How to pack a piano for a smooth relocation

13 February 2022 Contributed by: admin

Isn’t it a tough grind to get over the habit of indulging in the melodious music of the piano? It is for this reason; piano lovers find it a challenge to move it from one place of residence to another. Unlike other belongings of the house which can be very simple to shift in a truck, Piano calls for extra requirements. Hence, it is in the interest of the delicate instrument that the job to pack a piano be handled by removalist professionals.

However, some people might like to do the job by themselves. One should be careful that a Piano is an intricate piece of more than 10,000 components coupled together. To pack a piano, you not only require a lot of manpower but also additional accessories. Here is an all-inclusive guide about the steps you need to follow while moving a piano.

Moving a Piano by Yourself


Gathering the right equipment is the preparatory step before you pack a piano. The accessories such as a piano dolly, straps, and padding have to be donned on the piano for protection. Moving and packing a piano is quite a tiresome errand. Therefore, seek help from your friends and family members in this uphill task.

Preparatory checklist for Piano

  • 1. Examine the space

Prior to moving the piano, inspect if the new place will be able to accommodate it with proper spacing. For this, one can measure the height and breadth of the doorways of the new place. It is also important to work out if the staircase would cause any trouble while performing the job.

  • 2. Protecting the piano


Pianos majorly come in two forms, an upright piano and a grand piano. The kind of protective accessories it needs is dependent on these forms. Straps, padding, and piano dollies are indispensable for any piano. Notably, to pack a piano of grand type, you need a specific tool called a piano board or piano skid board. The strapping and paddings of the board come according to the sizes.


    • 3. Moving truck:


  • Choosing a truck of the correct size is crucial to the protection of the piano. Several companies offer truck services for moving large goods like a piano. Another reason to hire a professional mover for piano is that they have customized vehicles for such purposes.
    • 4. Evaluate the path: 

    Before you set off towards the new location, you must get yourself acquainted with the road. It gives you a better idea about the turns and stops that fall between the two locations. Thereby ensuring a seamless moving operation.

  • Moving the piano step by step

  • The upright and grand piano slightly differ in the procedure to be followed while moving them. Here is what you have to follow after packing a piano.

      • Upright or Digital Piano:


    • The keys and pedals of the piano might get damaged during the complex moving process. Therefore, cover them with blankets or tapes. Next, raise the piano onto the dolly. Confirm that the dolly is able to sustain the weight of the piano. The final step is to transfer it to the truck and verify that it is placed securely. Tie the straps and ropes to prevent excessive movement during travel.
  • Grand Piano:



As said earlier, it takes some added steps to pack a piano of this type. Firstly, the grand piano requires that its legs and pedals be removed before it is moved. Pack these legs and pedals in a separate box after disassembling. During this process, the piano lid has to be protected by giving some support. The next step to pack a piano is to have some people carefully lift the lid.

Finally, secure the lid, keys, and sides of the piano with covers and tapes. Gently transfer the grand piano on the piano board and load it into the truck. The piano is all set for the ride after it’s tied with straps and ropes.

  • Retuning the piano:


After the piano has been successfully moved to its new place, assemble it again with proper fitting. Packing a piano and moving results in disturbing its tune. As suggested by experts, one can wait for a month before tuning the piano.

What should you be careful about?


The sensitivity of the overall activity may sometimes give rise to fatal errors. Knowing these common mistakes can help you prepare well ahead of time. These tips are a must-read along with understanding how to pack a piano.    

  • 1. Be mindful of the weight: 

The countless components that come together to make up the piano weight variably. It might be carelessness on your part to underestimate the weight of a piano from its size. The heaviness becomes more prominent while packing a piano as you have to navigate it through the passage. The weight of a grand piano ranges from 500 to about 1400 pounds. Hence, plan the manpower accordingly.


    • 2. Don't hesitate to seek help: 

One must be aware that moving the piano is not a task for a single person. Even the lighter piano may take about 3 individuals to move it securely. It’s not a bad idea to always request extra people to avoid any unwanted consequences.


  • 3. Never lift without equipments:

The delicate nature of the piano highlights the importance of using dollies, straps, and padding. Using this to pack a piano greatly minimizes the chances of any mishap.


  • 4. Be patient:


Having patience is paramount in carrying out the task of moving your piano. The success of the overall process lies in the composure of the people involved. 

The sum and substance of moving a piano


Prior to beginning the actual work, understand all the potential costs and risks associated with it. Contacting professional piano removalists minimizes the risk of any injury or damage as the workers are trained for the job. Yet, the cost of hiring professionals goes up to $1200 depending on several factors. On the other hand, doing it by yourself reduces the cost and at the same time raises the risk of damage. Therefore, it’s best to let someone do this job who knows their way around it.

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