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When moving locations and trying to choose moving services, one of the biggest concerns you are likely to have is the safety of all your stuff when using house removalists. Not only is there scope for damage, but also there is a high possibility that some of your stuff can get lost in the transition. Move My Stuff is here to quell those worries and make your relocation as smooth as possible. We have a team of well trained and professional removalists that have so far helped more than 108,000 people in moving house without any issues. We also provide customised offerings, which further takes away the pressure on our customers and let them have peace of mind.

Move My Stuff is a local mover that has been helping customers for several years in the Australian marketplace. Customers have trusted us to not only provide reliable services but also at the most affordable rates. We understand that one size does not fit all and so will gladly tailor our services to suit your specific needs. Our motto is to ensure you have a seamless experience and help you move into your new home or office as quickly as possible without any friction.

Move My Stuff is an award winning company that also offers various local removals services related to Geelong removalists depending on what your needs are. Whether you’re moving to a small studio apartment or making interstate moves, we have various options that will suit your specific needs. Based on your budgetary constraints, we can tailor the services as well so that you don’t have to worry about paying too much for a smaller task. Our goal is to ensure that you remain stress free throughout, and as such we will provide you updates about where your stuff is at all times.

Move My Stuff also aims to give the best city movers service possible in the Geelong region, the surrounding suburbs and the surrounding areas by allowing you to get in touch with our customer service any time you want. Our customer service executives are open 24/7 and will be able to guide you with whatever needs you have. They are also available for any updates you need about your relocation process or any clarifications you seek regarding the moving industry.

Our Services

House Removals

When doing residential relocations, you will have a lot of loose ends that you may forget or don’t have the time to take care of. This is where Geelong removalists like Move My Stuff come to your rescue. Our packing services come with a team of professional movers that will ensure that you experience a smooth and easy process. As experienced furniture removalists, we will ensure you receive all your belongings safely and securely to your new place.

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Truck & 2 Men ($129/hour)

When looking for moving services for local moves to a small studio apartment, you might feel there is no need for experts, considering the expenses involved. But even moving to a small place can be a hassle and needs a removalist company. We can help you make it hassle free, with customised service offering of a truck and two people. We also provide you with moving blankets and trolleys and all the packing materials to ensure the furniture is safely secured. Move My Stuff also provides you different size trucks based on your needs.

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Man & Van

Sometimes the furniture removalists you need are for very minimal items. You might be moving to a small one-bedroom apartment and will need residential relocation services that are budget-friendly removalists. While it may not be a free service, Move My Stuff can help you with affordable services by providing you with a man and a van to help you load up the furniture and take them securely to your new house. Not only will it be reliable, our furniture removalist company is also a very affordable way to ensure you have a stress free moving day.

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Office Removals

When moving office, there will be a lot of equipment that you need to transport safely. Move My Stuff can help you with precisely that. Irrespective of whether you are moving to a bigger office or opening a new branch, we will ensure all the office equipment reaches the new Geelong removals location without any damages as we are experienced removalists.

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Business Deliveries

If you’re running a business, you will know that the number one priority is to ensure the products reach on time for the customer to purchase. We can help you with transporting your products to the showroom in super quick time, either from other showrooms or from your warehouses. You will never have to worry about your products not reaching on time and lose customers as we are experienced removalists.

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Storage Solutions

Sometimes, the place you want to relocate to may not be ready. Yet, your old place needs to be vacated. That can be a harrowing experience while you figure out what to do. Move My Stuff is here for you as we provide storage services as well. We have the most affordable and reliable storage facilities. While a storage unit can come at a premium, we offer them at pocket-friendly prices. We will even do the furniture removal to the storage solutions to help you remain stress free.

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The Perfect Move starts with the Perfect Price

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10 YEARS - 108,000 MOVES & COUNTING...

With a decade of amassing customer’s trust, Move My Stuff has a legacy that includes thousands of happy individuals, households, and businesses. As top Geelong removalists, we have successfully serviced 108,000+ households and businesses and are still counting. When you are looking to relocate without sacrificing your peace of mind, you know who to call!

Leave all your moving worries to us.

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Our Moving Process

Contact us for Quotations
  • Call Move My Stuff (1300 907 911)or fill a query form online to get a quotation.
  • We analyse your requirements and provide you with suggestions about which service would best suit your needs.
  • We will provide you the pricing and answer whatever questions you may have to make the process easy.
  • With Move My Stuff, you can make a tentative booking without any deposit.
  • You are free to cancel this tentative booking 24 hours before the moving day.
  • Once booking is confirmed, you will get an email confirmation. We will send you reminders 7 days, 3 days, and just a day before the actual moving day.
Before Moving Day
  • On the day of moving, our team of Geelong removalists will send you emails in preparation for the moving.
  • We will assist you through the entire process to make it stress free.
Moving Day
  • We will call you 30 minutes before we arrive at your place.
  • The team will do all the packing and load them into the truck.
  • Once done, you can sign the job receipt and pay using your phone.
After the move
  • Once the move is completed, we will send the receipt for the payment.
  • You will also get a feedback email for your valuable suggestions.

Why Choose MMS As Your Geelong Removalists?

We take care of your goods like our own. That’s the reason why Move My Stuff is one of the best removalists in Geelong.

Highly Trained Movers

We have highly trained staffs that have expertise at removal services and moving houses. The movers are professionally trained and will pack with care and precision.

No Hidden Charges

Move My Stuff also ensures there are no hidden charges. There is 100% transparency so there are no unpleasant surprises.

