Move My Stuff: Your Local Restaurant Removalists

Restaurants have always played an important role in moulding social, intellectual, business and interpersonal relationships. They bear witness to several of the major life events. Having moved one step beyond the basic purpose of providing a refreshing meal, they enrich human relations in the most touching and fulfilling way.

Relocating your restaurant needs meticulous planning and proactive approach. If you have started thinking about moving your kitchen appliances and equipment, Move My Stuff could well be your best support system. We endeavour to provide you the finest commercial restaurant moving services possible in Melbourne. When compared to other restaurant removalists, we offer complete and competitive removalist services tailored to meet your unique needs.

Why choose us?

Moving can be frustrating if you don't have the right kind of people to do the job. With Move My Stuff, you can be rest assured of a hassle free move.

We have handpicked an elite team of experts from across the country and they bring several years of collective experience to the table. Their dedication and integrity has earned us a covetable reputation as one of the best removalist companies in Melbourne. With over a decade of experience working in this industry, we have won the hearts of several restaurant owners as the preferred removalist in Melbourne.


What is our specialty?

Our state of the art packing service

Transporting restaurant equipment is a big undertaking as several units are bulky, whilst others have a lot of fragile and sharp ends. Due care should be taken to ensure that none are damaged. Before we move, our expert team of packers ensure that all parts of restaurant equipment are detached and thoroughly cleaned. All shelves and trays are packed separately to make sure that all the items remain damage free during transit.

Special attention to fittings and sharp objects

We give due attention while packing internal fittings and metal racks. Our team carefully removes all metal fittings, internal metal racks from the trays, sharp and pointed objects, and pack them up separately. We also pay special attention while packing mixers and blenders, by disassembling each part carefully. Each individual component is then wrapped in specialised wrappers and transported by custom-designed carriers. We carefully organize your boxes so that unpacking at your new place can be done with effortless ease.

Proper guidance on insurance options

Move My Stuff offers you advice on different insurance options to safeguard your belongings in case of any breakage or loss. Contrary to packing and moving on your own, we help you move with dynamic insights and strategic advice.

We honour your time

When our team comes to pack up your restaurant, you can trust the best and effective moving service tailored to your unique requirements. First, our qualified team leader will discuss your requirements with you, and help you create a plan best suited for your needs. Our experienced team makes sure that all the food-prep and handling equipment are thoroughly packed and shipped within a minimal time.

As one of the pioneers in restaurant moving services, we believe moving should be stress-free. Our handling team ensures you an efficient and economical service, and pack and ship within a minimal time.



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