Doncaster Removalists

Doncaster is a serene suburb situated 5 Kms Southeast of Melbourne's Central Business District, and it is located within the City of Stonnington local government.

Move My Stuff is synonymous with dedication and precision, with minimal interference. We endeavor to make relocation a breeze, by tailoring bespoke solutions to fit your requirements. Special onus is placed on keeping the price competitive. Move My Stuff has a very active customer base in Doncaster, and we consistently move in moving 40-50 families in and out of Dandenong every week and are familiar with the locality.

We have our prime depot quite close to Doncaster, and that just means there is no depot fee for all moves from this enthralling suburb. We have an active service base here and can ensure you get premium experience at an affordable cost. Our fleet of trucks is always wayfaring Doncaster, as it is one of our high priority areas. This just means there is one available whenever you need.

The Service we provide in Doncaster

We understand every move is unique with regards to requirements. Our main focus is to cater to all your
specific needs during the process. In Doncaster, we provide the following:

Furniture Removalist ( Residential)

We provide a full extensive Furniture removal service where our experienced Movers will professionally wrap and protect all your furniture items, dismantle and assemble whatever required, make sure they carry all the necessary tools in the truck to make your move as cost effective and easy as possible. We have a 99.4% Satisfaction rate from our customers that have moved with us in the past.

Apartment Moving

We know it can be tricky when moving in and out of apartments, booking elevators, dealing with Building managers, Blocking loading docks, negotiating with parking permits from Councils etc. We carry a lot of expertise and can hold your hand and guide you through this process like a breeze. Thanks to our 10 years of experience in this industry.

Office / Factory Relocations

We have a separate team that specialises in Office relocations and understand what it needs to successfully move your business. Having a minimum downtime is crucial, so we will ensure we do whatever it takes to get you up and running in no time.


Some people plan ahead and book storage well before, and in some peoples cases things don’t go as planned and they need last minute storage requirements. Settlements falling though, rental property not in the move in condition, Builders failing to deliver on time are few reasons why you may need to store your belonging. We have a state of the art Storage facility where we always keep space for our customer that we are moving for such last minute issues. You may get want to get some more information from our sister company’s site, Store My Stuff

Packing / Unpacking

If you are short on time and need some help with packing and unpacking your household contents (apart from the large furniture items, which the movers will pack/unpack on the day of the move), we can send some help. We usually recommend 2 to 4 Packers, based on the size of your home, 1 to 2 days before the move to help you pack all the smaller parts of your house, including, but not limited to, Your clothes, artwork, Kitchen Utensils, Show pieces at home, Laundry etc etc.

Business Furniture Deliveries

If you are a Furniture retailer and need a regular, safe and reliable company to deliver your furniture to your clients, we can do it for you. In fact we currently deliver to over 8000 homes each month and understand what it needs to take that stress off you, so that you can concentrate on your business.


All our moves are covered under Public Liability Insurance and Goods in Transit insurance to ensure your goods are in safe hands. There are some fine prints that are very common amongst the Furniture Removals industry in Australia with responsibility and negligence, which we are happy to explain to you prior to booking.

Why choose us when moving from Doncaster

Move My Stuff rests on the twin masts of honesty and integrity, with a strong understanding of all the nuances of moving. The trust thousands of families have placed on us all these years has made us indelibly efficient. With refreshingly amiable service, we endeavor to make you achieve a smooth transition during the journey of relocation. With impeccable timing and perfect precision, we have over 10 years of experience catering to the move of around 1,08,000 families. The count keeps increasing exponentially, as we maintain an impeccable service record.

Our professionals are handpicked and given top-notch training in all nuances of relocation. They are familiar with the locality of Doncaster and can get things done productively without any interference to you. They are adept at time management too! Moreover, most of them have more than 20 years of experience and can guide you amiably, in all technicalities of the moving process.

We understand how stressful moving is, and tailor bespoke solutions to suit your requirements. Right from planning the move, lifting furniture, packing valuables, transit, and unpacking in the new abode, we are with you every step of the way. You will be updated on the status of the move on a regular basis. Any queries or concern, we are just a phone call away.

Our prime depot is close by, so there is no depot fee or freight levy. We ensure total transparency in pricing. What you agree to pay initially is what you pay eventually. There are no hidden charges or tax levies. As we are situated in Melbourne and just 5 km away from Doncaster, our charges are very competitive. As we handle a lot of moves in Doncaster, our trucks keep wayfaring the area all day long. This ensures timely service whenever you require. This also means the cost-effective option of Backloading can be chosen!

Our dedicated team will make your move a hassle-free experience. Entrust the move to us, and look forward to the new chapter in your life! Stress-Free and Peaceful Move is Our Guarantee.

Move My Stuff was started with the initiative to ease the process of moving with proactive planning. We are a 100% Australia owned and operating company. Our core strength rests inefficient service and competitive pricing. We understand how stressful the time leading up to relocation is. There are a lot of things to reckon with, the major one being tackling the process of moving your treasured valuables. Entrust this arduous task to us, and we will ensure there is minimal interference to you. Our Removalists are dedicated and amiable. Our in-house trainer enriches them with expert training on an ongoing basis. This ensures that they stay up-to-date on all nuances of the move, including changes in local levies and routes.

We have over 50 trucks in our fleet, and at your disposal whenever and wherever you need them. Our professionals tailor bespoke solutions to fit your needs. They arrive well before time and take efficient steps in packing your priced possessions with diligent care, transportation, and unpacking them in your new abode. Our dedicated call center is available to discuss your move in detail, and assist you with any concerns or queries. We also have an after hour helpline to cater to urgent queries. Think of relocation? Think to Move My Stuff!


Trained, Experience and Insured

Move My Stuff perfectly understands the need for a stress free move, and holds pride of place in being the torch bearer of impeccable service at affordable prices. We are adept in all nuances of assessing the requirements precisely, packaging valuables with care, ensuring a safe transit in one of our state of the art trucks, interim storage on request, and unpacking the valuables to make the new place welcoming. Our team of professionals work with minimum interference and effective time management. You will always be kept in the loop along the relocation process with regular updates. The major cause of worry during relocation is damage or loss of valuables. Fear not! We extend top notch care right from the word go, and our public liability insurance covers you for untoward possibilities.

Some Cool Facts about Doncaster

  • Doncaster takes its name from Pur-ra-run, an amalgamation of 2 Aboriginal words, meaning ‘land partially surrounded by water’
  • Greville Street is a hotspot with chic boutiques, trendy cafes and stylish bars.
  • The Doncaster Market is a foodie’s heaven with a wide range of foods that tickle the palate.
  • Doncaster features many turns of the century emporiums and heritage buildings.
  • Doncaster Skate Park has the best skateboarding facilities in Victoria.
  • Orrong Romanis Park is the largest part of Doncaster.

About Doncaster

Nestled between South Yarra and Windsor, Dandenong is known for its dynamic bar scenes, and hip cafes. The population here stands at 12,982 at 2016 Census.

The shopping street Chapel Street is a mix of upscale boutiques and thrift stores. At Chapel Street Bazaar, an array of stalls selling vintage clothes and furniture. It also has a plethora of art scenes, both commissioned and otherwise.

Dandenong is home to a large collection of architectural buildings, and many taking pride of place in the Victorian Heritage Register. Thus eclectic suburb has a lot of gardens scattered all through the area.

The top educational institutions here are Our Lady Of Lourdes Catholic Primary School and Windsor Primary School. There is a music school too, The SoundLab.