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There is no denying the fact that parenthood is the greatest joy in an individual’s life. You will understand it more if you are about to welcome your little one. Irrespective of the fact whether it is months or weeks before the baby’s arrival, decorating the baby’s room is a task that needs to be done on priority. You may want to stick to one colour for baby’s nursery, while your spouse wants it to be in quirky or bold shades with playful wallpapers.

Well, all these seems to be normal when the parents consider preparing the nursery design and nursery decoration. However, the nursery room decor just doesn’t involve around the gallery wall colour, nursery furniture or wall stickers. It also means creation of a beautiful yet comfortable space for the little bundle of joy to grow up with.

A look at the nursery essentials

There are certain must have nursery furniture items for the baby’s room which are as follows:

  • Crib/Cot

This is the resting place for the new baby. As a part of the nursery decor, you can colour coordinate the walls in order to make the baby’s crib stand out. The crib sheets in the shade of pastels are considered best.

  • Storage space

As the baby arrives, you will needing a huge space to keep the essentials such as clothing, diapers, bedding, feeding bottles and toys. You can go for storage spaces such as chest of drawers or cupboard. But as the baby grows, the chest of drawer as the furniture item looses its importance.

  • Changing table

You can find change table which can be easily converted to bathing station for the newborn. If you go for such changing tables, you can save up some space, You can give bold shades to such key pieces in order to make them stand out.

  • Comfortable chair

As a new parent, you also need some rest during the sleepless nights you are going to spend with the little one. Thus simple yet comfortable rocking chairs can be kept near the baby’s bed for late night feedings or to put them to sleep.

  • Wall shelves

These days floating shelves are used to store essentials such as lotions, diapers and nail cutters. The nursery ideas experts suggest installing such walls near the changing table.

Here’s your beginners guide for nursery decorating ideas

Nursery decorating starts with getting inspiration from one or more baby room ideas. Take a little time to look through the different nursery decor designs and keep an eye on detailing and things that interest you such as colour, theme, fabrics, art etc. From basic to quirky, we have all nursery décor ideas. Go through these baby room ideas and choose the nursery design that resonates with your inspiration, style and personal tastes.

Minimal style

The decor of the baby’s room need not always be loud and bright. You can initially go for a minimal style which is in pastels and can later customise it as the child grows. Airy drapes on the white walls create a bright spacious look for the room with some fun elements such as play tent and toys lying by the side.

Maximising wall space

Gone are the days when the wall near toddler bed used to be empty. The wall space is being utilised in baby room ideas these days to keep things organised. The pegboards or ledge shelves can be placed at just the right height to hang the essential supplies. The interior design of such rooms with floating shelves look mesmerizing when done in neutral palette.

Silhouette art

The idea is to make the baby’s room different from other rooms. So, incorporating silhouette art in a funky way to interest babies and avoid them from becoming cranky. You can cut out your favourite pieces of silhouette and stick them on the walls done in bold shades. A cartoon character against a grey or white wall is one of the best thing for the growing babies.

Wall stickers and wallpaper

When it is about the baby’s room, a lot of themes can get involved. It could be fantasy world characters, animals, celestial bodies, cartoon illustrations, woodland creatures or birds; anything that can resemble kids can be drawn on the blank canvas. Creating one such wall and keeping rest painted is one idea, while, applying the wallpapers to all walls is also one of the trending nursery ideas.

Using colour contrast

Are you thinking of making a choice between pink and blue? Why not apply both in the nursery design?Adding contrasting colours in the decor of the nursery room is one of the trend that is taking all hearts away. So, a grey with pink nursery design for girls with soft pink coloured nursery essentials is steal-worthy deal.

Nursery station around the home

If you are unable to fit all baby furniture into a single defined space, consider spreading it out and create baby room around the home. This is one of the baby room ideas for homes with small spaces. A nursery chair can be set right next to the couch. A bathroom dresser closet can be converted to baby’s clothes storage unit.

Cozy theme

One of the awesome baby room ideas, in case you are aware with gender of the baby is to opt for a cozy colour theme. For instance, shades of peach, pink and purple with a white backdrop seems to be the great combination for nursery design of baby girls. Playing with different shades of blue, seems to be the right thing in case of baby boy. In case gender is not known, use neutral shades such as grey, yellow or pastel shades in the nursery décor.


The nursery of the new baby is the brainchild of the parents as it clearly reflects the choices they have made for their little bundle of joy. So, what are you waiting for, go ahead and start decorating your baby’s room.

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