Trusted House Removalists in Melbourne

Move My Stuff has been the forerunner in facilitating a hassle free house move for over 1,08,000 families. Having delivered over a decade of impeccable service in the house moving front, we hold pride of place as the preferred house removalists services in Melbourne.

House relocation is a major task and has lots of loose ends that need tying up. Managing this on your own is bound to leave you flustered, and such stress is the last thing you need when you are moving towards new horizons. Entrust your house moving to us, and you can see our magic unfurl. We will shoulder a major part of the responsibility, and give you the freedom to focus on things that matter most.

Our expert house movers are the best in the industry. They assess your requirements and chalk up a bespoke plan to achieve stress-free house removal. Our home removals experts understand all nuances of a successful move and set about managing it with impeccable efficiency and honest approach.

Packing your valuables with suitable packing solutions is the first step. Special care is extended to important documents and delicate items. Your furniture is lifted and manoeuvred to the transit truck with effortless ease and precise care. Our house movers are equipped with proper tools to dismantle fittings, if need be, to facilitate effective space management in the moving house truck.

Our state of the art fleet is well maintained and are of different dimensions to accommodate your unique requirements. No two moves are the same, and our array of house moving trucks give you the flexibility to choose the best fit.

Whether its a 1 bedroom apartment or a fully furnished 4 bedroom house, we specialize in moving your items safely and carefully. Your belongings would be safe in the hands of our experienced and efficient team of house removalists in Melbourne .

If you are planning to move to Melbourne, it is very important to know the cost of living in Melbourne. Get in touch with us to get the estimates so that you can plan your first move.

We provide the following house moving services, select the one which best suite your needs. If you are not sure to feel free to contact our Melbourne office at 1300907911 / 090204999.

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Our House Moving Process

Our house moving process is simple and effective. From the first point of contact to set you up comfortably in your new abode, we guarantee a hassle-free experience. We tailor bespoke solutions to suit your requirements and set about managing a timely house move with minimal interference.

The Perfect Move starts with the Perfect Price

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10 YEARS - 108,000 MOVES & COUNTING...

Our 10 years of trusted movers legacy includes satisfied households, individuals, and businesses. As top Melbourne removalists, we have successfully completed 108,000+ moving jobs and still counting. If you are searching for the best furniture removalists Melbourne, you know who to call!

Professional removalists at their best. Leave all your moving worries to us.

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Why choose MMS as your Furniture Removalists Melbourne?

There is a reason why MoveMyStuff is the best furniture removals in Melbourne. We take everything seriously and take
care of your goods like our own.

Professional removalists at our removal company are experts in handling all types of moves. The team is highly trained and reliable.

Highly Trained Movers

Our team of professional movers is equipped with the necessary equipment and believes in quality moving services.

No Hidden Charges

Nopes, we don’t believe in tricking our customers. Everything is transparent with no hidden charges.

Upfront Quotes

We value our customers and want to help them make informed decisions. We’ll give you upfront quotes.

Fully Insured

The entire relocation is fully secured. We have Public Liability Insurance too.

Our Vehicles

2 Men and a Van (From $99)

(Ford Transit or similar)
  • 3200 L x 1750 W x 1600 H (9 cubic mts approx)
  • Ideal for moving small and few items to basic 1 bedroom apartment
  • Equipped with moving blankets, straps and hand trolley
  • It has a barn door and a side door
  • Comes with two professional movers.

4 Ton Truck and 2 Men (From $119)

(Mitsubishi canter or similar)
  • Ideal for moving 1-2 bedroom apartments
  • Small to medium sized office furniture
  • Provided with moving blankets, straps and hand trolley
  • Equipped with hydraulic tailgate lift for easy loading and unloading
  • 4200 L x 2050 W x 2200 H (19 Cubic mts approx)
  • Comes with 2 movers

8 Ton Truck and 2 Men (From $139)

(Mitsubishi canter or similar)
  • Ideal for moving 1-2 bedroom apartments
  • Small to medium sized office furniture
  • Provided with moving blankets, straps and hand trolley
  • Equipped with hydraulic tailgate lift for easy loading and unloading
  • 6400 L x 2400 W x 2500 H (38 cubic mts approx)
  • Comes with 2 movers

10 Ton Truck and 2 Men (From $139)

(Mitsubishi canter or similar)
  • Ideal for moving 3-4 bedroom houses
  • Medium to large sized office furniture
  • Provided with moving blankets, straps and hand trolley
  • Comes with Hydraulic Tail Gate and Loading Ramp
  • 7000L x 2400W x 2700H ( 46 cubic mts approx)
  • Comes with 2 movers

Move My Stuff is the best choice for House Relocation

Moving house is a major upheaval in life, and we assist you in enjoying a smooth transition. We guarantee quality service at competitive prices, and a thorough understanding and managing your unique requirements. Our strengths are:
  • Expert professionals with in-depth knowledge on moving technicalities
  • A quality fleet of vans and trucks
  • Affordable Prices
  • Effortless dismantling and assembly of furniture and fittings
  • A dedicated manager to supervise and facilitate effective service
  • 24/7 customer service to manage queries and concerns
  • Valuable industrial knowledge

Does your house removals company have the right equipment?

