How to move bulky items with ease?

20 February 2022 Contributed by: admin

Have you ever seen a crane lift off a refrigerator from a second-floor balcony?

Packing bulky items and carrying them along is one of the arduous challenges an individual can encounter when relocating. If you try to move tables, cabinets, huge paintings, bulky furniture, and other irregular-shaped items yourself without proper precautions, it can cause damage to the items or even seriously injure your body.

Anyone who is shifting their home, apartment or office would need to learn how can they pack and move the large and heavy items well enough to protect them on the go.

Here are a few practical tips you can follow for moving bulky and odd-shaped items with ease and safety.

6 essential tips for relocating large items


1. Disassemble most of the elements


If you want to move bulky items effortlessly, then you should first dismantle them in a way that would make their transport manageable, which will ultimately save your time. Therefore, disassemble any removable fragments of the heavy furniture and store the pieces separately—you would not have to deal with any loose or broken bits.


2. Invest in good quality supplies and tools




Moving your precious furniture can be an overwhelming task if you do not prepare with the correct information, supplies, and expertise.

For a flawless and smooth move, get the high-grade packing materials, as standard packing materials are prone to tearing and other damage.

You must arrange for big and sturdy packing boxes, durable packing paper, loads of bubble wraps or foam sheets, old home linens and blankets, enduring packing tape, a toolbox and other essential tools like a stair roller, furniture dolly or furniture straps that make your move easy.


3. Protect it with cushion padding


Cushioning is particularly necessary if you are moving large or heavy items, like furniture or appliances. The padding absorbs the pressure if the article hits any hard surface. It involves wrapping layers of fabric around the package to protect it from severe damage and scratches.

For cushion padding the large items, wrap it in layers of material specifically designed for this purpose or use the fabric and blankets available at your place. It will allow you to move your precious possessions stress-free and with ease.

Remember: cover the article and the box you store it in individually to maintain double security.


4. Pack it in custom-sized boxes


Carrying heavy or bulky items is more convenient when you store the items in custom-sized boxes instead of just tossing them into a pile in the car or truck.

You can either use the original package of the article or buy a similar carton before packing. If you cannot get the custom boxes for your stuff, use a large box, even if there remains excess hollow space inside it. Later, stuff this space with padding material to hold the item secure inside the box.


5. Try pushing the heavy furniture



Consider pushing the item from the lower half and bending your body from the knees and hips to lift or move the heavy furniture instead of pulling. It will reduce the strain on your body. You may also use furniture straps around the article and then drag it along.

Pro tip: put a cardboard sheet or carpet under the heavy furniture and then move it across the floor.


6. Get help from professional movers


Moving bulky items can be an enormous pain and can be a time-consuming, labour-intensive endeavour. Unless you are too confident about relocating a heavy item like a bathtub, refrigerator or washing machine, hire professionals with the proper equipment and knowledge to undertake the process efficiently.

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