How to Stay Healthy While Moving

17 January 2022 Contributed by: admin

Staying healthy is a topic that is front and centre for all the people at this time. However, we’re focused on preventing outbreaks of Coronavirus, we shouldn’t forget other health concerns.

There are many things we have to consider when moving house. Some tips on how to stay healthy and avoid injuries when you are planning to move your house.

The risks

Injuries are very common for movers who don’t prepare or take the proper precautions. Many people get cuts and strains, bruises, and often an injured back. The money you saved doing your own move may well be spent on your medical care.

Step One: Prepare

The first problem that came is to try to rush through the job of moving house. Before you start your packing, do a little planning and buy some PPE (personal protective equipment).

Step Two: Dress for the Job

Wear comfortable clothes that don’t restrict your movement when you are packing your belongings. Avoid anything loose or baggy that might catch on a door handle.

Wear good steel-capped boots for toe protection, good gloves to avoid cuts, scratches, and to reduce the impact of a jammed finger or thumb.

Step Three: Remember to use the good technique:

A Good moving technique helps you in moving your house carefully. If you do exercise, stretching then it reduces the risk of injury. Drink fluids, eat and take breaks throughout the day.

A good lifting technique is essential with heavy and large items. Our company movemystuff has a manual guide to heavy lifting if you need more information. When you lift, bend your knees and keep your back straight. Don’t bend at the hips will result in back strain.

Step Four: Don’t rely on muscle alone

There is much equipment that helps you lift heavy items, reducing the risk of injuries. Trolleys, sliders, and rollers are useful and less tiring and you don’t do much physical work. If there’s an easier way to move an object then there’s no point in risking an injury.

Step Five: Guarantee your move is injury-free

First thing you’ll do is call the professionals and hire them. You choose Move My Stuff they’ll help you with moving without any injury.

Our professional team will help you with the stress too, making your move much easier with extra services are designed to get you settled into your new house as soon as possible.

If you are planning to move to Melbourne or the nearby cities in Australia, you can contact us with your queries.


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