How to Pack Your Boxes Perfectly For a Move?

22 March 2022 Contributed by: admin


Looking forward to relocating houses anytime soon? It may sound exciting, moving from one place to another but can be a tedious job if your boxes aren't packed correctly. Things can get really overwhelming managing moving, packing, and your everyday chores.

We might be able to help you with some tips for smooth and feasible moving. Read on to understand why it is necessary to have a pattern of boxes for packing. 


    1. Use high-quality and sturdy boxes


The boxes need to be strong enough to hold the weight. Choose sturdy boxes. Otherwise, there will be unexpected breakdowns leading to a mess. Hence the quality of the boxes matters and needs to be chosen wisely.

Use cardboard boxes for packing due to their advantages; many professionals suggest and use the same. They are cheap boxes for moving, reusable, and ensure that your belongings are safe. These boxes come in different sizes to allow efficient packing. 

Once packed up to the brim and sealed, you can stack up these boxes on top of each other to conveniently move. 


     2. Double tape the boxes


Although the moving boxes ensure to handle the weight of items, tape the boxes to secure them. Drape the tap twice around the boxes. It gives them additional strength to hold the weight easily. 

When you buy a box, ensure to tape all the sides and corners for high security. It is essential to tape the bottom of the box to give it the strength to bear the weight. 

You can also tape the opening of the box to avoid spillage of your items and ensure easy stacking while moving. 


     3. Use the correct sizes of boxes


Understand what items will fit in what boxes, purchase accordingly. You cannot simply dump all your stuff into any box and tape it. Doing this will lead to a troublesome moving experience and difficulty in carrying the packing boxes

Pack bigger moving boxes with lighter items so that they aren't too heavy to carry. If you pack larger boxes with heavy items, the weight will be unmanageable. This way, you can balance the weight.

Similarly, pack lighter moving boxes with heavier items so that the weight is evenly distributed, and traveling with them won't be much of an issue. 


     4. Balance the items in the box


Another efficient hack to pack boxes for moving houses is assembling the items correctly. As mentioned in the above point, dumping the stuff is not the solution. You must ensure that it is evenly packed for a smooth moving experience. 

Ensure to align all the heavy items at the bottom of the box and the lighter ones on top. This method will make it easy to carry the boxes and distribute the weight correctly. 

Using towels, soft toys, and other lighter objects at the top of the moving boxes will also prevent damage to the items to ensure safety and security. 


     5. Use bubble wrap


Although you handle the boxes carefully, there are slim chances of bumping items inside the storage boxes. This bumping can lead to damage and breaking of your items. To prevent this, you must make use of bubble wrap. 

Your boxes should be well-padded with bubble wrap as it prevents damage despite heavy moving. It ensures that your items are safe throughout the moving process. Use bubble wrap all around the inside of the box, and avoid unnecessary damage. 


     6. Label each box


Labeling the boxes is another essential step in packing boxes for moving houses. It helps to make it easier for you to identify while unpacking and rearranging items. 

Use small paper labels on the top of the box with instructions for unpacking. You can also mention instructions like 'fragile' and this side up to prevent damage.


     7. Make a separate box for essentials


Although this is the last step, it is one of the most important ones. If you do not have a separate box for essentials, you will have to unpack all the storage boxes to find them. 

It will lead to extra effort and frustration and make the moving experience discontented. Hence ensure to have a separate box for all your essential items and non-essential items.

Packing and unpacking can be time-consuming and frustrating. However, using the tips mentioned above will help you ease your moving experience and pack your items perfectly. Hence choose the right boxes for moving house, pack correctly, and get going!

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