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4T Truck (From $129) ( Mitsubishi canter or similar )

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4T Truck From Move My Stuff
8T Truck

8T Truck (From $139)

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10T Truck (From $149) ( Mitsubishi Fighter or Similar )

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10T Truck

Note:- Fuel charges and minimum booking hours charges are applicable.

How much do removalists cost in Melbourne?

The cost would mainly depend on the amount of furniture you have to move and the total distance to be covered. Ideally, the cost would be anywhere between $100 to $140 per hour. You can check out the removalist quotes online to save your time.
Residence Size Total Items Size Avg Time for loading and unloading Avg Hourly Rates Avg Removalist Price
Studio Apartment 7-9 m3 1.5 -2.5 $129* $193 - $322*
1 bedroom Apartment 14-16m3 2-3 $129* $258 - $387*
2 bedroom Apartment 22-24m3 3-4 $129* $387 - $516*
3 bedroom Apartment 31-33m3 5-6 $129* $516 - $774*
4 bedroom Apartment 41-43m3 6-8 $149* $894 - $1192*
2 bedroom house 25-27m3 3.5 - 5.5 $129* $452 - $710*
3 bedroom house 34-36m3 6-8 $149* $894 - $1192*
4 bedroom house 47-49m3 7-9 $149* $1043 - $1341*
5 bedroom house 47-49m3 8-10 $149* $1192 - $1490*
Note:- The estimate given in the above table may be affected by a variety of factors, such as time, distance, and accessibility. Please reach out to our team for the correct price. You can also get online quote

affecting the moving cost

  • One of the factors that affect the moving cost is the type of properties involved. Costs will vary depending on whether it is an apartment or if it’s a house.
  • The distance to travel from the source to the destination also affects the moving cost.
  • Costs will also vary on the amount of furniture you will have. Typically, a three-bedroom apartment will have more stuff compared to a one-bedroom apartment.
Want to get an exact estimate?
Ask for a virtual inspection! You won’t have to pay any upfront cost.

Removalists quotes online

This is the right place for you. Choosing a moving company can be stressful, especially with so many options to choose from. It is imperative to hire a reputable removal company that offers excellent service at a reasonable price. We aim to provide you with the most affordable moving house quotes to ensure your move is stress-free at the cheapest prices. We offer a series of the highest quality removalist services based on your needs, location, and budget. We provide you with online quotes depending on your needs. Speak to our experts today.

Hiring a Removalists Could Be Your Best Decision

It is indeed a challenge to move your house or office to a new place. If you are planning to move to Melbourne, we understand how excited as well as nervous you might be.

Wondering what are removalists hourly rates? Would it be affordable? Yes they are very affordable. You can check online quotes now! When moving your house or office, your biggest worry might be the price involved. You will be confused over the price involved, how to know what are the good rates, how to negotiate, and even if you should hire a removalist in the first place.

Let’s tackle your worries one by one. It is not mandatory that a good qualified removalist will cost you a bomb. You first need to set a budget, ask for quotes, and compare and choose. Don’t shy away from asking for FREE quotes. The good ones will gladly give you.

Now your next step in the process of a seamless removal would be to let the removalist know the type of service you need. Whether you are removing a house, your office, or your car. Commercial moving and just a man with a van are also one of the popular services.

Next, you will need to tell your Removalists in Melbourne about the load you want to get shifted. You will get quotes on the basis of this.
Pro tip: Never ever head dive straight into finalising a removalist without asking for an estimation.

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Shifting to a new megacity can be tiring. And it can be difficult to do that all alone. A good removalist can be God sent. Ask yourself the following questions and decide for yourself if you need a removalist.
  • Are you in a rush? Do you need to save time?
  • Are you nervous about transporting your stuff securely without any damage?
  • Do you want a relaxing and hasslefree moving experience?
  • Do you have items that you love dearly? Things like piano or your favorite work desk? Want to make sure they reach Melbourne unscathed?
  • Is it your first experience and you want someone who is really experienced in this?

Let's keep it short. There are only two things that will impact your removal costs:

  • From which city you are moving to Melbourne? Is it interstate or a local removal?
  • How much load are you shifting?

On the basis of these two parameters, your removalist will charge you a removal fee.

From an expert's point of view, the cost of moving an average two bedroom apartment should be somewhere around $1200. If it is a four bedroom house, expect the cost to go up to $2330.

Moving interstate? The removal cost can further rise up to $3600.

This is why you need to ask for quotes after sharing from where you are moving to Melbourne and the load size estimate.

It varies according to the city you are moving from. Typically, a removalist in Australia that works directly with you might charge between $20 to $ 30 per hour.

But the rates will go up if you are moving on the weekends or hiring the removal team after usual business hours.


Any question? Read our FAQs.

Usually, a removalist includes packing and unpacking your house in the standard price they quote to you.
Removal costs depend upon your target city. If you are moving more than 50 kilometers away or interstate, the charges will be higher. Generally speaking, expect to pay $1400 the least to move your three bedroom house.
It depends upon the hours spent. If you have an average three bedroom house, it might cost around $400 to $500. For instance, if the rate is $100 per hour, and it takes an expert removalist team to pack your house in approximately 4 to 5 hours, you will be shelling $400-500.
Yes, you can ask your removalist for a fair price. However, don't expect the prices to fall far below their quoted price.


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