Importance Of Pre-Move Survey

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Estimates or inquiry reference costs are a wise choice when relocating to a new place. It is recommended that a pre-move survey be conducted to ensure success. The survey is an appropriate method of gathering data to generate a moving quote. Professional movers in Australia will dispatch a crew to your home on the agreed-upon day and hour.

The Best Way To Benefit From A Pre-Move Survey

While there are benefits to doing a pre-move survey, you must cooperate entirely with the professional removalists to reap those benefits. You should offer appropriate responses to any inquiries posed to you. You two will talk about the upcoming relocation. You must ensure he sees everything that must be relocated or packed. The pre-move surveyor may use this information to buy enough packing materials.

After completing the pre-move survey, you will be provided with an estimate for your relocation project and have the opportunity to learn all you need about the packing and moving business you want to use. By speaking with current and former clients, you know about the company’s history, legitimacy, and standing in the market. The pre-move assessment is the best opportunity to determine the reliability of the firm you’ll be using to carry out the transfer.

What Topics Are Covered In The Pre-Move Questionnaire?

A pre-move survey allows you and your mover to go through every detail of the relocation in person. Feel free to grill them with questions about the relocation; they will gladly provide accurate responses. After that, the movers will inspect everything and give a detailed estimate of the total cost. Specify what assistance you’ll need, such as furniture disassembly and reassembly, packing and unpacking, storage, etc.

Insurance and storage options are also available from them for a small price. In this manner, you can see exactly what features are tacked on at an additional cost. As a result, you may compare the predicted cost to your current spending plan.

Is There Any Cost Involved With Having A Pre-Move Survey Done?

Most packers and movers in India, though not all, provide some complimentary pre-move service, but this varies by business policy. All reputable and competent moving and packing services offer this to ensure a trouble-free relocation.

The most exciting aspect of pre-move surveys is that you are not obligated to use the services of the moving company that first visited your home. Once you have obtained an estimate from them, you are free to investigate and evaluate competing bids and services. This way, you may compare and contrast several deals and choose the most cost-effective one.

Motives to Conduct a Pre-Move Survey

Meeting the mover in person is the best way to get answers to your questions and a sense of their approach to the relocation.

All questions about fees, including those about any extra costs that were not included in the estimate, may be answered at this time.

If you need extra services, such as furniture assembly or disassembly, it is best to discuss this with them beforehand.

All reputable moving firms provide this service at no cost to ensure their clients are satisfied with the service they get so that they may fulfil the service in a manner consistent with the client’s needs.

You are not obligated to proceed further with that firm after completing your survey if you have doubts about its dependability or are having other issues. Always shop around for moving companies until you find the right one for your relocation.

Online Survey vs. Face-to-Face Interview

The primary goal of conducting surveys online is the ease of use. There is a lot to accomplish before the day you move. Therefore, you may save time by virtual assessment using a mobile phone before packing up and moving. The virtual surveys may be conducted anytime, day or night.

But if you want an accurate stock count, you’ll need to plan a visit from the estimator so that they can physically check over your premises and make notes. Depending on one’s level of expertise, this task might take as long as six hours. However, when doing a virtual pre-move survey, time is not wasted since the estimator may always go back to a previously recorded video.

Thus, the consumer and the moving business may save a lot of money using the virtual pre-move survey. Even though the customer may not be aware of it, the cost of sending the estimate to the client’s house is included in the final moving quote.

Must I Complete A Pre-Move Survey?

A positive answer is correct. If you want the moving day to go successfully, you must provide the company with accurate information. Moreover, if you want to be sure, having them inspect your furniture and belongings is the best way to go about it. If you want to feel comfortable with your mover, meeting them, face-to-face is best.

Surveys conducted before relocation are often provided at no cost. Pre-move surveys are the best way to acquire an honest and complete estimate of your moving expenses.

The moving firm may reduce the time required to complete your relocation by doing pre-move studies to identify potential obstacles, such as minor roads or low bridges, and examine traffic patterns. Surveying the pickup and drop-off locations will help them choose the most efficient vehicle.

If you have delicate or expensive belongings, let the moving company know ahead of time. This will allow them to make any necessary adjustments to the crates or packaging materials for the items.

Do not hesitate to query! Leave no essential details out of your explanation. Knowing exactly what you need from the mover regarding packing and inventory is crucial.


When moving your home, business, or even a showroom, there are a surprising number of details to keep in mind. You may also acquire free estimates from movers online by browsing their websites. Pre-move surveys, however, simplify the process for you and the organization.

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