15 Tips to Design Your Kids Bedroom Easily

19 February 2022 Contributed by: admin

When your kids are growing, they take their toys and dolls on a trip around the house. Of course, it ends up in a mess. It is time to give them a bedroom of their own to end the chaos. But their room is not only for toys. It is also about how comfortable they are when sleeping, having playtime, or reading a book.

You may spend hours in superstore shopping for the best bed, bedding, toys, kitchen supplies and whatnot. But do you know how to design kids room?

If you plan to design your kid's bedroom and not sure how to start or want to add some chic look stuff in it, then this article is for you!

Let's begin...

5 Interior Design Tips For Kids Bedroom


1. Include some fun learning elements

The key is to find a way to make learning more creative, keeping it extremely simple. Children are curious beings who prefer and learn better when they are learning through doing. You may hang some large wall maps, whiteboard, animal kingdom graffiti and much more.

2. Paint walls with simple colour combinations

Keep the colours limited to soft and pastel shades and combine the decor with vibrant furniture and curtains. The curtains and furniture can be quirky and chic with printed and textured stuff.

3. Different lighting options

Kids are up to multiple activities in their rooms. Install multi-layered lighting for them like table lamps and bright tubes for study, soft lights for relaxed activities and night light for sleeping. These variations can help them perceive their surroundings well.

4. Multiple activity spaces

With rooms being their kingdom, it is a good practice to create activity areas for kids. An area converted to rock climbing adventure, a small kitchen setup with plastic utensils or a tea party table setting can play and learn simultaneously.

5. Create lots of storage space

Little human beings do not equal to little stuff. They have a huge lot of toys, clothes and random items picked from all around your home. Manage and organize your kid's bedroom for your ease and to make them understand the importance of neatness as well.

Let us now learn some storage tips for your kid's bedroom.

5 Storage Ideas For Kids Bedroom


6. Install Book Shelves

Your kid might have a collection of books. Instead of the traditional bookshelf, use a ladder-like system to save floor space. Some kids have a habit of reading before sleeping. Keep the bedtime books close to their bed on a shelf or table. Install a floating rack on the wall or above study table to stack their drawing books, storybooks, encyclopedias and other books. If your child is a vivid reader, consider creating a reading space for him.

7. Toy Box

Use fabric storage bins and tubs to store all the toys away. You can also use pull-out cabinets to keep toys. Push these boxes under the bed or in the cupboard to create open space.

8. Wardrobe

Your kid's closet should be easily accessible by them. You can create an open wardrobe where your little one can find their favourite dress effortlessly. Organize the wardrobe with hangers, racks, drawers and storage baskets.

9. Study Table

A space dedicated to the study is necessary as well. Build the study environment around the study table with all the books and stationery available on the table and drawers and cabinets. Decorate the table with a cute pencil stand, table lamp, photo frame and more.

10. Play Area

To keep their play items confined to an area, make a separate play area where all their toys and games are saved. When they are done playing, bring all the toys back to this place and store them back.

5 Themes for Kids Bedroom


Most of the kids have some particular likes and ideas of their own. Take hints from their imagination and create a space specially curated for them.

11. Space Theme

For kids obsessed with space and astronauts, design a space-themed bedroom for them. Bring down the galaxy, planets, earth, moon, stars and whatever they want to their room. Stick glow in the dark stars and hang clouds and spacecraft to decorate the room.

12. Jungle Theme

Bring the wildlife to your kids and see how amused they feel. To decorate the jungle-themed room, use wooden cabinets, painted jungle sceneries, tent, grass carpet and animal figures.

13. Princess Theme

This theme is best for kids who love fairy tales and princesses. For this theme, use everything cute and pretty. It is like creating a doll-house. There are multiple colour options for curating this theme, the most common being a pink colour.

14. Sports Theme

For your little sports enthusiasts, make a sports-themed bedroom. You can use the theme based on which sport your child likes. Hang his favourite sportsperson's picture on the wall, rule chart of the game, a sports car-shaped bed and anything your kid wants.

15. Superhero Theme

Some kids are so fascinated by superheroes. Make them love every moment they spend in their room by converting it to a superhero den. You can use superhero-themed bed-sheets and curtains or add an action figure graffiti.


Hopefully, this article gave you some great design tips to create personal space for your kids, where they can be themselves, play and learn.

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