Moving from Sydney to Melbourne Safely Amidst the Pandemic

23 March 2022 Contributed by: admin

The COVID-19 pandemic has put a stop to life and affected several essential tasks.

Our daily schedule has been thrown haywire, with the added stress of social distancing.

While precautionary steps are being followed, moves are difficult to postpone. Our removalists in Sydney ensure to follow all the guidelines for the move.

In most cases, you must have decided on your move several months back, and readjusting it now could prove to be very expensive and inconvenient.

However, there are ways you can ensure a safe move while staying healthy.

Tips to ensure a safe interstate move amidst the pandemic

While the pandemic may have thrown you off your schedule, fear not.

Here are some steps you can follow to keep yourself and those around you safe from the virus.

  • Go virtual wherever you can

Before the pandemic, you would have gone on a house tour, met up with your real estate agent and gone shopping for your supplies and utilities.

But with the new norm of social distancing, this is a risky move. Ask your agent to send you pictures and videos of the house. Make use of various online meeting apps for a house tour.

Buy your supplies online wherever possible. While you may need to visit once, cut down on your physical visits as much as you can.

It is advisable to speak with your local removalists to conduct a virtual inspection in case you are planning to move interstate from Sydney to Melbourne.

  • Hire services with caution

Since the virus spreads from a contaminated surface, speak to the providers about sanitation and disinfection measures.

Make sure they take all the precautions such as mask, shield, protective kits and gloves during the packaging and transfer process.

Clarity of operations is essential to ensure a safe move.

  • Disinfect surfaces

The only way to protect yourself is to disinfect surfaces whenever and wherever you can.

Clean your boxes, car handles and any other surface you may potentially come in contact with.

When you reach your new house, clean your doorknobs, doors, windows, tables, switches, lights, kitchen slabs and furniture.

If your interstate removalists are helping you, ask them to wash or sanitise their hands before the shifting process.

  • Make all transactions online

As much as you can, make your transactions online. Avoid visits to the ATM or bank to reduce physical contact.

This could not just protect you from the virus, but it also makes payment processes convenient.

  • Space out your services

Once you move into your new house, you will need professional cleaning services.

You will also require installation of utilities or any equipment you may purchase, such as washing machines, air conditioners, heaters or dishwashers.

Hiring services from multiple providers could end creating a huge crowd at your home.

Try to find one service provider and space them out so that you come in contact with fewer people.

Book and schedule them with intervals so that you avoid contact with too many people.

  • Plan in advance

Start planning your move in advance. Go on a virtual house tour and figure out if it needs any repairs.

Since it is difficult to get repairs done without familiarity with the neighbourhood, ask the previous owners to get the work done before you move in.

Due to the pandemic, there may also be a shortage of staff, so early work ensures that your house is ready by the time you move.

COVID-19 has also made everything seem more expensive. Therefore, start saving early on to ensure less financial strain later.

  • Check the lockdown rules in the state you are moving to

Every state has its own set of rules for ensuring a lockdown. This could include entry of limited vehicles.

Check these details when you are booking a truck or cargo for your belongings.

If the state does not allow heavy-duty vehicles, you may have to use your own car to move your stuff.

Make sure you check if your new home is in a containment zone.

If it is, then you may not be able to avail of cleaning and other professional services that do not come under the essential ones.

  • Go DIY wherever possible

Try to pack your stuff yourself. While it may sound scary and stressful, organising your tasks could help you speed up.

Make an inventory and divide your belongings into categories.

Start with stuff you do not use regularly and go from room-to-room.

Use labels on the boxes to make unpacking easier. Doing the packing yourself reduces the contact with others.

  • Keep an overnight bag ready

Due to quarantine and lockdown rules, you may not be able to step out for food or any essentials once you move interstate.

Pack an overnight bag with your toiletries, a couple of clothes and some ready-to-eat food. Plan your meals ahead of time too.

Eating outside is still risky, and cooking at home so soon after the move may be a hassle. Pack some instant foods and snacks with you.

This ensures that you are comfortable while you arrange and settle into your new home.

  • Practice hygiene

Wash or sanitise your hands as frequently as you can.

Keep a mask on at all times unless you are alone in your car.

Avoid touching your face. Maintain a two-metre distance wherever possible.

These precautions may seem inconvenient, but they could go a long way in protecting you and your family.

Why should you hire Move My Stuff for your move?

Move My Stuff has received government approval to provide removalist services in stage 4 of the lockdown.

As they fall under transport services, they continue to function for all customers with certain restrictions.

Here are some reasons why Move My Stuff is your best option to move interstate during the COVID-19 pandemic.

  • Following all the guidelines

The company actively follows the advice from the Australian Government and other health departments. They maintain hygiene and carry out thermal checks for their staff. They also allow work from home wherever possible to reduce overcrowding.

  • Maintaining social distancing

The staff maintains a six feet distance at all times from you. Additionally, they minimise the time spent in your home and your company. They also encourage you to stay in a separate room while they finish their work. They ensure absolute protection with masks, shields, gloves and other protective equipment.

Moving in the middle of a pandemic may seem nerve-wracking.

While these extra precautions do add to your expenses and stress, they could be your saviour in these trying times.

With Move My Stuff, you are guaranteed a one-stop solution for your moving problems.

So wash your hands and plan your move stress-free!

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