How to Pack Your Kitchen for Moving

02 February 2022 Contributed by: admin

Packing up your kitchen can be the most cumbersome task of moving.

Most of the time, we don’t realize what the kitchen has been holding for so long until we declutter.

Equipment and utensils lying in the kitchen are in different shapes and sizes, and their handling methods are other too.

Also, when you are moving, you would surely want to avoid the extra weight that isn’t worth your moving cost.

Packing the kitchen equipment requires a bit of planning, and we are here to help you with just that.

Declutter and Simplify


The foremost step that you need to follow here is Decluttering. Get rid of things that aren’t of use anymore.

Moving is the best time for you to unload unnecessary burden off your shoulders. So, take some time to remove the stuff that doesn’t serve any purpose to you.

You could also opt for a donation or giveaway of the items you are planning to leave behind. Out of all the corners of your home, the kitchen is most likely to help the underprivileged.

Assemble the packing essentials


It is always a good idea for an efficient packing experience to assemble all your packing essentials beforehand.

You would require different sizes of boxes, packing papers, labels, cell kits, sealing tapes, etc., to ensure that you are filling safe and organized.

The large-sized boxes are best to carry lightweight yet hard to pack kitchen items like dish racks and plastic Kitchenware.

Also, keeping the big boxes light would ascertain an effortless movement.

You could pick up the medium-sized boxes for more massive kitchen appliances like pots and pans, while the petty stuff in your kitchen can be stuffed inside the smaller boxes.

Packing fragile items like Glasses and Stemware, however, require special care.

Therefore, they must be packed in heavy-duty boxes with double protection walls. Using Cell Kits for primary shielding would be a bonus here.

After you are sorted with the prerequisites, packing gets a lot easier.

Keep aside what goes into your essential box.

You would surely want to avoid the pain of searching for your essentials on the very first day at your new house.

The essential box is ideally the last thing that you pack in your old home. But it is always a good idea to keep aside the items that would go inside that box.

Doing this would save you from mixing them up with the other things and keep your last night at home hassle-free.

Make sure to include necessities like food items, cutlery, dishes, dishtowel, cleaner, soap, scrub, etc. on top of your essentials list.

Get Started with the real part


There is no strict rule of order when you are packing the kitchen. You can get started from anywhere, provided you take care of some tips and tricks shared below.

  • Stack up your pots and pans inside a medium-sized box, in a way that the larger ones hold the smaller ones inside. Glass lids should be wrapped appropriately with a packing paper and, once done, can be placed in the same box around the pots. However, it is important to stuff the empty passages with some newspapers or towels to prevent damage.
  • Glasses and Stemware are to be handled very carefully. In addition to wrapping them with packing papers, you should always consider using cell kits or dividers to keep them safe and segregated.
  • Plates and bowls, if breakable, should be covered well with wrapping papers. They can, after that, be stacked together and tightly bound with a plastic wrap.
  • Knives are likely to hurt if kept open inside Cartons. The best way here is to put them inside a breadbox. You can be safe and organized all together.
  • Appliances of any size are best placed in their original boxes. No worries if you don’t have them, be sure that you pack them inside the right package and in a way that they do not move. Also, keep the wires and adapters in a separate box or plastic wrap to prevent them from entangling.
  • Every other item from your kitchen can be packed based on their nature and the care they demand. But you wouldn’t, in any case, want your box to be too heavy to lift. So, keep the weight in check and do not overstuff.

Packing Kitchen is a time-consuming task. So, make sure you do it a couple of days before the day of moving.

The last day should be left for the Essential Box, and make sure you do not skip to label it.

The best idea would be to take this box with you in the car to have nothing to worry about when you step into your new home.

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