What are the 7 Simple Ways to Pack Shoes for Moving?

20 February 2022 Contributed by: admin


When moving, packing shoes is one of the most tedious tasks that will, however, rank quite low on your to-do list. Shoe packing for moving poses several problems. You might be tempted to put all your shoes in a single cardboard box. But resist this temptation because doing this would result in your shoes getting scuffed, dirty, or misshaped.


Simple ways to pack shoes when moving

Packing shoes can be time-consuming and requires your attention and effort to keep them intact. Use the following hacks to pack shoes for moving:



The most important hack when packing shoes for moving is sorting. Sort your shoes according to seasons, frequent wear, casual, formals and many other categories as you deem suitable. Categorization aids you in packing your shoes later.


Sell or donate shoes that you don’t wear


When categorizing, you will find shoes that you no longer wear. Instead of packing these shoes that will occupy unnecessary space, it is a better opportunity to get rid of them. You can either donate or gift these shoes or take them to a local thrift shop to sell them.  If shoes are not in proper condition, recycle them rather than dispose of them in the trash. They are eco-friendly.


Prepare shoes that you are taking:

Before you pack shoes for moving, prepare them to prevent misshaping, smelling and moulding.

  1. Clean your shoes with a soft wet cloth to get rid of dirt and dust. Be careful when cleaning expensive and delicate pairs.
  2. Before packing, dry your shoes completely. If undried shoes are packed, it could lead to moulding, damaging the shoe. Sports, leather and work shoes are particularly prone to moulding if packed wet.
  3. Stuff your shoes with plastic wrap, clean packing paper or socks to maintain their shape and avoid them from caving in.
  4. To rid your shoes of any lingering smell, leave them out in the air overnight. To eliminate unpleasant odours from the shoe, put them in the freezer to kill any bacteria inside them. To keep your shoe fresh while moving, put unused tea bags in the shoes or inside the stuffed socks.


Pack off-season shoes first

When moving, pack off-season shoes first. They are the shoes that you do not need any time soon after moving. Mark the box for unpacking them later after you have unpacked the important stuff. If you are moving in the summer, make sure you have winter boots and warm slippers. Set aside a separate box for sandals and flip flops if you are moving in the winter. The shoes you wear the most should be the last ones packed and the easiest to find in your packed box.


Separate your moving day shoes

Keep a comfortable pair of shoes unpacked for your moving day. The shoes should be flexible and comfortable that allow you to be active and does not restrict movements. Ideally, go for the shoes that have good traction and anti-slip soles and provide adequate ankle support.


Protect shoes


When packing shoes, do not make the mistake of stuffing them carelessly. Certain precautions need to be followed for protecting your shoes: 

  1. Box up your favourite pairs individually. While packing, surround your shoes with crumpled paper to keep them in place. Cardboard or plastic boxes might also be used.
  2. To keep the pair of sneakers or any other lace shoes together, tie the laces of the shoes. It would save you time trying to find the other pair before you have completely unpacked.
  3. You might need all types of shoes right after you have moved. Nevertheless, keep a few of your essential pairs within your reach for easy access. However, do not pack too many shoes in a single box. Limit a few pairs of shoes for each box.
  4. To pack shoes for moving, use clean and unused packing paper or clean paper towels. Do not use printed newspaper, used packing paper or coloured tissue paper as they can leave ink or colour stains.
  5. Put the heavy shoes at the bottom of the box. They balance out the weight. If heavy pieces are kept above the light and delicate pieces, they might damage the latter.
  6. Instead of using easy ripping plastic bags, use plastic or bubble wrap that gives your shoes significant strength and protection. They also ensure that shoes remain clean and scratch-free. Before wrapping the shoes in plastic wrap, make sure that they are completely dry to avoid moulding.


Use original boxes for packing

Pack shoes in their original boxes if at all feasible. This is a fantastic tip for keeping your shoes tidy and making them much simpler to unpack on the other side of your relocation.

When trying to pack shoes for moving follow the above hacks to ensure that your shoes are safe and in proper condition. Damage to shoes while shifting houses could add unnecessary budget to your critical situation. It is better to hire a trusted moving company, who has an experienced and reliable workforce, to help you on your important day.


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