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You are starting the biggest adventure of your life as you prepare to cross the city, state or even country. No matter how big or small your family is, you will want to pack this essential Moving Day Survival Kit. No matter how many times you have moved before!

Despite the well-known fact that your Moving Day Survival Kit should cover you and your family’s needs for the first 3 days after your move, you may be wondering what to stock in it. The answer is simple – everything you need for the initial period after moving.

Are you about to pack your Moving Day Survival Kit, you are in luck! Here are a few tips and hints to get you started.

What should you carry on the moving day?

1. Cash

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One thing that will relieve you from worries is having a few bucks with you so you can have a cold drink and buy some snacks to keep your energy high throughout the day. It is necessary to have cash with you to pay your helper, get additional boxes and any unforeseen costs.

2. Phone Numbers and Addresses

It is always good to have the contact information of people that you might need to contact in case something goes wrong. For your own sake, you might want to write down the contact details like email addresses and phone numbers of friends, relatives or landlord of your new place so that they can offer you help. If you are moving with others, everyone should have such information open in case they get lost from the moving truck or the car that is carrying their belongings. Not only does this keep you from having to stop and try to remember them, but it can also help you get back into that place again if ever the need arises.

3. Moving Truck Information

At the beginning of the moving day, you need to be prepared – especially when you are hiring moving trucks or vans to move everything to your new home. The important information you need to keep with you when on the move include routes and directions, the license plate number of the moving truck and a special label list of packed boxes.

4. Stuff from Kitchen

When you move into your new home, the kitchen will be one of the first rooms you want to access. Therefore, you must have these essential items with you.

● Disposable utensils/cutlery
● Cooking utensils
● Instant tea/coffee/noodles
● Cereals/Fruits
● Bread and butter/Snacks
● Milk
● Kettle
● Water Bottles
● Dishwashers and cleaners
● Towel
● Paper Napkins

5. From the Bedroom

Once you have returned from a long day moving your stuff and coordinating family members, everyone will want to get into their bed. So, take these items handy with you to rest at the end of the day.

● Bed linen
● Pillows
● An extra set of clothes
● Phone chargers

6. Bathroom Supplies

Do not skip packing the essential bathroom supplies. Bring some of them with you on your moving day as they could make your trip and first day at the new place more comfortable.

● Toiletries
● Towels
● First-aid kit
● Floor and glass cleaners
● Essential medicines

7. Toolbox

Having a toolbox with some basic tools can mean the difference between getting everything done and being stressed for hours while trying to fix things yourself. When moving, it is very easy to think you do not need to take packing tools. You may think you have plenty of DIY friends on the day so, you do not need to lug around the toolbox. However, if anything does go wrong, and there is always something when moving houses, having your tools can save a lot of time.

8. Portable Furniture

When moving to a new apartment or house, it is good to bring along some compact, handy and portable furniture to use until your new pieces of furniture are delivered. There could be a delay in delivery of your furniture and you would not want to live without a place to sit, eat or something to lean against for a few days. Merely a few folding chairs or stool and table can be a saviour when travelling to your new space.

9. For Kids

On the moving day, your kids will be bored out of their mind and void of entertainment. You might not realise it, but some simple things you do or don’t do on the moving day could make the difference between your child loving their new home or feeling miserable. So, make sure you include the following items in the moving day survival kit.

● Books and toys
● Portable device for play games and watch videos
● Their favourite blanket
● Some snacks
● Baby supplies

10. For Pets

Just like your kids, your pets also demand the same attention and care. On your moving day, make sure you carry a kit for your pet as well, which includes –

● Treats
● Their favourite toy
● Litter tray
● Food and water bowls
● Bedding
● Leash and collar

Execute your moving plan

Moving day is not complete without some unavoidable hitches.

You will be busy and anxious at the same time, and you do not have time to think of all things you need.

To deal with such a situation, you should be carrying a moving-day survival kit. The kit will help you cope with the stress and make it through your move without any hitches.

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