MAX is all set to shape the Furniture delivery industry in Australia and around the world.

16 March 2022 Contributed by: admin

Max is an online portal that provides real-time pricing of delivery requirements within the same suburb or across the state. It uses cloud computing and complex logic to give you a simple and transparent pricing experience.

Pricing of deliveries of bulky items, mainly furniture items, is very tricky as it involves a lot of variables. Amount of furniture, weight, awkwardness to carry, access to the property, and so many other variables make it a very complex calculation, thankfully we now have Max.

Max also gives users the functionality to see previous jobs, future jobs, check their invoices, and most importantly see the signatures of customers that they make while receiving their deliveries. The furniture delivery industry lags massively in technology due to a lack of passionate people shaping it. Maybe not anymore.

How does it assist you

If you run a Furniture retail business and use a delivery service provider, you will understand how difficult and confusing the pricing can be.

The trouble store staff members go through with arranging deliveries, getting pricing, organizing with clients, getting a time frame, etc is frustrating and time-consuming.

Implementing Max and using Move My Stuff will not only make things easier and more transparent but will also allow your staff to do more sales and provide a better customer experience.

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It’s the first ever tool in the industry

Max is the first-ever tool built in the world that focuses on Furniture retailers to help them organize their furniture deliveries seamlessly.

The complex logic that runs behind it to calculate one simple price, despite any complicated situation, was a challenge in itself which no other tool yet has.

This has provided a big leap in the Furniture delivery industry and has set new standards for others to try and follow. " My passion is to solve the problems my customers face and provide them with a seamless service," says Raj Pahwa.

Move My Stuff, the company behind max, has a previous track record of bringing innovation to the Furniture Removal and delivery industry in Australia.

Our passion for better user experience has put us way ahead of any leading furniture delivery company and makes us one of the top Furniture delivery providers in Victoria. Move My Stuff was founded in 2009 by Inderjeet Pahwa and Raj Pahwa.

Max is all set to shape the industry and how businesses book their deliveries

To give a perspective, remember the times when we had to call a travel agent to book a flight ticket. The unusual wait times, the discrepancy in the pricing and unnecessary disclosing your personal information and travel plans to someone you don’t know was what we were accustomed to.

The industry has shifted and we rarely do that now, thanks to various online portals that allow us to book airline tickets in minutes.


"Innovation is the key to success. Its innovation that brings you to business and keeps you in business" - Raj Pahwa


Similarly, Max is setting standards to shape the Furniture delivery industry moving forward. Calling up companies and getting told different prices by a different person will be a story of the past.

Automation is taking over to give the user a better user experience and reduce the costs. We are leading the way and setting standards in the Australian Furniture delivery industry.


How can you get access to Max

If you are Furniture retailer and deliver furniture to your customers, you can give us a call on 1300 907 911 and we can show you how Max and our years of experience in the industry can help you thrive your Furniture Retail business.

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