Elsternwick Removalists

Elsternwick, a beautiful little suburb present in Melbourne is the perfect locality that combines the modern, developed dynamics of the country with the historical traditional ways. It is one of those few places that have managed to retain the essence of the history and embracing the modern culture making it just the right kind of place for people from all walks of life and from all age groups. The Elsternwick Primary School is the school to go to for everyone residing in the Elsternwick village. This suburb is connected to Melbourne through the Sandringham line by just a 15-minute train journey.

The community at the Elsternwick is a tight-knit community and we, at Move My Stuff, are proud to be a part of it. We have helped people to relocate from and to the Elsternwick village and as we have been one of the oldest businesses present in the area, we know the right way to help you with packing, moving and unpacking. Our removalists at Elsternwick will also be ready to lend a hand to help you settle in and a get a lay of the village. For those who are moving out of the Elsternwick village, we are one of their first choices to make their relocation as smooth and comfortable as possible.

The Service we provide in Elsternwick

We understand every move is unique with regards to requirements. Our main focus is to cater to all your
specific needs during the process. In Elsternwick, we provide the following:

Furniture Removalist ( Residential)

We provide a full extensive Furniture removal service where our experienced Movers will professionally wrap and protect all your furniture items, dismantle and assemble whatever required, make sure they carry all the necessary tools in the truck to make your move as cost effective and easy as possible. We have a 99.4% Satisfaction rate from our customers that have moved with us in the past.

Apartment Moving

We know it can be tricky when moving apartments, booking elevators, dealing with Building managers, Blocking loading docks, negotiating with parking permits from Councils etc. We carry a lot of expertise and can hold your hand and guide you through this process like a breeze. Thanks to our 10 years of experience in this industry.

Office / Factory Relocations

We have a separate team that specialises in Office relocations and understand what it needs to successfully move your business. Having a minimum downtime is crucial, so we will ensure we do whatever it takes to get you up and running in no time.


Some people plan ahead and book storage well before, and in some peoples cases things don’t go as planned and they need last minute storage requirements. Settlements falling though, rental property not in the move in condition, Builders failing to deliver on time are few reasons why you may need to store your belonging. We have a state of the art Storage facility where we always keep space for our customer that we are moving for such last minute issues. You may get want to get some more information from our sister company’s site, Store My Stuff

Packing / Unpacking

If you are short on time and need some help with packing and unpacking your household contents (apart from the large furniture items, which the movers will pack/unpack on the day of the move), we can send some help. We usually recommend 2 to 4 Packers, based on the size of your home, 1 to 2 days before the move to help you pack all the smaller parts of your house, including, but not limited to, Your clothes, artwork, Kitchen Utensils, Show pieces at home, Laundry etc etc.

Business Furniture Deliveries

If you are a Furniture retailer and need a regular, safe and reliable company to deliver your furniture to your clients, we can do it for you. In fact we currently deliver to over 8000 homes each month and understand what it needs to take that stress off you, so that you can concentrate on your business.


All our moves are covered under Public Liability Insurance and Goods in Transit insurance to ensure your goods are in safe hands. There are some fine prints that are very common among the Furniture Removals industry in Australia with responsibility and negligence, which we are happy to explain to you prior to booking.

Why choose us when moving from Elsternwick

You may have a lot of inhibitions about your relocation and we, at Move My Stuff, are here to analyze and sort everything out for you. We go an extra mile for our customers to provide a perfect move that you rightly deserve. We have helped more than 108,000 families in the last 10 years in Melbourne to have a safe and comfortable relocation and we would love to do the same for you.

pWant to know more? Here are some reasons why choosing us for your relocation from Elsternwick is the best choice.

  • We have highly trained and experienced removalists with us who have been associated with the relocation industry for more than a decade and are familiar with the local areas. Hence, they will be able to step in and handle all the obstacles in a jiffy!
  • We have our presence in all the major suburban areas of Melbourne with a lot of trucks at our disposal; so if you want to take our help at the last minute, we will get on the job immediately.
  • We charge a very nominal and affordable fee for the whole relocation. We do not charge any depot fee or any fuel charges and make sure that you get the service worth the amount you spend.
  • We are reliable and trustworthy at what we do. You will be kept in the loop every step of the way about the progress of your relocation and once we have taken up the job, you do not need to worry about the safety of your stuff at any point.

Trained, Experience and Insured

Every piece of stuff that you move should be carefully packed to avoid any damages and transported safely with full protection. With the amount of work you already have at hand, packing and moving all the stuff is only going to end up taking a lot more of your time than anticipated.

It is often better to hire packers and movers who know the best way to efficiently and quickly pack and transport all your things safely and only those who have put in good years of prior experience can give you that perfect, stress-free relocation.

At Move My Stuff, most of the removalists we have with us have put in a decade of experience working and shaping the relocation industry as it is now. They have high knowledge about the nuances of relocation and the best ways to handle them. It is better to have such experienced removalists during your relocation so that you can always have someone to immediately take care of any problems as they come.

We also have an in-house trainer who constantly keeps the removalists updated with the current trends and groom them to be as perfect as one can be. We provide full coverage insurance schemes that protect your things from unexpected events.

If you want to know more details about your relocation services, you can always call us anytime.

Some Cool Facts about Elsternwick

  • It was a popular tradition earlier to name the place based on the largest property in the district and similarly, Elsternwick got its name from the Australian politician and pastoralist, Charles Ebden’s house Elster. The locality was earlier called as Red Bluff.
  • Elsternwick Plaza, located next to the railway station, is the perfect place for people to hang out, grab a bite and do relentless shopping. The lively shopping scene at the Elsternwick’s Plaza could help new people to get the feel of the place.
  • Elsternwick is a great place for fine dining with more than 30 cuisines from all over the world available in its restaurants. There are a lot of artistic restaurants and cafes lined on the sides of the Glen Huntly Road which is the must-place to visit and savour various delicacies of the localities and some unexplored varieties of other cuisines.
  • Jewish International Festival is hosted at The Classic Cinema, one of the earliest theatres in Melbourne, in October/November and during other times, this place features some of the main blockbuster films.
  • There are a lot of Victorian terraces in Elsternwick and one of the most popular ones is the Lisbon House.

About Elsternwick

There may be a lot of factors that can contribute to increasing your stress levels during your relocation. But why do you need to take in all the stress when you can hire the experienced local removalists from Move My Stuff who can do a better and efficient job?

As we have been in this relocation industry helping the residents to move to and from the suburban areas of Melbourne, we have the immense knowledge to orchestrate a relocation successfully. Here are the personalized services provided by us: