Balwyn North Removalists

A friendly suburb 10 km east of Melbourne, Balwyn North has the right balance of excitement and peace. Balwyn North is known for its schools which is one of the main attractions for people to relocate. There are several primary schools in Balwyn and the Balwyn High School is one of the most popular ones in all of its suburban neighborhood which was a pivotal reason for actually increase the market value of the properties in the nearby area. Balwyn North is a state-run high school started in 1954 and it is the fourth largest higher secondary school in the whole of Victoria.

When planning to move to the sought-after suburb of Balwyn North, you may need assistance in guiding and taking care of relocating your things and Move My Stuff will be ready for it. We, the Move My Stuff removalists, have established our base in Balwyn and in the suburban areas of Melbourne and are quite familiar with the locality. Hence it will be easier and simpler for you to get your help in making your relocation process smooth and comfortable for you.

About Balwyn North

At Move My Stuff, we provide customizable options for your relocation packages that rightly fit in with your requirements. We take care of all the packing, loading, transporting, unloading and arranging your stuff, all at a very affordable cost when compared to any other experienced removalist. As we are local removalists, we know the lay of the land and can do total justice for your safe and peaceful relocation.

Some Cool Facts about Balwyn North

  • The suburb of Balwyn North was criticized in a song by the Australian band, The Skyhooks, in 1974 in the song Balwyn Calling.
  • It is a common knowledge that the north-western part of Balwyn North is called as Bellevue and the eastern part is known as Greythorn and that Greythorn looks a lot more time to get developed than Balwyn. But what many don’t know is that Greythorn has its own residents since the 1830s but due to a lot of geographical factors, the area took a lot more time to develop.