Relocate of Valuable Fixtures and Exhibits Made Simple Now!

You will have an elaborate plan of placing your beautiful exhibits ready for the people to feast their eyes on. But, the relocation company you hired may delay the delivery which in turn will totally mess up the opening. Or even worse, the movers could damage the priceless displays. Don't want to be involved in any of these nightmarish situations? Well, then pick the best company there is for the relocation of exhibit displays and store fixtures. Move My Stuff is one of the most experienced and professional relocation companies in Australia having helped major organizations, agencies and firms to relocate the priceless artwork, exhibit displays and a lot more with complete ease. Don't look more than our most reliable removalists for transporting your exhibits and fixtures now.


Move My Stuff - Specialized in Moving Precious Displays

We completely understand your concerns about the safety and level of care that needs to be applied when handling the goods. That's why we employ nothing but the best movers in Australia to ensure the safety of the precious store fixtures and exhibit displays.


Multi-Stop Shipment Delivery

We offer both point to point pickup and delivery services as well as multi-stop delivery wherein our movers will stop at various locations to either pick up or drop-off the items as you desire.

Air Wrapped Packaging

The exhibits need to be carefully handled and packed securely for transportation. We use air-wrapped packaging with the best packing materials to keep it safe throughout transportation.

Highly Secure and Specialized Trucks

The trucks we employ for such transportation are cleaned and checked prior to the move. The containers are fitted with cushioning materials to keep the items safe even in times of extreme situations.

Installation Assistance

If you need any help with the installation of the store fixtures and exhibits, our movers will be there to help you with unpacking all the stuff and doing all the heavy-lifting work to install the exhibits safely.

Storage Services

Are you in-between locations and need a secure place to store your valuable displays? Well, you can make use of storage facilities that are present in many locations all over Australia to keep your valuable exhibits stored for as long as you want.

Procurement of Special Packing Materials

When you have sensitive and pricey stuff to move, not just any packing materials will do. You need good quality packaging items to ensure complete safety. We can procure such high-quality packing materials on request.