Customer Reviews

Sarah Clarkson
Quite affordable and customer-friendly services. The packers made sure all my valuables were safe and intact. No confusion or chaos at any stage. Very smoothly done. Glad to say that I'm extremely satisfied with their work. Would definitely recommend it for anyone looking for budget-friendly house removalists.
Patrick Matthews
Prompt response and excellent service from the packers. The team provided updates throughout the process and made the entire journey hassle-free and smooth. Could not have asked for better service. Thank you Move My Stuff!
Harrison Richards
Move My Stuff is one of the most efficient removalists I've come across. The amount of expertise they showed made shifting to North Melbourne a cakewalk. For anyone looking for exceptional house removalists should immediately look up Move My Stuff. Overall, I've had quite a pleasant experience, indeed.
Madeline Fisher
Glad I came across Move My Stuff when I had to shift to Parkville. I had no clue where to start. Thankfully, the Move My Stuff team took over everything and made the whole journey easier for me. They also made sure I was set in comfortably. Kudos to the entire team!
Sophia Brown
The packers were so professional in their approach and kept working until late at night. They were equipped with all the necessary tools, and it was such a relief. From packaging to delivery, they left no room for complaints. Extremely happy with their service. They've become the go-to company for me!
Jesse Gibson
I had requested out of office hours service, but their team effortlessly helped me move from Carlton to East Melbourne. Never have I experienced such an efficient and smooth removal process. It was indeed a positive experience and would surely use your services again. Thank you Move My Stuff!
Noah Burke
Shrink wraps? Check. Trollies? Check. Electric drills? Also, check. Move My Stuff left behind nothing to make sure we were absolutely satisfied with their performance. They are the most competent and exceptional removalists Melbourne I have come across in the suburbs of Melbourne VIC. Highly recommended.
Adam Cox
I thought moving to Southbank would burn a hole in my pocket. Surprisingly, it didn't! Move My Stuff provided me with excellent services at a very affordable price. Not just that, they also deliver everything within the deadlines. No doubt, the best removalists I've come across. Great job, people!
Emily Walsh
Relocating is a nightmare, especially when you have little kids. But Move My Stuff made it so much easier for me. I did not have to worry about my valuables getting lost or destroyed. They made sure everything was delivered safely. I am so relieved! 5 stars to the whole team!
Richelle Freeman
Packing, loading, and unloading was done faultlessly with no damage to my furniture or things at all. I would highly recommend Move My Stuff. Most reliable removalists of Eastern Suburbs in Melbourne, very experienced and competent.
Peter O\'Brien
It became so easy to move my office from Ferntree Gully to Rowville once I hired Move My stuff. I got a 100% hassle-free relocation experience. Best movers indeed!
Paul Sattler
Packing and relocating is a very tiring task, especially for people like me who are busy with work 24×7. But being the most reliable removalists in Eastern suburbs of Melbourne, you took away all my worries for relocation with impeccable service. 5 stars for team Move My Stuff.
Simon May
Outstanding work in an organized manner, you are the top reliable removalists Northern Suburbs of Melbourne as your experts used quality packing material and made sure nothing got damaged during transportation. Great job! Move My Stuff team.
Lisa Deppeler
Glad I found Move My Stuff while desperately looking for the best Northern suburbs removalists in Melbourne. Thanks for your flawless service; I never thought moving could be so fun. Well done!
Marjan Changizi
The stress of relocation increases when you have kids, but relocating from Broadmeadows to Brunswick was a piece of cake as I hired the most reliable removalists in Northern suburbs Melbourne, Move My Stuff. You guys rock!
Moe Nedaee
We used Move My Stuff service while relocating from Campbellfield to Footscray. No doubt, you are the best removalists in Western suburbs of Melbourne as there were no damages & no scratches in my items. Great job!
Maria chu
You guys go easy on the pocket and deliver within the timelines. I never thought moving my house from Canterbury to Hastings could be done without chaos until you guys took care of removals. Team of Move My Stuff is the best removalists in Melbourne Western Suburbs for sure!
Kirsty Polkinghorne
The most reliable removalists in Western suburbs of Melbourne, Move My Stuff, made the process of moving my office to Sydney effortless with their punctual and professional packers. Best movers! Thanks, guys.
Gloria Ellen
Prompt response and efficient service. Couldn't have expected a more perfect service than this! Thank you. Good job guys!