Upfront Quotes

We offer the option of upfront quotes. It will help you make an informed decision regarding the service you need to use.

Fully Insured

The entire relocation process will be secure as your goods will be automatically insured using Public Liability Insurance.

Our Moving Vehicles & Prices

As the best removalists in Geelong, we offer you a range of moving trucks at the best price in the market.

2T Van ($99/hr)
With this, you get two movers who will do the packing and moving for you. You just need to supervise the process to ensure everything is being moved.
4T and 8T Truck ($129/hr and $139/hr)
2 Mover - This is the standard relocating team we offer. You get a team of two movers along with the truck of your choice. 4 Movers - Sometimes you need extra hands, especially if you need the relocation done quickly or have a lot of heavy furniture. You can have four movers instead of two to speed up the process.
How much do removalists cost in Geelong?

The cost would mainly depend on the amount of furniture you have to move and the total distance to be covered. Ideally, the cost would be anywhere between $100 to $140 per hour. You can check out the removalist quotes online to save your time.

Residence Size

Total Items Size

Avg Time for loading and unloading

Avg Hourly Rates

Avg Removalist Price

Studio Apartment

7-9 m3

1.5 -2.5


$193 - $322*

1 bedroom Apartment




$258 - $387*

2 bedroom Apartment




$387 - $516*

3 bedroom Apartment




$516 - $774*

4 bedroom Apartment




$894 - $1192*

2 bedroom house


3.5 - 5.5


$452 - $710*

3 bedroom house




$894 - $1192*

4 bedroom house




$1043 - $1341*

5 bedroom house




$1192 - $1490*

Note:The estimate given in the above table may be affected by a variety of factors, such as time, distance, and accessibility. Please reach out to our team for the correct price. You can also get online quotes.

Any question? Read our FAQs.
How much time does it take to complete the removal?
It is hard to give a specific timeframe for all removals without inspecting the house and the furniture first. There are several factors to take into consideration, such as the house location, parking, availability of stairs and elevators, and the number of stuff needed to move and their sizes. In general, jobs that require our 4T trucks can take around two to four hours to complete. When the larger 8T trucks are involved, it can be around four to six hours, while 10 T truck jobs take six to eight hours.
Can I hire just one mover along with a van?
All the different trucks that we offer automatically come with two movers. But you don’t have to worry about the costs as all our services are light on your pocket, even if you are moving interstate. Move My Stuff is one of the most affordable services available and you can make use of all the movers we provide with the trucks.
Can I pay with my card?
You will need to pay only after the removal services is completed, and you have the option to pay with either cash or card. You can choose a card if that is more convenient, but you will also have to pay the 3% charge your bank will levy on the transaction.
Can you tell me about the fleet capacity of your removal company?
Move My Stuff has a fleet that is fully equipped and functional. You have three major options to choose from:
  1. If you want to relocate a basic apartment with one or two bedrooms with around two people living, we have 4 T Truck available.
  2. If you have a two-bedroom house along with a study, you will likely need our 8 T Truck. It can also be used to help relocate a three-bedroom house that has just the standard furniture.
  3. For three-bedroom houses that also have a garage or any outdoor furniture, our 10 T Truck is the best furniture removalists option.

Customer Reviews

One of my friends recommended Move My Stuff for my moving services and they’re easily the best furniture removalists I have used. They had all the packing material needed to keep my furniture safe and had the packing boxes too. All in all, it was a hassle free experience from this family owned and operated company!
I was searching for Geelong removals and Melbourne removalists before I found Move My Stuff. This service works like a family owned business and provide all the services and comforts one can expect from such furniture removalists. I was completely at ease throughout the process.
is hard to find reliable furniture removals but Move My Stuff is one of the best out there. They offered competitive pricing for their services. The movers who helped move my queen bed and other furniture were lovely guys. They were careful in handling and ensured there was no damage. Thank you to this wonderful family owned and operated company!
I was worried about moving interstate with all the furniture in my house. But this family owned furniture removals put all my anxiety away. They took care of all the packaging and moving, and gave me updates throughout the process. If ever anyone needs interstate relocations, I will certainly be recommending Move My Stuff.
I needed interstate furniture removals on short notice, and I was worried it would be pricey. But Move My Stuff were able to provide me with excellent service at a reasonable price. They were highly skilled and were careful, especially when there was heavy lifting to do. I consider them industry leaders in the interstate furniture removals sector.
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What's it like to be Furniture Removals Geelong?

Furniture removalists such as Move My Stuff help transport equipment from one residential or commercial location to another. This can be done both within the state or nationwide. For interstate removals, you will need to have relevant expertise in order to provide outstanding service. To ensure this is done effectively requires strength, skill and stamina as it is a demanding business.

Duties and Tasks of Furniture Removals Expert
  • Make an assessment of what furniture needs to be removed, while packing and marking them as needed.
  • Ensure the goods are loaded into the truck, either using the movers or with forklifts and trolleys, as the situation demands.
  • Make sure they are loaded properly and set in a way there is no damage during transportation.
  • It is necessary to know the best routes to reach your destination. You should also drive responsibly.
  • Once you reach the destination, ensure you have the correct address and offload the goods and unpack them.
  • Check the items you have offloaded against your inventory list. Also ensure there is no damage to the furniture.
  • Do a maintenance check of your vehicle and clean it once all the furniture is offloaded.
  • Provide excellent customer service.
  • Ensure you know how to operate EFTPOS machine operation and cash handling.