10 Tools That Will Make Your Move Easier

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10 Tools That Will Make Your Move Easier

Moving is quite the task. There is the physical fatigue of lugging boxes around, the money spent on different tasks, new clothes and furniture, the time spent coordinating with movers and figuring out what to do with all your old stuff. And then there is the emotional layer of leaving your home in which you have invested a lot and set up to be perfect for you.

It involves lots of time and energy as well as many people to help you with it. However, there may be difficult tasks to do by you and anyone helping you with your move. So, keeping your calm and finding a solution to it becomes important during such hectic times. To make your house move easy, you will need some helpful tools to keep with you at all times.

Okay, think about it…

Would you want to spend the last few moments in your old home struggling with the heavy boxes? Or finalize where you hang shelves and place furniture in your new home by just guessing the area?

No one would willingly do so.

Furniture sliders can help you save time and effort to move boxes, and a measuring scale/tape will allow you to measure the exact width of the door to make sure your precious furniture enters the room conveniently.

Let us see what more tools you will need in a house moving toolkit.

10 essential tools to keep with you when moving

Many tools would make the moving process easy for you, but you may not know how to incorporate them into your move. The following tools will make it happen for you!

1. Electric Drill

It can help you complete many tasks, such as installing shelves and curtains, hanging a picture, nailing down drywall, mounting a TV to the wall or making holes for electrical wiring. With it, you can accomplish a lot of work within minutes as opposed to hours.

2. Nuts and Bolts + Screws and Nails

It is best to have extra nuts and bolts around when shifting to a new place. Encourage those around you to make their move easy, too, with these tools that can help them secure items to walls, assemble furniture and repair any necessary damages.

3. Multi-tip Screwdriver

One of the most useful tools in your arsenal on moving day is a screwdriver. Screwdrivers are particularly helpful if you are working with wood frames or cabinets. Besides, unlike manual screwdrivers, which require a lot of muscle, electric screwdrivers allow you to complete your projects much more quickly.

4. Hammer

It cannot be possible to not talk about hammers when we are mentioning nails and screws. Clawed hammers can be very useful to pound nails into and extract them out of solid surfaces.

5. Wrench

Dealing with boxes, furniture, and all those other random bits and bobs that end up in your possession can be hard work. Take the wrench, for example. You can use it to assemble a chair and bring it back to life. It is pretty cool as far as tools go.

6. Scissors

Another basic but essential tool is a pair of scissors, a big and one smaller in size. You will need scissors to help you with cutting the tape, opening boxes and packages. It will help you with packing and unpacking.

7. Vacuum Bags

Compactly packing your linen stuff can help you save a lot of space. Storing your clothes and home linens in vacuum-sealed packets is an efficient way to organize your move.

8. Tape

For packing during your moving process, you will require both packing tape and duct tape. Although you can use both of these tapes to seal moving boxes, duct tape specifically can help you with some repairs around the new house.

9. Step Ladder

Make sure to carry a mini ladder or stool with you on a moving day. You may need the ladder to reach high cabinets and shelves when taking items off or putting them away and hanging art pieces or curtains. Foldable step ladders, which are easy to handle, are also available in the market.

10. Swiss Army Knife

It is a multi-utility tool with numerous tools snug with a pocket-sized knife. You never know when can it be a saviour throughout your moving process.

Moving Soon?

If you are moving to a new home soon, we already know what is on your “To-Do” list – getting the heavy lifting done will be a high priority. You are checking out trucks, digging through closets and under beds, hunting for antiques and old photos, and sorting books and other knick-knacks you will be moving with you.

By the time you get organized enough to call a professional moving company, it is too late to avoid back strain and banged up walls.

Book a reliable moving company well in time to ensure a stress-free and convenient move. They have expertise in every tool and techniques necessary for moving your precious stuff.

Call 03 9357 7134 today to discuss your move.

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