Electra Glide
When faced with a sudden relocation due to healthcare needs, I was decidedly worried. But, my neighbor recommended Move My Stuff, as she had already hired them earlier this year. From the first point of contact, they made sure everything moved like clockwork. Totally hassle free and smooth.
Chris Gordon
Hired them to move my apparel boutique to Sydney. They advised me on the custom packing solutions like reinforced covers and boxes, and supplied the same. Their well informed approach reassured me. All in all, it was a pleasure dealing with them. Will definitely recommend it!
Angel Gloria
Quick service at an affordable price! That is my instant thought after dealing with this team. Everything moved smoothly without chaos or confusions. Thanks team. Appreciate all you did!
Logan Kaplan
Shifting to South Melbourne was a cakewalk because of Move My Stuff. I never thought the whole process of removing stuff from one place to another could be so smooth. The best part is, I didn't even have to worry a bit! The removalists took over everything and made sure things were perfect. They've kept their word, and I couldn't be happier!
Eva Miller
So relieved to be finally able to find a removal servicing company that provides excellent customer support! The workers are incredibly generous and helpful and assisted me every step of the way. I would recommend Move My Stuff for anyone who's around Albert Park because nobody provides better removal services than them.
Christopher Mason
Brilliant services! And at such a reasonable price! I was very sceptical about contacting a removal company but Move My Stuff has provided me with trustworthy services. Absolutely professional team of removers having respect for the customer's belongings. Keep up the good work!
Arthur Price
I had recently moved to South Melbourne, and it wouldn't have been possible without Move My Stuff! Their packagers delicately wrapped my valuables and delivered them safely. I would definitely be using their service again! Highly recommended for anyone looking for professional removalists.
Gloria Hastings
Move My Stuff came strongly recommended, and now I know why! They helped me move with such a proactive approach and commitment. They were quick to address all my concerns throughout the move. Thanks guys. Will be using your service again!
Pierce Gordon
I hired Move My Stuff team to move my antique stash from Canterbury to Hastings. From tiny trinkets to big tables, I had a big collection. As soon as I mentioned my need, they introduced me to their in-house antique expert. He inspected and tailored a proper procedure to move them. I felt reassured as he was guiding the team actively on the moving day. All in all a happy experience!
Eric Manson
Had a wonderful time moving with you guys! Was impressed with the dedication and passion you showed towards the job, and how you went an extra mile to ensure things moved fast. Keep up the good work!
Sharon Erin
I hired Move My Stuff to manage my office move to Blackburn. I had a lot of office plants which I was passionate about, and I liked how these guys handled them gently. They watered and neatly wrapped the pots in water proof packing. They were set aside, and loaded in the truck after all my office valuables were packed and loaded. No confusions! Very smooth. Thanks team!
Jim Sutton
Move My Stuff helped me with my move to Dallas. Just after everything was loaded on the truck and we were on the way, I learnt that my new home in Dallas was not ready for occupancy due to a sudden electric outage. The team immediately assured us of interim storage in their storage bay at Dallas, and rescheduled delivery once the electric issues were sorted. This proactive approach eased our stress instantly. Thank you team!
Montgomery Austin
Efficient team and effective service! What more can I say? I am so glad that I chose Move my stuff. Will be using your service again and also recommend you to my circle. Keep up the good work!
Ashley Quint
As I requested an out of office hours service, this efficient team helped me move my office from Keilor to Epping over the long weekend. I was able to set up the office by Sunday evening. The move was so seamless and easy! Thanks team.
Charles Ascot
I had to move from Campbellfield to Footscray suddenly, due to promotion at office. As Move My Stuff was a company I had used earlier, I hired them confidently. My wife and I were worried, as our twin daughters were just over 2 years of age. They understood our predicament and assigned us 3 movers. We were able to focus on our children, while the team worked without sudden sounds or chaos. All in all, it was a hassle free experience. Thanks to the team, we had a comfortable move.
Prety Park
Move My Stuff delivered what they promised! The friendly team ensured a seamless move. Kudos guys!
Georgia Cortez
As I had to move my antique furniture to my new home, I wanted a mover who knew about the specialised handling needed for antiques. Move My Stuff came strongly recommended. On enquiry, found that they had an antique expert as part of the team. I am over the moon, as they delivered all my antiques without a scratch! Happy me!
I hired Move My Stuff for my move from Kings Park to Yarraville. As my work schedule was tightly packed, they were happy to organise the packing after office hours. It was so heartening to have a removalist who really understood my concerns and worries. Thank you guys! Will be using you again!
