Packing Mirrors for a Safe Move

13 January 2022 Contributed by: admin


It is costly to replace mirrors. Besides, if the frames are damaged or the glass is shattered during the move, things can become difficult for you. Therefore, fragile items like mirrors need special care and it is advised to take help from professionals for handling such pieces.

However, if you are up for DIY mirror packing, we are sharing with you mirror packing tips that can help you keep your mirror intact and move it safely wherever you want.

But first, let us see how you can prepare for the process.


Packing material requirements for packing mirrors


  • Mirror box
  • Packing tape
  • Wrapping materials like bubble wrap, packing paper
  • Moving blankets
  • Marker

You will need mirror boxes for packing because these are customizable for different requirements and the standard size is 30% larger than the mirror, convenient enough to keep the mirror safe.

You need bubble wraps, blankets, and extra padding to protect the mirror from any scratches or damage.

Other packing materials required are packing tape, markers, cardboards, and wraps.

Here's a guide that will help you pack your mirror without it being damaged in the process.

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Steps for packing a mirror yourself


Step 1: Prepare the box and the mirror

After collecting high-quality packing materials, you are ready to go for the next step—that is to prepare the box in which you have to place the mirror.

A mirror box is a strong box made up of four pieces of cardboard that can be easily assembled during the packing process to protect your mirror. Go for the customizable mirror box, as they are designed to fit any size of the mirror, regardless of its dimensions and shape.

Prepare the mirror by placing the painter’s tape across the front in a grid pattern to keep small broken fragments (in case of damage) from shattering everywhere.


Step 2: Set up a suitable area for packing

Before you pack your mirror, you need to designate a proper packing area where the packing can be done safely. For example, you can clear the table or make ample space by shifting your furniture.

Next, spread the blanket or cushions to create a base for the mirror. This is important, as it will prevent the mirror from scratches, chipping, or cracks.


Step 3: Wrapping the mirror

Place cardboard slides on the front and back of your mirror and hold them in place by wrapping them together with the tape. Then take this sandwich of mirror and cardboard and wrap it in bubble wrap to ensure that it's fully protected.

You can add more layers of wrapping materials to ensure complete safety.


Step 4: Transfer the mirror into the box

When you are done wrapping, create padding for the mirror at the bottom of the box. Gently place the wrapped mirror into the box and fill up the spaces with filling materials.

Make sure there is no space in the box, as that will decrease the stability of the mirror during transit and it may break. Now secure the box with the mirror and fillers inside with tape.

After taping up the box, lift it gently and feel if anything within it rattles. If it does, open the box and add more padding.


Step 5: Label the box

Labeling the package and marking it as fragile must be done to ensure that the driver doesn't disregard them. Therefore, use the marker and label the box with instructions like Handle with care or Fragile in big, bold letters.


Need help moving?

Shifting mirrors can be daunting if they are unframed. Hire professional movers to help you lessen your burden and carry mirrors to your new place safely in one piece with extra care.


Our movers can help you pack and move your fragile stuff safely. Call us at 03-93577134 to know the details.


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