Ashwood Removalists

Ashwood, the beautiful little suburb, has one of the affordable housing plans when compared to its nearby suburban areas. This suburb of Ashwood has a small, yet close-knit community of around 6000 people who have just the right kind of facilities they need to lead a happy and lovely life. The shopping strip on Warrigal Road has all the necessary shops for the residents to make their life easier. Ashwood has a government-run primary school named Parkhill Primary School, Ashwood Secondary College, which is also run by the government, and Ashwood School, which caters to the students with mild disabilities from the age of 5 to 18.

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About Ashwood

Out of the total population in Ashwood, 56.7% were born in Australia while China comes second with 8.8% of people born in China and India coming in the third with 2.4%. Housing First, the social housing innovative program in human services has given the residents in the area a chance to make use of affordable housing.

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Some Cool Facts about Ashwood

  • The reason behind the name ‘Ashwood’ is simple. The suburb of Ashwood is located between two suburbs, Burwood and Ashburton and hence its name was derived from the combination of both – Ashwood.
  • Robin Boyd, one of the initial architects to propagate the International Modern Movement in Australian Architecture, designed the former supermarket and the residence at the end of the shopping place in High Street in Ctesiphon construction method, which is an olden Persian way of building, in the year 1952. These buildings have been registered as a heritage place in the Victorian Heritage Register.
  • The first post office of Ashwood was started in October 1949 initially known as the Ashburton East until 1951 when it was renamed to Ashwood.