Shirley Gladia
Moving my law office from Altona to Brooklyn was handled efficiently by Move my stuff. Though it was very short notice, these guys seemed to know their craft perfectly. They organised everything so quickly and I was up and running my office in Brooklyn, in no time! Overall a pleasant experience!
Katie Williams
I am so happy that I chose the best team to handle my move! Move My Stuff delivered what they promised! 5 stars!
Margaret Badge
Move my stuff made sure that my new office in Surrey Hills was set up and working in a couple of days. I faced no hindrance to my business or time delays! Kudos do the team!
Rictor Steve
What impressed me about these guys, is the total commitment they showed towards my move. From arriving well before time, to packing my valuables efficiently, they helped me take care of other commitments with total peace of mind. Thanks team! I will be using your services again!
Jenny Rich
Moving from Bayswater to Rowville was a breeze, thanks to move my stuff. The team seemed to know what they are doing. No confusions or mishandling whatsoever! The team leader was amiable and receptive to all out concerns. A wonderful moving experience indeed!
George Roderick
I recommend everyone to hire Move My Stuff office removals. They offer great office relocation services. They moved my office without any delay. Also, they packed and unpacked everything nicely, with full protection. I loved how the team finished the job quickly and shifted my office from Melbourne to Central West. It was easy, smooth, time-saving, and safe. Kudos to the team of amazing office movers.
Karen Hollard
This was my first time with Move My Stuff and I must say these people are truly genius. I was too occupied with other work and a bit concerned about having less time. The project manager understood my requirements and arranged every possible thing that was needed for the move. The move was successful and was very time efficient. I must thank you people for this help. This would have never been possible without your help. You are the best and professional office movers in Melbourne.
Joana Springs
I had to move my office from Melbourne to Swan Hill. After contacting some office moving companies, one of my employees told me about Move My Stuff Office Removals. They moved me in a very short time, I didn’t expect this quick. From packing to unpacking, they removed every burden which I had. They had knowledge of handling the equipment. The team was active and professional which ensured me that everything was managed responsibly. I really had a wonderful experience working with them. Fantastic Job!
Ross Martin
I was told about this moving company by a friend and I hired them for moving my office from Melbourne to Adelaide. I have had contacted a bunch of office removalists for the same but I was not sure about them. To my surprise, my decision of hiring Move My Stuff turned out to be really good. They came on time on a moving day and started working without any delay. My only concern was about resuming from the next location which too was cleared by them. I faced no worries and started my business as it was left.
Maria Rowland
Move My Stuff so efficiently moved my clinic from Melbourne to Adelaide. They have a perfect team and experience of office removals. I had no worries when I saw how they managed to pack and transfer the equipment, machines everything at my new location. The best thing was, it was smooth and I was able to run my clinic from the very next day. Whatever concerns I had, these people made me believe that there was nothing to bother. Easy and comfortable, that’s what I would say. Best commercial removals.
Jean Anderson
Move My Stuff shifted my office from Melbourne to Sydney. I was ensured of safe and smooth office relocations which they did. I am pretty impressed and happy with the kind of services I have been offered. The project manager was one such nice guy with great attitude towards his work. The team did a wonderful job of doing all the packing and made every effort that was required. Not only my office was moved successfully but it was moved in the given time without disturbing my business operations.
Raul Steven
You guys made my move a success! I was so worried initially and after seeing your team in action, I started feeling better. Deft packing of all my valuables earned you a few brownie points! By the time you finished, I was ready to award you the best performance rosette!! Thank you so much for rendering the best house moving service. Keep thriving!
Kylie John
Move My Stuff made my house move a breeze. From the word go, they took on the task with such dedication that it was almost like getting assistance from friends and family. It was a happy experience for me, and I will recommend as the best furniture removalists Melbourne to others. Thanks, team! You rock!
Janette Radcliffe
Thank you Move My Stuff! You helped me move in the shortest time period, and I am so grateful that you were able to assist me during my off hours and even at night. Not many furniture removalists companies do that kind of personalised service. A positive experience to cherish!
Jake Goodman
As someone with a job that requires frequent moves, it is very difficult to keep everything organised and dandy. I always prefer hiring a good moving company, and ever since getting impeccable service from these movers Melbourne VIC, they are the go-to company for me. Thanks for all you do every time!
