

 1. Flatmate Finders

How about finding the perfect flatmate with just a few clicks? The idea might not be entirely impossible. Flatmate Finders- a website that claims to find you your special co-dweller, claims to help with it. All you have to do is register on the website. You’ll need to pay a fee to advertise your room.

The cost will vary on the basis of the duration of your advert. In case you are looking to save a few bucks, you can easily browse through the list of potential flatmates posted on the website for free. Easy find, hopefully!

2. is a popular destination for finding a housemate in Australia. This widely advertised website lets you list your empty room. People willing to live in an existing shared household can also post their requirements. The best part is Trustpilot gives this platform a whooping 9.2 score. That’s a sure win I guess. Drive around Melbourne and you’ll spot a couple of billboards of Good marketing indeed!

3. Fairy Floss Real Estate

A reason for Facebook lovers to rejoice. This Facebook group was established almost a decade back by a PhD student Fabian Kong living in Melbourne. With time, this group has emerged as the top destination among housemate finders in Melbourne. No wonder the group is so popular, it enjoys a whopping strength of 200,000 members! You can post your requirements for a flatmate along with pictures of your shared household and the vacant room.

Don’t forget to make them appealing. People interested in your property will comment below the post or DM you. Alternatively, there are members who put out ‘seek’ posts enquiring about availability of rooms in Melbourne. Wait, let’s get to the best part- it is FREE! We all have used Facebook and are aware of the interface. And beware- you might be overwhelmed with the amount of responses you get. Fairy Floss is super popular in Melbourne.

4. Gumtree

Gumtree is a marketplace where you can advertise for cars, vehicles, and even housemates. You need to sign up to post advertisements for your vacant room. Alternatively, you can search for free by typing in keywords like housemates Melbourne, finding a housemate, finding a housemate in the search bar.

5. Referrals

Word of mouth matters! Nform your friends, colleagues, and neighbours you’re looking for a housemate. They may refer you to someone who they know personally or removalists. This will save you from hours of efforts you’ll otherwise spend on posting ads, vetting, interviewing, and shortlisting an ideal flatmate.

Tips you must follow

It is not easy to find a housemate. But with honest efforts and use of few tried and tested tricks, you certainly can. Here are a few tips you can follow to ease your search.

1. Look within your friendship group



Your friend circle is an ideal place to look for a housemate. You spend a lot of time with them, they know you inside and out, and you know them. Chances are high you’ll find someone who vibes well with you.

Still struggling to make a decision? Try and look out for someone with whom you have travelled in the past. You would definitely know their ‘morning grumpy’ level. If you vibed well on the trip, you can definitely live together!

2. Be honest and upfront in your advertisement

We all want to play nice and say only good stuff in advertisements. But remember it is not a one-time service you are selling. You’ll be living together for a considerable time. Maybe years! You need to be absolutely truthful and upfront about your requirements and offerings in the advertisement.

If you are allergic to pet dander, mention the same in the advert. Cleanliness addict? Say it out loud! You want someone who loves to chat? Put it down in your advert that you’re looking for an extrovert flatmate. There’s no point taking things to interview level and then realizing you just cannot stand them.

3. Interviews are extremely important

If adverts are important, interviews are even more necessary. Never ever rent out a room without having interviewed your potential housemate. You might be a recluse preferring quiet time while your un-interviewed housemate could be a guitar player who loves to jam every morning! Ask them relevant questions. Like the level of cleanliness they prefer. Do they cook? Do they have pets? What are their work timings?

Do they party all weekend or stay home? Be clear about facilities you are willing to offer. Clear the situation about bills as well. Do not forget to mention the quirks of the household, if any. For instance, if you’re a student who studies on weekends, mention this to them. You wouldn’t want all their friends over to watch Saturday’s game in the living room. Got multiple housemates? If they have a stake in the decision making, invite them as well for the interview.

4. Check references

There’s a reason why referrals exist. They give you an idea into what it is like to live with your potential housemate. Always ask for references so you have some honest feedback on living experience with the person.

5. Look for redflags

Trust your gut instincts. If you have a bad feeling about someone, don’t let them move in. It is best to trust your intuition when you are dealing with a complete stranger. Better safe than sorry! You should also look out for red flags.

Do they seem very loud and boisterous while you are a peaceful dweller? Back out! Are they being secretive while talking about finances and bills? Well, that can be awkward later when they deny sharing a bill. Have that clear talk now!

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