What to know if you are planning to move home during Covid-19

05 March 2022 Contributed by: admin

As the world goes through the Covid-19 crisis, it has put immense pressure on the lives and livelihoods of Australians.

The life seems to have come at halt.

There are things that can wait for Covid-19 to come under control and then there are things that cant wait.

It’s strongly advisable to delay anything that can wait and all Australians must isolate themselves as much as possible and practice some serious Social Distancing skills.

This will avoid the spread immensely.

Remember – Nothing is more important that staying alive and healthy.

If you do have something that cant wait, for eg a house move coming up where you cant delay the settlement, or have to move out of the existing house, there are measures you can take to do it as safely as possible.

  1. Delay the move if you can. If you cant, follow the below steps!
  2. Try a contact less move as much as possible. Pack all your goods, leave instructions for the movers and move out of the house. You can always communicate with them over the phone and give instructions if required. This is avoid the spread, weather it’s the movers giving it to you, or you giving it to the movers.
  3. If you must meet the movers, limit your stay with them in the same house and maintain a 2M distance.
  4. Disinfect all door knobs, handles, furniture items before and after the move.
  5. Wear masks when in company of the movers.
  6. Ask the movers if they are keeping well and if they think they have been exposed to the virus. Don’t by Shy, its your right to ask.

We at Move My Stuff have been practicing and promoting strict policies around everyones safety.

Our trucks are disinfected daily, our HR is keeping very close eye and talking to all teams on daily basis on how they are feeling and what they have been exposed to and we are taking strict and agile approach in fighting with this.

If you need any advise, or have questions about your upcoming move,  or wish to book us, please don’t hesitate to call us on 0433 922 307 or  1300 907 911

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