Logan Friender
I appreciate the efforts and professionalism shown by the Move My Stuff team. They worked tirelessly until all the loose ends were properly tied up. Affordable prices was another crown in their cap! Would definitely recommend.
Ben Travis
I contacted Removalists Melbourne to manage my move to Altona. It was undoubtedly the best decision as the whole experience was a pleasure from start to finish. Trustworthy and friendly, they seem to know their stuff perfectly. My queries were given satisfactory answers, and I knew the status of the move every step of the way. Congrats and keep up your good work!
Neil Pendrey
Moving valuables and furniture from my two storey house was managed efficiently by these guys. Lots of heavy lifting and moving was involved, and I was amazed about the effortless ease with which they managed that. I would definitely use your services again in the near future. Thanks, Team Move My Stuff!
Richard Jones
I am so relieved that I am happily settled in my new place, and it was made possible by Move My Stuff. Thank you, team. You rock!
Felicity Huffman
The thought of shifting house with my 1-year-old was a thing of nightmares, as she is so clingy. I felt it is imperative to choose a good removalist service, and feel so glad I chose Removalists Melbourne. These guys were awesome, and they did the major part and let me focus on my child! I would definitely, recommend you to friends and family.
Bryce Forthwith
Relocating was a major worry until my friend put me in touch with Move My Stuff. Everything felt sorted once I signed up with them. They were the best support network during a stressful time and made the house removals a hassle-free experience. Highly recommended as the top removalists Melbourne!
Melanie Stuart
Move My Stuff helped us in moving hassle-free without any fuss. We hired a man with a truck for moving our 2 bedroom apartment within a Melbourne. They arrived on time, very professional and loaded our items carefully to the truck. Highly recommended!
Zosie Patrick
Man with a Van was highly efficient and shouldered a major part of the moving worries. My children are under 2 and I was able to focus on their wellbeing during the move, instead of running helter-skelter to tie up all loose ends. I would recommend Move My Stuff, especially when you have small kiddos to manage.
Joanna Springer
Move My Stuff helped me relocate from Altona to Brunswick within a short time frame. They managed the packing around my work shifts, which was a big relief, and the movers were knowledgeable on all technicalities of the move and guided me aptly. A positive experience for me! Recommending everyone if you are looking to hire a man with a truck in Melbourne.
Richard Martis
My friend recommended Man with a Van service, and I contacted them to manage my move. From the first point of contact to completion, they managed things immaculately and kept me in the loop too. The team put me at ease with an amiable demeanour and a go-getter attitude. Thanks Move My Stuff! I would recommend you to my friends and family.
Donald Simpson
Quick and efficient is what I would describe my moving experience, thanks to Man with a Van. They deliver what they promise!
Amanda Seyfried
Shifting my beauty salon from Melbourne to Sydney was a breeze with Move My Stuff's expert guidance. I was worried about my expensive sauna and spa getting damaged during transit, and I was pleasantly surprised that Move My Stuff understood all my concerns without so much as me uttering them, and managed the move efficiently. I was up and running at my new place within a couple of days. All in all, a very positive experience!
Raj and his team have done a superb job! I frequently moved from one place to another because of my job demand. It is really difficult to keep everything organised. Thus, I always prefer to go with removalist service and I must say Move My Stuff is a go-to company for me. Thanks for helping me every time.
I booked Move My Stuff second time because of friendly, and reliable service which comes under our budget. I and my brother Paul can rely on their team for furniture moving. Our move took nearly 10 hours to complete. We were almost tired but move my stuff team kept on working until the final box put in place. From small fragile items to moving big furniture upstairs, no job was too big or small. I must appreciate the efforts and professionalism they have in their work. Good job guys.
Ben, Travancore
It was a pleasure from start to finish... fast and friendly... reliable, trustworthy staff are hard to find these days and no doubt it must be a huge asset to Move My Stuff ... Congrats and keep up the good work! Please pass on a huge thank you from me once again :)
Neil Pendrey, Boronia
The guys moved me yesterday and did a superb job, it wasn't easy access long drive way no accessible and double story, lots of heavy lifting I was very happy with there work ethic. I will be moving again in 12 months hopefully in to a new house so I certainly will take you up on your offer of a discount. Thank you again regards
Richard, Prahran
The guys did a wonderful job and moved my stuff without any hassles
Felicity, Melbourne
The movers were very easy to deal with and very polite.
Bruce, Richmond
Move My Stuff is the most cost effective way to move your stuff.