Safety is the foremost concern when moving house or office. It may centre around your prized possessions or even injury to movers themselves. Move My Stuff puts your mind at ease by equipping our movers and trucks with right kind of equipment, and extras like moving blankets.

You can rest assured that our movers come fully equipped with

  • Moving Blankets

  • Shrink Wrap

  • Straps

  • Trolley

  • Electric Drill

  • Basic tools
Great moving company

Entrust your moving needs to us! Call our 24-hour emergency number today.

1300 907 911 OR contact us

Customer Reviews

Logan Friender
I appreciate the efforts and professionalism shown by the Move My Stuff team. They worked tirelessly until all the loose ends were properly tied up. Affordable prices was another crown in their cap! Would definitely recommend.
Neil Pendrey
Moving valuables and furniture from my two storey house was managed efficiently by these guys. Lots of heavy lifting and moving was involved, and I was amazed about the effortless ease with which they managed that. I would definitely use your services again in the near future. Thanks, Team Move My Stuff!
Bryce Forthwith
Relocating was a major worry until my friend put me in touch with Move My Stuff. Everything felt sorted once I signed up with them. They were the best support network during a stressful time and made the house removals a hassle-free experience. Highly recommended as the top and full-service removalists Melbourne!
Sarah Clarkson
Quite affordable and customer-friendly services. The packers made sure all my valuables were safe and intact. No confusion or chaos at any stage. Very smoothly done. Glad to say that I'm extremely satisfied with their work. Would definitely recommend it for anyone looking for budget-friendly house removalists.
Patrick Matthews
Prompt response and excellent service from the packers. The team provided updates throughout the process and made the entire journey hassle-free and smooth. Could not have asked for better service. Thank you Move My Stuff!
Harrison Richards
Move My Stuff is one of the most efficient removalists I've come across. The amount of expertise they showed made shifting to North Melbourne a cakewalk. For anyone looking for exceptional house removalists should immediately look up Move My Stuff. Overall, I've had quite a pleasant experience, indeed.
Madeline Fisher
Glad I came across Move My Stuff when I had to shift to Parkville. I had no clue where to start. Thankfully, the Move My Stuff team took over everything and made the whole journey easier for me. They also made sure I was set in comfortably. Kudos to the entire team!
Sophia Brown
The packers were so professional in their approach and kept working until late at night. They were equipped with all the necessary tools, and it was such a relief. From packaging to delivery, they left no room for complaints. Extremely happy with their service. They've become the go-to company for me!
What if the date of my relocation changes after booking the movers?

Don't worry. We are quite flexible when it comes to changes in dates, pickup and drop-off locations and truck sizes. If at all there is a change in the relocation date, please let us know at least 24-48 hours beforehand and we will work out our schedule accordingly.

Will my relocation be covered by insurance?

Yes, we offer public liability insurance on all our removal services. You don't even have to ask us for it. You will be automatically covered under this insurance when you hire us. In public liability insurance, you will be compensated for any damages to the walls or floors during the relocation.

I am having issues relocating my pet. Can you help with that?

Yes, we can help you if it's a small pet that can be kept in a pet carrier. If you have hired us for the relocation, our removalists will keep the pet carrier with themselves in the front during transportation. But, we don't allow pets in the back of the truck.

Do you also offer storage services with pickup and drop-off?

Yes, we can help you if it's a small pet that can be kept in a pet carrier. If you have hired us for the relocation, our removalists will keep the pet carrier with themselves in the front during transportation. But, we don't allow pets in the back of the truck.

Do you also offer relocation of single items like a big piece of furniture or electronic item?

We can help you with moving any single piece of item. If it's an item that's large in size, please do let us know before so that we come prepared.

Can you help me to choose the proper size of the truck?

We offer three types of trucks: 4T truck, 8T truck and 10T truck. We recommend the 4T trucks for houses with one-bedroom or a two-bedroom with a maximum of two people. For two or three-bedroom houses, we recommend the 8T truck. For houses with bigger three-bedrooms or extra rooms like study room, storage room or attic, then it's best to opt for 10T trucks. If you are still unsure about the truck size, don't worry. You can contact us and we will help you figure it out.

How much is a removalist hourly rate Melbourne?

Typically, movers charge $140 per hour (including GST) for two guys and a vehicle. The rate may vary depending on various other factors. Kindly contact us for the right quotes.

Are removalists worth it?

Yes totally! Removalists are worth it. They happen to make your move smooth and seamless.

What does call out fee mean for removalist?

When a moving firm is called out or sent to your site, often to give you a moving estimate or assess your moving needs, it may charge you a "call-out fee" for removalist services. Even if you decide not to use the removalists' services, this price is intended to cover the cost of the removalists' time and resources to visit your home and assess the size of your move. When calling removalist companies, it's crucial to enquire about any prospective call-out costs in order to properly comprehend their price structure.

Is it rude not to help movers?

If you are physically able to help, it is customary to do so out of respect for the movers. You may not help in their job, but you can surely help them by being polite, asking for water or being available for them. Nevertheless, the exact situation and your connection with the individuals who are relocating will determine whether or not it is impolite to refuse to assist the movers.

What day is best to hire movers?

Friday is one of the best day to hire movers. This is so that you may unpack your belongings at your new house during the course of the weekend after Friday. Any reputable moving company should have no trouble relocating you on any given day of the week; the time around your schedule is truly what counts.

What is the first step for moving house?

The first step for moving house is typically to create a comprehensive plan. This plan should outline all the tasks and logistics involved in the moving process.

How far in advance should I book a removal company?

To ensure you secure your preferred moving date and get the best service, it's advisable to book a removal company at least 2 to 3 months in advance, particularly during busy seasons like summer. This lead time allows for proper planning, cost estimates, and adequate time to address any special requirements.

What should you not pack when moving?

Hazardous Materials: Do not pack items like chemicals, flammable liquids, or explosives. These are dangerous and should be properly disposed of Perishable Food: Avoid packing perishable items like open food containers, fresh produce, or frozen goods. These can spoil and create a mess during the move. Valuables and Important Documents: Keep valuable items like jewelry, passports, and important documents with you instead of packing them to prevent loss or theft.

What should you buy first when moving?

The first thing you need to do is buy packing materials like boxes, tape, bubble wrap, and packing paper. Brooms, mops, cleaning solutions, and garbage bags are among the cleaning materials you should get for your new area. To guarantee a seamless transfer, make arrangements for the installation of crucial utilities like electricity, water, gas, and internet at your new house.

Do movers unpack boxes?

Unpacking services are not often included in movers' normal services. Unpacking, however, could be a supplemental service that some movers charge extra for. Before you book your movers, it is advisable to discuss the scope of services with your preferred moving company.

Other Services

Moving Few Items

We also provide a cost-effective backloading option if you have very fewer valuables to move.

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Truck and Men Hire

Our state of the art truck and expert professionals come together to help you with a stress-free move.

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Van and Man Hire

Hire our Man with a Van service to accomplish a hassle-free move.

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Business Deliveries

Move My Stuff helps to establish effective stock management with our regular business deliveries.

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Industrial Deliveries

From bringing in raw materials and equipment to delivering final output to specified locations, we manage it all

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Office Moving

We understand time importance in business and hence assure you fast service and quick turnaround time.

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Storage Location

We provide interim storage for your valuables, in our safe and CCTV monitored storage bays in strategic locations.

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Packing Shop

We have an array of packing materials to shift your shop physically with proper planning and perfect care.

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Removalist Hire

Our removalists have years of experience and go through rigorous training periodically. Hire them for your moving needs.

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What's it like to be Furniture Removals Melbourne?

Furniture removalists move residential and commercial furniture to various locations, within the state or nationwide. The job profile requires strength, skill and stamina because moving and relocating heavy furniture across locations is a demanding task.

Duties and Tasks of Furniture Removals Expert
  • Assess the pick-up site to understand what has to be removed, then pack and mark items if needed.
  • Load goods in the vehicle either by hands or a forklift, trolleys, lifting straps or hooks.
  • Ensure the load gets placed properly and guarded to avoid any damage to the goods.
  • Drive responsibly and know about travel routes and road directions across Australia.
  • Offload and unpack goods and move them to the proper address.
  • Tally items against inventory, recording any wear and tear or damage.
  • Conduct a routine maintenance check of the vehicle and clean the vehicle.
  • Provide excellent customer service.
  • Have knowledge about EFTPOS machine operation and cash handling.

Hire the most reliable Full-Service Removalists in Melbourne

When we mean full service, we mean it all — right from bringing the necessary packing materials to packing, loading, unloading, and unpacking your things. With our full-service removalists, you don't have to worry about relocating your stuff anymore. Our people will take charge of the entire relocation and make sure that your things are moved to your new place safely and quickly.