Relocate Your Sensitive Medical Equipment Safe and Secure Now

When you are tasked with the relocation of the valuable medical equipment, you know you can't just hire any removal company for the job. You need a team which has already done it numerous times and well too. Move My Stuff has been offering relocation services for pricey and valuable items for more than twelve years now. We have a selected team of removalists specially trained at relocating the important, delicate and sophisticated stuff like the medical equipment. We have worked on several jobs handling the packaging and the transportation of the medical equipment without any disturbance to it. We take extreme precautions to ensure that the equipment reaches your destination safely in the same condition as it was when we picked it up.


Unparalleled Expertise of Our Medical Equipment Movers

When we say medical equipment, it can be as tiny as a cup or as big as a huge wardrobe or even more. We have expert movers who are highly skilled at handling any kind of medical equipment and relocate them safely.


Expertise in Handling Medical Equipment

We have relocated lots of medical equipment like CAT scanners, CT scanners, MRI machines, X-Ray equipment, mammography systems, industrial robots, biopharma equipment, radiation equipment, ultrasound machines and many more with perfect ease.

Relocation to Anywhere in Melbourne

We are adept at relocating the medical equipment to any place in Melbourne. We have many branches all over the country and some even in other countries and therefore can facilitate national and international relocations.

Specialized Relocation Resources

Our removalists come in fully equipped with the required equipment to easily move the medical equipment on and off the truck like hydraulic gates, winches, lifts, dollies and other wrapping items.

Assistance in Packing

Since we have done this numerous times before, we know the pain points and sweet spots that need to be covered during the packing for safe transportation. We can help you to pack the medical equipment or give pointers for packing it securely.

Competent Logistics Planning

Our dedicated knowledge in relocating the delicate and valuable stuff has enabled us to create a foolproof plan for logistics. Be it a long-distance move or a local move, we take into account the road routes and natural factors when planning the move.

Climate-Controlled Trucks

We understand that some medical equipment has to be kept under a specific temperature. We have climate-controlled trucks with temperature settings and monitoring sensors to keep the equipment in the affable temperature.

How can you relocate critical equipment like radiation machines?

We understand the risks associated with the relocation of medical equipment and our ground staff has been duly educated about the same too. We have several precautions when handling the equipment and don't take any risks with the move. We also abide by the regulations indicated by our clients when handling such critical equipment.

Do you also provide unpacking services?

Yes, we do. If we haven't packed the items and you need your assistance in unpacking, we may require some help to guide us since we aren't aware of the packaging inside. If we are the ones who packed it, then we can easily unpack and place the medical equipment in the spot you need.

Do you supply crates if needed?

Yes, we can provide you with the crates in the size you need if you let us know about it at least a week before. For last-minute emergencies, we may have some standard size crates in stock.

Do you offer storage services?

Yes, we have several storage locations all over Australia and therefore, you can store your medical equipment as long as you want in it's protected crates and boxes. All our storage locations are equipped with CCTV and security guards all around the clock.

How soon can you help to relocate medical equipment?

Since medical equipment requires expert handling, we only send our best movers for the job. So, we advise you to let us know at least two weeks before to ensure you get the best resources for the job and have the temperature-controlled truck ready. If you have some urgent need to move the equipment, you can always contact us to know if we have the resources available on the said date.