Tips to pack your necklaces when moving

22 June 2022 Contributed by: admin

Worried about your necklaces being tangled when you relocate? You need not worry about it anymore.

Most people often fear losing the necklace or it being damaged during transit.

Moving with jewelry, especially a necklace, can be daunting. It is not possible to carry so many jewelry boxes taking into consideration the heavily packed boxes.

However, you can keep the necklace organized without any tangled mess. Wish to know how?

Check out these interesting tricks to pack your necklaces during your move to avoid tangling.

1. Wrap in a bubble wrap

It is a great way to store your necklace. Just lay each of the necklaces on a sheet of bubble wrap and fold the edges carefully.

Now use sticky tape to secure the open ends. It may take up some extra space in luggage but it will protect the necklace with a 100% guarantee.

2. Loop through toilet paper rolls

You can use a standard toilet paper roll to store the necklace. You need to thread the necklaces through the cylinder and fasten them.

These rolls should always be kept on the top while packing so that they do not crush under the weight of the luggage.

3. Use Ziplock bags


Use ziplock bags. They are resourceful ways of using household items to keep necklaces safe while traveling. Place the necklace in a separate Ziplock bag and secure it properly. Once secure, you can pack it in your luggage. Make sure there is a distance in zipping and necklace as it may break it. The Ziplock bags are simple and effective for keeping necklaces tangle-free.

4. Use a washcloth

If you want to get a little more resourceful and do not want to buy a jewelry roll, you can use a washcloth. You have to space your necklace on the washcloth and roll it lengthwise after placing it correctly and fold it in half.

Now you can tie it with a rubber band on both sides to stop the necklace from slipping out. Washcloths are an inexpensive and simple way to pack the necklace safely.

5. Use a pill case organizer

A pill case organizer is the easiest way to organize your necklace, especially the small ones. You can buy pill case organizers from any drug store or online. It will not only help keep your necklace protected while traveling, but you can also organize it as per different outfits and days.

6. Use a travel jewelry roll organizer


You should prefer soft jewelry rolls to store your most delicate and smallest necklaces in an organized and neat way. Most of these jewelry rolls come with a protective cloth to help keep your necklace safe from scratch. Additionally, these rolls will occupy less space in your bag.

7. Use a travel jewelry box

If you plan to travel with various expensive necklaces, use a travel jewelry box organizer. These organizers have special compartments to hold a specific type of necklace. You can also lock these necklace boxes, providing an extra protection layer. However, these boxes are prone to theft and robbery, so when carrying them ensure to take extra care to secure the box from bad elements.

8. Use hangers for large necklaces

A large statement necklace cannot be packed in pill cases or jewelry rolls. For them, you should use foldable hangers. You need to wrap each of them in a foldable hanger and store it in any compartment. It is inexpensive and practical to keep large necklaces untangled during the move.

9. Wrap the necklace in a plastic wrap


Another excellent method to pack your necklaces without getting them tangled while moving is to use a plastic wrap.

To do this, you should keep your necklace in plastic wrap. After that, wrap both ends inward and secure them. When you have to wear, unwrap it, and you are ready to go. Plastic wraps are an excellent way of storage because they can be used multiple times, and after using them once, the necklace can be resealed again in the same plastic.

10. Loop necklaces via straw

Straws are a very cheap and simplest way to pack your necklace while moving. You need to loop one end of your necklace via it and fasten the clasp.

With this, you can store the multiple necklaces separately, which will help to keep them tangle-free. You can also loop various necklaces in multiple straws and keep them in a single bag. It will not at all tangle.

This storing method is applied for both small and long necklaces.

This Blog Post is written and contributed by the team of Move My Stuff and Cash Your Gold Brisbane.

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