How to Prepare for an Office Move

19 January 2022 Contributed by: admin

People generally find it hard to plan a move when it comes down to shifting the workspace. Between all those meetings and team management, one is likely to overlook little things that matter.

So here we are, to make this task easier for you. Call it a checklist or a list of important things to keep in mind while preparing for an office move.

Visit the new space


Check out the place where your new office is going to be.  Check if the walls are good for you, or if the flooring works for you or not.

Before you move to the new place, you would want to be sure that the place is well set. Based on your requirements, you can hire contractors and other professional services.

Develop a layout for your office


Your office layout would display where exactly should the furniture be positioned. It would give a sketch of cabins and cubicles. Once you are done with the development, you need to scrutinize the layout to avoid any possible discrepancies.

Communicate your move


After you are sorted with your new space and the office layout, you are good to go with necessary furnishings. While things are getting ready at your new place, you still have a big to-do list.

The most important is the communication of your move. Make sure all your employees know well in advance of your timeline. Also, ensure communicating the move to relevant contacts like suppliers and important customers.

Print Updated company documents


To avoid inactivity after the move, get important company materials such as letterheads, visiting cards, etc printed with the new office address. You will have so many things to look after post-move, prepare yourself with the little things that matter.

Discard unnecessary items


Get rid of the old furniture you are not willing to move along. The best thing to do is to approach charitable institutions where you can donate items you won’t need anymore.

The irrelevant pile of paperwork must be discarded before the move. You will not enjoy spending your initial days at the new workspace sorting through a bunch of waste.

Evaluation of Company’s Assets and Inventory

Make a list of the Company’s Fixed Assets and Inventory. This will give a clear idea of the stuff that has to be moved along.

Prepare your new space


The best scenario would be to have your workspace ready for commencement of work at the earliest.  Ensure availability of basic utilities such as water and electricity before your employees walk in.

By doing this, you can resume your work at the new space without any delay.

You can speak to the Building Management in advance and ensure access to the Unloading Zone. This will make the task easier for your movers.

Ease down the move

When it comes to implementing the office layout, things have to be clear and specific. You could place copies of the layout on different corners. This will help your movers in the placement of the furniture to a great extent.

Notify your customers


So, you have moved to the new space and the office is all set to resume the work. It is time to notify all your customers about the change without fail.

However, if you foresee some interruption in the service, let them know how long it will continue. And if you have fixed a date for the opening, let them know this way round.

So, these were some important points that you need to take care of when you are moving your office. We hope it could help you.

If you are planning to move to Melbourne or the nearby cities in Australia, we would love to assist you. For any moving-related query contact us.

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